Fire in the Game

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Chapter Nine- dreams

Chapter Nine- Dreams

Jeez! What an ‘eventful’ day after the talk with my family.

I just wanted some peace. Why were those men chasing me? And who are the guys that saved me? I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if they hadn’t shown up and stopped them. But the weird thing is when the police got there everyone was gone. I had to go down to the police station and give a report describing what happened. I tried describing the men that chased me but everything happened so fast I remembered little.

After the police station everyone at home was around me asking what happened Ash also came over freaking out he can handle a lot of things but me getting hurt in any way then he gets super protective. I agreed to be very careful and call dad or Ash when I am in trouble.

Later that night when everyone calmed down I took a very long hot shower. Mom came and helped bandage me up climbing in bed I was hurt and exhausted. She said I should stay home for a few days recovering. I know it's still spring being September and all but I put on the warm blanket anyway the warm bed would be perfect for my sore body. I shouldn’t think like this but I sometimes miss life before the accident. When Ryan’s smiled lit up the whole room, dad being strict but fun mom being our center keeping us grounded. Our family wasn’t perfect now it feels like everything is in shambles. I turn over in bed clutching my pillow. Next month will be my twenty-fifth birthday. The thought of something small and intimate keeps running through my head. It feels like the safer choice. I make a mental note before I drift off.

… I am standing in a clearing the grass lush green, the pine trees are standing tall and thick the bark on the trees are smooth and brown. There are small flower bushes at the base of some of the tree trunks sporting different colors. It smells like fetid earth, rays of mellow sunlight filtered through the canopy looking like spotlights. Different small animals are scurrying around.

I don’t recognize this place it’s not the park near my house. How did I get here? Looking down I am still dressed in my pj’s I am so confused right now.

Looking around there seems to be a sort of ground path between some of the trees over there. I start walking towards it getting closer it is some sort of path maybe if I follow it I can get some help and an idea of where I am? But then again in books and movies, it never works out well if you find yourself somewhere you don’t know to ask for help. Walking closer I start to hear a gurgling sound of a stream?

Ok, I will follow the sound of water and if I come across someone I will hide first. I have never been to an actual forest this is all new to me. The way the trees tower overlooking like they reach the sun. The grass is so green everything is so bright here. Warily I move forward walking slowly taking note of my surroundings. Up ahead I reach a river the water a crystal blue running over rocks I follow the stream with my eyes. Further down a spot, a riverbank along the river is trees and plants the sun is high in the sky. Birds flying around the scene is peaceful I spot something in pink I squint to get a better look. Is that a person? Looks like one I go closer but I move in between the trees. I go slow as to not make a noise. That is a girl who looks round about my age. I can feel the adrenaline pumping in my ears my heart beating fast. She is sitting close to the river bank under the shade of a tree reading a book her clothes seem very old fashioned can't say I’ve seen that style before. I move around to get closer to her she doesn’t look dangerous and there doesn’t seem to be anybody else around maybe I can ask her where I am? I call out to her. “Excuse me lady do you mind if I ask you a question. When she looks up I freeze she looks exactly like me! It's like I am looking in the mirror. I am completely shocked. With a start, I woke up I sit upright in bed my heart beating fast. That dream felt so realistic right now. Slowing my heartbeat down I go and get ready for work. It's breakfast time and rush hour soon at the restaurant we open at seven am. When I arrive at the restaurant I greet the others as I see them. Got a lot of prep to do before we open, I get dressed in my chef attire tying my apron tie my hair up in a bun to put my chef hat on. Today is Wednesday I want to go to the market on Saturday as it’s the best time then to get fresh fish and vegetables. We set the tables, wipe the glasses clean, I put on the coffee machine I love the fresh smell of coffee. We are set and ready for the day. This is my favorite part of the day the bustling of a restaurant and putting a smile on our customer’s faces. I go backstairs to the kitchen when they open the door. Most of the early customers are our regulars mostly business people. As the morning goes along I get mote orders, One farm breakfast toast, bacon, eggs- sunny side up, tomato with pork sausages. One omelet no mushrooms, One breakfast burrito.

Dante’s pov: While Rachel is cooking Dante is in his office the devil is waiting for the werewolves to attack Rachel again knowing that then he will have leverage over her as he is only nice once and she missed her chance to take the deal he offered fairly. Of course, he will protect her as she was the first carrier he has met in a while he was convinced they were extinct. He can be very patient when he wants to be and he will catch the little carrier soon no one will have her but him.

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