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Dark Duel

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Maddison Dark never imagined feeling protective over any man, never mind another woman, but when husband and wife, Thomas and Leigha, walked into her life, the lioness in her took over.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 2

The woman who sat at the bar was elegant, with her long legs draped over each other and her blonde curls that cascaded down her exposed back. Leigha nervously bit her lip as she and her husband approached the woman. This was all so new to her, but she had never been more excited about anything in her life. The blonde at the bar turned to the couple walking up to her and studied them carefully as she rested her chin on her prompt up palm. The wife was a petite, pixie-like young woman, with dark brown hair in a stacked bob which surrounded an innocent heart-shaped face. The blonde woman’s eyes gleamed with a feline smile. The possibilities that ran through her mind were endless. The husband, Thomas, who walked next to his pixie wife, towered over her. He was tall, with a broad chest, a handsome square jawline and looked strong enough to pick both women up at the same time. The blonde shook her head slightly as she regained herself and calmed her imagination.
The couple caught her attention on a dating app. They wanted a third to help them spice up their relationship. It wasn’t until she realized how inexperienced the couple were, that she saw the magnitude of possibilities. They were very open-minded people and wanted to try so much, but needed guidance. She wanted to be their guide. She wanted to open them up to so many possibilities and so much pleasure.
As Leigha and Thomas reached the blonde, she slipped off the barstool and greeted them both with a kiss, to Leigha’s utter surprise. The blonde watched fascinated as Leigha’s cheeks blossomed pink. Innocence was so alluring to her.
“It’s great to meet the two of you.” Her voice was clear as crystal and ringed with authority.
“I’m Maddison Dark, but from here on you will refer to me as either Miss Dark or ma’am.” Maddison instructed as she caressed Leigha’s cheek with the palm of her hand.
“Yes Ma’am.” Leigha whispered, distracted by the touch of a woman.
She’s always wanted this, but never had the chance to experience a woman before. Maddison was intimidating in a very alluring way. Her confidence radiated from her and strangely calmed Leigha’s nerves, putting her at ease.
“Ma’am.” Thomas agreed with a slight bow of his head.
Thomas wanted to please his wife. He wanted her to feel the intense pleasure that she provided him. Adding another woman in his bed has always been one of his most desired fantasies. He was confident, yet still modest – a bit restrained. He had the feeling that Maddison would be able to release the carnal beast inside of him.
Maddison linked her arms into both Leigha’s and Thomas’ before she led them to a corner booth in the back of the restaurant. She slid into the curved seat and patted the cushion on either side of her, commanding them to sit on either side of her. Thomas and Leigha thought they were going to be really shy and nervous, as this was a first for them, but Maddison had a strange calming effect on them. As if the three of them had been in each other’s presence for years. They each sat down on either side of Maddison and she placed long nailed fingertips on a knee of each of them. Thomas looked up at his wife to make sure she was comfortable with Maddison touching him, but to his surprise, Leigha was biting her lip. That meant she was already enjoying the contact. Knowing that, created a primal pride in him that was all very new to him. He loved every second of it.
“So before we continue, we need to set a few boundaries in place.” Maddison purred as she looked from the one to the other.
She started tracing circles with her nails on the inside of Leigha’s knee before she continued.
“Boundaries will help us to discover everything that you want to explore in an environment that everyone feels comfortable in.”
Maddison turned her attention to Thomas. His reaction to her touching Leigha didn’t go unnoticed by her.
“Thomas, I noticed the way your shoulders pulled back and your spine straightened when I started moving my hand on Leigha’s skin.” Maddison smiled with a tilt of her head as she studied him.
Thomas’ eyes darted to where the contact was and Maddison challenged his dominance by moving her hand slightly higher up on Leigha’s thigh. Leigha licked her lips as a warm feeling spread from Maddison’s touch. Thomas looked straight into Maddison’s sapphire eyes and gave a shrug. Before he could say a word, Maddison continued.
“That’s the alpha male in you, trying to establish your dominance, because I’m threatening your territory.”
Thomas merely gave a small nod. He and his wife were immediately intrigued by this woman. Being in her presence, in her confidence, put some kind of spell on him. He knew if he obeyed her, his life would change forever. He wanted Maddison. Not in the same way as he wanted his wife. Leah was like a slow moving river of lava that coursed through his veins. It was deep and it was consuming him. Maddison was more like a wildfire. She burned brightly, unpredictable and out of control.
Maddison took her hand off Thomas’ knee and cupped his cheek to hold his gaze.
“You my dear, are the alpha male and I will train the wolf inside of you, but I am the alpha female and in this wolf pack, I dominate the two of you. Leigha,” Maddison turned to face her.
She cupped Leigha’s face in both of her hands and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Maddison heard Thomas suck in a breath behind her back.
“Leigha is our toy to play with as we please.” A smile spread over Maddison’s lips as she thought about all the possibilities again.
Leigha nodded in a daze. Maddison replaced her hands on their legs.
“Now for some boundaries and ground rules. First we need to decide on a safe word. This is the number one rule to which everyone has to follow by. When the safe word is used, all parties will retract and reset to a state in which everyone is comfortable in. Is this clear?”
Thomas and Leigha both nodded in acceptance.
“I propose something as simple as the word ‘enough’. Whenever someone uses the word, everyone stops and resets. Is that clear?” She gave a stern look at each of them to show them that she was serious.
Thomas mimicked Maddison and placed a hand on her leg, just below the rim of her dress, drawn in by her. She enjoyed his touch.
“Crystal.” He nodded.
Leigha took Maddison’s hand and gave it a light squeeze to indicate that she agreed. Her heart was racing. Sitting in the dark corner, with everyone oblivious to what was happening between the three of them excited Leigha. Her skin felt electric and Maddison’s hand on her thigh sent shockwaves through her body, pulsing between her legs.
“Next boundary,” Maddison paused. “What happens between the three of us, stays between us. If we chose to publish anything, it would be entirely anonymous and excluding any and all faces. Last but not least, communication.” She looked at the couple sitting beside her.
“We need to vocalize what we feel and what we want. If you like what someone is doing, tell them. If you don’t like it, tell them how you want it. This is a learning process and for us to discover everything that we can. Do you agree?”
Thomas and Leigha nodded in agreement. Maddison gave a celebratory clap and an excited squeal as she planted a kiss on their lips. Maddison’s enthusiasm spilled over on Leigha and she smiled at the tall blonde next to her. Thomas’ spine straightened. This time it wasn’t because his territory was being threatened, but because of victory. He felt like a brave soldier that just conquered a kingdom on his own.
“Shall we proceed to a place with a bit more privacy?” Maddison enquired. “I have a car waiting for us.”
Without hesitation, Thomas got up and held a hand to the two beautiful women sitting in front of him. They each took a hand and got up. Once on their feet they linked an arm into Thomas’ and together walked out of the restaurant.
A black town car stood waiting right outside of the door and Maddison steered them in the direction of it. Being a gentleman, Thomas opened the door before the driver could get out to do it. Maddison indicated at Leigha to slide in first, she followed her and Thomas climbed in after her. Maddison might be the alpha female, but for just a little while, she wanted the attention of both of them. Even if it was just in the car on their way to her apartment. Once settled, nestled against each other, Maddison leaned forward to the driver.
“Home please, Charles.”
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