Dark Stallion

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Chapter 2

She woke up the following morning stiff and cold. Trying to focus on her wrist watch she couldn’t believe she slept like that until ten in the morning. Stretching she decided that she should probably try to get some order around her cottage. Not even bothering to change clothes or check her makeup she started moving furniture. Half an hour into the struggling she was already sweating and breathless.
She was trying to tilt her bed on its side to push it into the bedroom when it fell over and crashed hard into her side, letting a nasty word slip loudly through her lips. The word had barely escaped when the front door banged open with a loud crash.
“What the hell are you doing in here woman?” Exclaimed a loud husky voice, angrily.
Blinking rapidly against the bright light spilling in through the door, Ella tried to identify the rude intruder.
“Sounds like you’re weighing a war.” Said the intruder, still standing in the door frame.
As Ella’s eyes adjusted to the bright light she suddenly became very self-conscious about her messy presence. Her hair was sweaty and stood in every direction after going to sleep with wet hair. Her makeup must be halfway to her jaw line and she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her white button up blouse that had slipped a button too low for her comfort. She became self-aware because in the door stood a tall dark stallion.
She had never imagined meeting a man like him on a farm so far from civilisation. He had dishevelled dark chocolate, almost boarding on black hair. With equally dark, sharp eyes that seemed to look straight through her. From there her eyes followed an aquiline nose to a set of luscious full lips, all perfectly framed by a strong square jawline. A blue checked shirt emphasized a broad chest and pair of shoulders so wide they looked like they could uproot trees and complimented the tan of a man who clearly worked outside. His riding boots and jeans were covered in mud - which he was dripping all over Ella’s floor.
This immediately angered her.
“Who do you think you are, just bursting into my place? I could have been indecent!” She snapped irritated.
“When last did you take a look in the mirror, lady?” He smirked, folding his masculine arms across his chest as he leaned against the door. His eyes glided over the white blouse she was wearing.
Mimicking his stance Ella cross her arms, more to hide the fact that she was naked underneath than to be defensive.
When she didn’t respond he added irritated.
“I actually just came to tell you that I got your rust bucket out of the ditch. It’s next to your cottage and you’re welcome.”
Frustration roared up in Ella due to the man’s rude manners. It left her breathing hard and her cheeks flushed.
“You must be William then.” She said as if accusing him of something.
“That I am.” He said bristly and stomped out of sight, slamming the door a bit.
“Thanks for your help!” Ella screamed after him sarcastically, trying to move her bed again.
By three that afternoon she had everything mostly sorted out, had taken a shower and got something to eat. Making sure she was decent enough to be seen outside she set out to explore the grounds. She didn’t notice it last night, but everywhere surrounding the yard were horses grazing in large camps. She wondered to where a magnificent black steed was being saddled up. She watched in amazement as the jockey started racing around the fence, sending the black beast sprinting forward.
It was only when Ella got to the trees surrounding the fence that she noticed that it was William riding the black stallion. She hid half behind the thick stump of a needle tree and watched him. She was mesmerised by the way the wind blew his dark hair away from his handsome face and how his muscles tightened and relaxed as he moved with the motion of the horse’s galloping. She was staring so fixatedly that she didn’t realise that he had noticed her.
He pulled the horse around and charged straight at her. She was about to hide behind the tree when she realised how childish that would seem, so she stood her ground. In a short heartbeat he pulled the reins to make the steed stop just on the other side of the fence from her.
“Can I help you, Miss?” He enquired politely, smiling down at her.
His smile made Ella catch her breath. It was hypnotic. But the fact that he was now being nice to her after that morning angered her.
“Now you’re nice to me!” She growled at him, rolling her eyes.
“You can’t be serious?” William laughed.
“Serious about what?” She demanded, placing her hands on her hips.
“You’re the girl next door. Wow, you clean up nicely.” He smirked egotistically.
Losing her temper, Ella whirled around and started stomping back to the yard, but William pulled the horse back a few feet and jumped the fence easily, rushing around Ella and forcing her to stop just before she collided with the horse. He bended down and before she could even open her mouth to protest, he plucked her from the ground and placed her securely behind him, smiling at her over his shoulder. The air was knocked right out of her lungs.
“Hold on!” William advised and dug his heels into the side of the stallion, sending it bursting forward in a full on run.
Despite herself, Ella flung her arms around William’s waist clinging as if her life depended on it. Exhilaration soared through her body as they bounced up and down together. She was all too aware of William’s rock hard abs against her arms like a brick wall, which created a tingling feeling inside her body. He kept on pushing the horse faster as they sped away from the houses. Ella forgot all her frustrations with him as her body rubbed against his.
William was just as aware of Ella’s firm breasts pressing up against his back. It warmed his back and created a growing feeling between his legs. She was absolutely beautiful with her sun kissed hair and light complexion. Even when she was scowling at him, he couldn’t help but notice her sapphire eyes glistering. Nor the cute way her rose petal lips pouted. He was finding himself in a bad situation. He never thought he could feel this excited by someone again, never the less a wild stranger who’s only been snapping at him. He directed the horse to the river. It was a hot day and he was sweating from both the sun and the enliven feeling this woman was creating inside of him.
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