Silverleaf Academy

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When Isis Monroe gets a letter from a prestigious school where everyone wants to go, she's excited to explore and start over her life after her mom passed away. But she's not prepared to meet two dominanting brothers who turn her world upside

Romance / Erotica
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The envelope feels rough in my hand, bold gold wrting on the back; on a beige color. Silverleaf Academy, a place where all your dreams come true. I worked hard for this day to come, being a music prodigy really helps. Only three more days left before i have to pack up and leave. Only three days left before my journey begins of becoming a famous pianist. I jump off the bed and run to mom's room.
The room isn't as lively as it used to be. It doesn't smell like vanilla and chocolate anymore but like death; intoxicating and bitter. The curtains draped over the window are down, making the room dark, with the only light source as the lamp on her side-table. Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer five months ago and i dropped out of school to take care of her. She wasn't happy at all.
"Butterfly" I'm snapped out of my thoughts by her croaky voice, followed by heavy breathing and a cough. She always called me that, the only time she called me by my name is when she was angry or serious. "Mom i have good news for you, remember when i told you i'm going back to school?" Gingerly sitting down next to her, i take her hand in mine. "Well in three days time, I'll be going to school. I got an acceptance letter from Silverleaf Academy, got it today" she tried to speak but started coughing uncontrollably. I take the tissue beside her and hand it to her so she could remove the blood on the side of her mouth. Her health is gradually deteriorating.
"I'm so proud of you Butterfly. Don't worry about me, Lana will take care of me while you're gone" she said between heaves. She looks dead, with sunken cheeks, bags under her eyes and barely any meat left on her. Her once bright olive green eyes are now black and full of nothing, just emptiness. I leaned down and kissed her forehead, put my head on her chest and rubbed her bony fingers.
"I love you mom" i whispered, kissing her hand. "I love you too Butterfly" she starts coughing again, stops for a while before taking a deep breathe in. Her heaves stop and her heart stops beating, her hand becomes limp.
I raise my head up off her chest and stared at her face. Now ashen, with blood dripping down the side of her mouth. Silent tears start falling down my cheeks. I bring my hand up to her face, closing her eyes and falling back on her chest.
She's Gone.
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