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dancing in the rain

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All it took was one fall in the rain for their fates to collide... Clara Casey is an actor masking her anxiety and depression with her ruthless and hard hearted demeanour But she when she meets the one and only Zack Montgomery (or as she likes to say Montbummery) her life turns upside down. Bringing memories that she had pushed down for a specific reason,they must face pain,power,lust and harsh awakenings... ⚠️ trigger warning ⚠️ -death -self harm -suicide

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1- who peed in your coffee

This story starts on a Friday morning.A cold,heartless, rainy Friday morning as she awakes, climbing out of her four post bed slipping into her silk robe ,she wonders about her plans for the day.
She walks out of her room and walks down the hall to the bathroom, despite having her own bathroom in her room. She likes to think that it clears her mind of the pain of the night,taking those five minutes to walk through her unbelievably large house to use one of the other bathrooms...

At 10:00 am she returns from a long run through the rain and hops into the shower. She must be ready by noon, but of course she won't be early to work, I mean "I'm Clara Casey" she thinks,if you don't know her...shame on you.Known worldwide as a multi-lingual singer ,actress, model, the woman every man wants, the one woman who could turn a straight woman bi.The cold,heartless and ruthless Clara Casey .

Today she had an appointment with her publicist about a movie preview and after that she was meeting with her two best friends , Alana Fray and Caleb Lofter, they were the only two people Clara could put up with for longer than an hour.

After her long ass meeting with her publicist she headed to the Palomino Cafe,only it was one of those cafes...the ones where you would meet people more conceited than you.In other words, it's where rich folk go for rich folk coffee .

She walked in to the pristine shop to see Caleb and Alana already sitting waiting for her.She walks up to them
"Hey boo" chirps Caleb
"Ordered your usual" says Alana
"Thanks" she replies curtly
"Woah someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed"
"Yeah C, who peed in your coffee this morning"
She rolls her eyes as the barista comes with her usual coffee macchiato with three shots of espresso,almond milk,specifically two ice cubes and definitely no urine.

The rest of the day passed. The weather cleared up a little and afterwards Alana Caleb and Clara ended up in Claras' Living room watching movies . Friday night had always been movie night since high school, they had never missed a night. It started pouring outside, rain pounding against the windows and falling to the ground, leaving it damp and soggy . So she decided to take a breather outside of her house . Caleb and Alana had fallen asleep on each side of her sofa.

She walks out the gates of her house,she bumps into a large, sturdy figure towering over her ,causing her to fall. Suddenly everything turns pitch black and Clara loses all consciousness.
A/N thank you so so so much for reading the first chapter of my story.I hope you consider reading more xx your author Taz❤️

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