Blinded Scent [BL/Danmei]

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"You are never mine, to begin with."- Wen Xinyi "Though you are not my mate, why does my heartache for your love?"- Wu Yijun Trampled fates. Endless love. Chance Encounter. Defying destiny? A world where people were divided into three ranks. The highest were those who belong to the alpha, followed by the beta then the omega.

Romance / Humor
Akong Pen
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Chapter 1: A Chance Encounter

“You are never mine, to begin with.“- Wen Xinyi

“Though you are not my mate, why does my heartache for your love?“- Wu Yijun

Trampled fates.

Endless love.

Chance Encounter.

Defying destiny?

A world where people were divided into three ranks. The highest were those who belong to the alpha, followed by the beta then the omega.


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names or characters, events, and places in this story are products of the author’s imagination and are entirely fictional. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.


Chapter 1: A Chance Encounter

he city was crowded like a beehive, Wen Xinyi tried to walk faster while carrying a bag full of groceries. It was Friday and his payday, so, it was really a happy day for him. He was planning to spend his weekend in a small room he was renting while reading light novels or watching anime.

He looked around and saw some people with their friends or lovers off to somewhere to spend their Friday night. Although he felt jealous for he never experienced falling in love and being loved, Wen Xinyi believed that a person destined to him will come at the right time and at the right place. He just didn’t know when and how long he would wait, especially for an omega like him.

After a few minutes of walking, he finally reached his destination, an old building located across his workplace. He climbed the stairs and opened the door to his room. Then, he took off his shoes, placed the bag of groceries on the table, and turned on the TV to watch some news. Just then, a beautiful voice of a famous entertainment reporter could be heard in the room.

“Wu Yijun, a famous business tycoon and his girlfriend broke up at a well-known restaurant.” The entertainment reporter said and several pictures of the businessman and his former girlfriend were flashed on TV.

Again? Wow! He keeps on changing girlfriends like he is changing clothes. Wu Yijun, a man who has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His life was like an open book but a book that was hard to read.′ Wen Xinyi thought.

Wen Xinyi decided to turn off the TV and opened his phone. He grabbed a bag of salt and vinegar flavored potato chips from the grocery bag and started reading a novel online entitled, “Entering Daybreak”, a newly written story about a novel reader who transmigrated into his favorite novel. The story was about cultivating the different elements (water, fire, wind, and earth).

Wen Xinyi wished to have a chance to escape reality and enter his favorite novel like the main character of that novel. He wasn’t able to read the updates recently because of his busy schedule at work. He was seriously looking at the screen on his phone, slowly and silently reading the words, immersing himself into the story.

***The center of the town was buzzing with people, Heng Guiying and Wei Shun looked around but they couldn’t find Yu Zeng. Just as when they were about to go to the other side of the place where food was sold, they noticed a commotion nearby. They could hear a woman’s voice but they couldn’t see who, as it was surrounded by many people. Due to his curious nature, Heng Guiying tried to find out what’s going on and saw a beautiful lady in a long pink robe with wide sleeves.

The lady was facing a tall man and they looked like fighting.

“You always boast that you are the best in our sect! I’m sick of that!” The lady said.

“Why? Are you the best?” The man smugly asked.***

Wen Xinyi clicked the next button but it was the last page and he really wanted to know the next part. He wondered if someone would save the heroine. ’I wish Yu Zeng would save Ai Jin.′ Wen Xinyi thought. He didn’t notice the time and it was already midnight. So, he went to bed and decided to sleep.

He woke up early the next day, wearing his jogging pants, sweatshirt and rubber shoes he was about to go outside and just as he opened the door, a strange-looking man suddenly entered his room. The man wore a hooded jacket, a mask, and a pair of sunglasses. A strong scent enveloped his surrounding. Since he was young, he had never smelled any scent coming from a person and this made him different from others.

Wen Xinyi suddenly felt a strong force around him. He tried to be strong and pushed the man outside his room but the other person was so strong and was able to push him in and locked the door.

Wen Xinyi was so angry and was about to get the broomstick near the door when the stranger who was taller than him blocked his way.

“Don’t panic, listen to me first please.“The stranger said while slowly taking off his sunglasses.

“Who are-” Wen Xinyi stood dumbfounded as the man took off his mask and sunglasses.

“Wu Yijun???” Wen Xinyi couldn’t believe that the famous businessman was standing in front of him.

(... to be continued.)

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