Dark Stallion

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Chapter 3

When they got to the river William jumped off, leaving Ella on the horse. He plucked off his shirt and kicked off his boots. Ella sat dumbfounded staring at his defined back. She watched the way his muscles moved in symphony as he walked into the river and dived into the water. She sat, pressing her thighs together due to the warm sensation that was starting to make her whole body hot. She knew she had to get out of this situation. Luckily she had riding lessons as a kid, she thought. She moved into the saddle and took the reins and with a smile at William as he came up for air she left him there.
Ella rode all the way back to the stables where she handed the steed to one of the farmworkers who stared at her curiously. Her cheeks were glowing with the adrenaline of the ride - it’s been years since she rode, but her body felt a lot cooler than it did pressed up against William’s. She made her way to her cottage and laughed at the thought of William’s frustrated face as he would be walking back in his wet jeans. It’s what he deserved for the way he treated her that morning. It was late by the time she started unpacking more boxes, with no sign of William.
After another half an hour she had herself almost convinced to go looking for him, when her front door burst open for the second time that day. Inside the door frame stood an angered William. His hair was standing in every direction with strands plastered to his forehead with sweat. His eyes flamed red with devilish anger; the nostrils of his sculptured, aquiline nose opened wide and quivered slightly at the edges like those of the wild, dark stallion they rode earlier. He stalked towards her like a predator stalking its prey, forcing her backwards until her back was pressed up against the wall. He came so close that their noses were only an inch apart.
He slammed his palms flat to the wall either side of her head, pinning her in place. She could barely breathe so frightened she was. He was breathing harshly, but the moment his eyes met hers, he completely forgot what he was about to yell at her. Her eyes were as big and frightened as that of a doe’s staring into the telescope of a hunter’s rifle. Her lips were trembling and as he lowered his eyes to them, he lost all control.
William grabbed her face between both his rough hands and pulled her lips to his. Before Ella could comprehend what was happening, she snaked her arms around William’s neck and hugged herself closer to his masculine body. He kissed her with a vicious hunger, as if he had been starving for years and only she could make the pain go away. Ella kissed him back with an equivalent passion and mentally sighed at the pleasurable warmth of his damp lips crushing hers. Cupping her tiny ass in his hands, he lifted her off the ground and wrapped her legs around his waist, slamming her back into the wall and deepening the kiss. A soft moan escaped Ella’s lips as the hardness of his manhood pressed against her as he pinned them both against the wall.
Without warning, William allowed her to slip back on her feet and broke the kiss.
“Never.” He breathed ferociously.
“Never leave me out there again.” And with that he walked out the front door.
Ella stood slumped against the wall, raising a shaking hand to her swollen, damp lips. She was hot and wet and had no idea what just happened.
William stomped into his own cottage and crashed down on his couch, still uncertain about what he had just done. He had kissed her. He was fiercely frustrated with her for tricking him into kissing her. He would never have done it by choice, he thought. She was the one that lured him in with her sapphire eyes like midnight oceans and perfectly pouting lips. All too aware of the hardness being compressed by his now dry jeans, he decided that it was best to stay away from Ella, at all costs.
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