Fire in the Game

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"Fire in the game" Is a gripping story about a determination to survive against all odds in which Rachel Cole, a budding young chef, finds herself tangled up in. When tradegy befalls Rachel's family, because of a car accident, she helps out financially as her brother was badly wounded. To top it all off, not only is the leader of the vampires, Dante Voss pursuing her for being a carrier...but also the werewolves, relentless enemies of the vampires, wish to end her. Will Rachel crumble under it all ,or will she fight for her survival? Will there blossom romance on this endearing supernatural adventure? One can only wonder in this ring of fire...

Romance / Fantasy
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Chatter and laughter rang out in the car the mood joyous as the people in the car were celebrating. Talking on the way home they stopped at the Red light. The streets were empty as it was early morning.

When the light changed to green the car started moving crossing the road.

A Truck came speeding down the road skipping the traffic light and slammed straight into the car crossing the road. The truck’s tires screeched hard as the driver stepped on the brakes, pulling his steering wheel to the right trying to avoid the car. The driver wasn’t fast enough and slammed straight into the car the noise deafening.

From the impact, the car was lifted in the air and rolled a few times before it came to a standstill. The windows were broken glass shattered everywhere. The driver has slammed his head against the window from the impact. The people in the car were unmoving. The others in the second car jumped out rushing to aid.

The police and the ambulance came people were being taken out of the cars on stretches the blue and red lights flashing people rushing to get them to a hospital.

She stood there tears streaming down her face a lonely figure invisible to others. She tried to stop them warn them. But they couldn’t hear her or see her. She had to watch the accident happen all over again. She was powerless to stop it every time.

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