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Chapter 2

It's been a few months since I started living at the Daniels mansion and in those month's I have managed to save up some money since the Daniels pay me and deliberately takecare of all my living expenses, I save up almost every single dollar I'm paid. It's not alot but for my age I guess its just fine.

Dani always encourages me to save as much as I can for a brighter tomorrow. I feel really blessed to have her in my life she's the big sister I never had since I was my parents only daughter.

And Luke wow is also a big brother I never had, he tried so hard to understand my likes that every friday he comes home with my favorite snacks white chocolate and cream bell ice cream chocolate flavor just how I like it 🍦.

In these months I have heard from my aunty nor have I seen any posters or TV program of a missing person. Not that I expected it but still she's my only family at least I expected her to fake that she cared for me.

Luke and Daniella wanted to take me to the police but I told them it wasn't necessary, they insisted but I explained to them what really happened and the reason I didn't want them to report the case. My reason was simple but understandable cause my aunty really didn't want anything to do with me, she mistreated me all she was after was the money of which she was enjoying at the fullest now that I was away. They understood me and promised that they won't involve the police for now but they would after I get comfortable around them.

They also promised not to let me go back to my aunty at least not until it was time for the will to be read,they really nice to me and always kept their promises.

When time was right they had to register me at police because I had to go back to school, the police wanted to take me back to my auntie but I said no and explained to them too what happened, they wanted to open up a case but Luke said it wasn't necessary for the time being but they will have to help when I have to face my auntie on the day the will was to be read.

Luke paid all my school fees, Dani bought me all the school supplies and new sets of clothes. I had everything that my parents would offer me most especially genuine love which I last received from only my parents. Its not that my auntie didn't love me but that was before my parents died then I realized her love was fake she only cared about the money.

I told them to record everything so that I pay it back after getting my inhertance but Dani said.
" No love you are family now and family takecare of each other "
That made me feel blessed having people who consider me as family its amazing. Luke got me out of my thoughts with a sentence,
"Family isn't about blood, its about the people who are willing to let you in and appreciate you for who you are Les "
Wow as though he was reading my mind, he loves to call me Les and I enjoy the nickname.

I went back to school and still my auntie wasn't bothered about me, I'm sure she knows I came back to school because I went back to the same school as before and I heard stories about her being pregnant. Its not that I cared anyways but I just kept wondering why she hated me that much.

Auntie Anna was my mothers only sister, she was always around her like a hand bag. She used to like me very much bought me all the pretty little toys that I had, I wonder why she changed so much in such a short time but my friend Alison always tells me.
" Just like weather people change too " and I now understand that phrase more than anything in the world.

I'm glad I met Luke though it was in an embarrasing situation but I can't be more grateful for that situation.

Time flies so fast I'm now in my sophomore year, I have tried to balance my schedule between school and taking care of baby Liam his growing so fast this friday is his 7th birthday I don't need to baby sit him anymore but I always help him with his home work and some tutoring when I have extra free time.

His really a good boy he calls me "sis " can you imagine just him calling me that lightens up my day. We go to school together everyday, after school we go for walks in the park and later do our homeworks and head to bed. That has been our routine for the past 2 years since he turned 5 years.

Hope your enjoying yourselves please live a comment and a like.
Thank you love you 😍😍😍

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