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I live in paradise though I really don't know what paradise is to you. When I tell you that you may think I'm a little spoilt brat who gets everything on a silver plate but no darling I'm a very independent woman, I work 6 days a week, 8 hours on the clock, I work 3 part time jobs guess you think I'm a workaholic who doesn't know how to have fun but guess what my third job is in a club so I seem to enjoy life more than any other girl my age. I can do anything to get that tip in my hands and that's why I'm my managers favorite girl. I make sure every table is full with drinks in some way every night I'm on duty. Can I tell you my little nasty secret well if you wish to know more continue reading I'm sure you will enjoy my little paradise and learn some tricks too. XOXO

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Hi, My name is Leslie Johns. I'm 17years old. At my age I know things and do things that none of my agemates would ever think of doing. It all happened after the death of my parents when I was only age 7, they died in a car accident as they were coming home from a party.

It was a rough day for me but just so you know bad things happen to good people too hihihihi, its not that I'm saint but I was my mother's little princess and my fathers little baby. After their burial I was left to stay with my aunty. The will was to be read after I turned 18 so my aunty took full advantage of it to mistreat me in my own home.

They left me early with alot of money but ummmhhhh life isn't always sweet as my auntie took over all the property and threw me out of my own house at age 13 before even the reading of the will, that's when my whole little paradise started.

I lived on the streets for some days until one day I was caught stealing someone's wallet. Yes I did because I had no way out I had been on the street for almost a week with nothing to eat, a whole week without proper sleep so when I saw him busy on his phone I tried to steal his wallet but luck wasn't on my side. I was caught red handed I freaked out and tried to ran but it was to late. The man held my hand firmly not giving me a chance to get out of his grip. " where do you think your going little bunny? " he asked in a hoarse voice. I was so scared that I peed in my pants, " I'm so so sorry " I stammer its not that I stammer but I was so scared that words failed to form in my mouth.

"What is a little girl like you doing out here on the streets trying to rob people? " he asked , "I haven't had anything to eat for a week its not that I have ever tried to steal it's my first time please don't take me to the police " I say in a pleading voice. He was silent for a moment I think trying to process what I had just told him but after a few minutes he replied to me with a sentence that changed my life .

" Would you like to go home with me" he asked
I really didn't know how to reply to this but before I knew it I had said yes and that's how I got my first job as a nanny to his 4 year old boy. I wasn't found of babies but Liam Daniels was a cutie little prince and his father Luke Daniels was like my second father him and his wife Belinda Daniels were so sweet to me.

They were patient with me because I barely knew how to do anything that's one of the reasons why my auntie threw me out of my own house she wanted me to be maid of which I didn't comply to. But this life is funny because well here I am a nanny and house keeper in the Daniels mansion.

Belinda taught me everything little thing I know about house keeping as well as taking care of little Liam. It was a little tiring but after l learnt everything it became a piece of cake ready just for me to eat.

I'm a brilliant student because in just two weeks I was more than perfect in everything, I was happy with this new life though I knew one day I will go back and claim what belongs to me.

Living in the Daniels mansion wasn't bad they gave me a very beautifully well furnished bedroom with everything that a girl my age needs Dani that's the short name for Daniel was a good sent lady she barely treated me like the nanny that I was she treated me as her little sister gave me everything to make me feel at home in their house.

She's in her mid twenties a blonde with curly hair that's just below her shoulders to say she was beautiful is an understatement because she was a gorgeous blonde with all the curves that a woman would yearn for, her sense of style was beyond imagination no wonder she was a well known fashion icon in the whole of L.A.

Her husband Luke's looks where breath taking, ummmhhhh he was a tall built up man in his mid thirties but looked 25 just like his wife. No wonder they were a couple they made the most perfect couple just a match made from heaven.

Hope you enjoy it this is my first a story please leave a comment and a like if you find it interesting.
Love you enjoy 😍😍😍
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