Fire in the Game

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Chapter Ten- first Couple

Chapter 10- First couple

After that dream I got a bit curious, I went into the attic and looked through some family albums and found something almost all the women in my family have black hair. And there are so many similarities. I take the box of photos and go look for my mother she is sitting at the kitchen counter. Hey, mom I have something to ask you. She looks up from the recipe book and mentions for me to join her. I go and sit down and bring out the photos. mom why do the women in our family all have black hair? She puts down her book and looks deep in thought for a moment before answering. there is an old folk tale passed down from generation to generation. It all started with the Blackwell family thousands of years ago as far as the legend goes our ancestor Mary-jane was a normal girl until she fell in love with a vampire and got pregnant turning her into a carrier she was believed to have had special abilities. But that is just all nonsense

In the early fourteen hundreds: The country of Eschuda was currently being ruled by vampires and the Emperor is the vampire king Markus. Mostly the supernatural and the humans are at peace as vampires are at the top of the food chain, then come the witches and werewolves. As most vampires accept the royals and noble families can go in the sun the humans work for the vampires during the day to earn their keep. In exchange, the vampires mostly leave the humans alone except the odd case where a low-ranked vampire breaks the rules and bites or kills a human. If that happens they are dealt with by the royal guard. The only time the supernatural is allowed to catch humans is the ones the emperor releases in the hunt. Markus likes beauties once he tires of his harem he collects new ones from across the countrys villages in exchange for work and peace the elders willingly give the Emperor whatever he asks for. Currently, one such hunt is on, he had released ten girls in the woods both vampires and werewolves are chasing them if you catch one you get to keep her and she will be your slave. Markus bites into the neck of the girl at his feet and sucks her dry. I have been alive for thousands of years and the things to keep me entertained are getting few. Your Majesty, you called for me one of my advisor's bows before me. Yes get me more girls I want some fresh meat. The hunts are where I release beauties I am tired of or who have angered me. My queen looks up from her toy boy Really Markus the rate youre going there will be no women left anymore I smirk well Victoria that wont happen as, unlike vampires, the humans reproduce a lot My smile widens as I watch her get angry at the reproduce comment in a flurry of skirts she storms off her harem in tow. Go to the village of Akcha this time and get me, girls, from there only the most beautiful. he nods and walks off.

Sitting on by the river under the shade of the tree reading a book wearing a plain dress with a messy ponytail barefoot, Mary-Jane has never cared about beauty standards and vanity. The other girls are all jealous of her as she is the purest beauty in the village but dresses like a pauper even though she is the village chiefs daughter.

Lost in her little world I suddenly hear the village alarm bells. Dropping my book, I race towards the village a feeling of dread forming in the pit of my stomach. Arriving at the village the imperial guard has lined up all the girls in a straight line. One spots me and pulls me to stand in line with the other girls. My father noticed me and tells the guard its his daughter they come and take me to stand next to my father. Dad, What is going on? I whisper to him he looks down towards me they have come for the beauties in our village, Emperors orders. I spot the kings advisor walking down the line carefully scrutinizing them from top to bottom. The atmosphere is thick with tension as everyone prays he doesnt take their daughter. At the end of it, he has chosen three girls. When he walks over to where we stand his eyes land on me with one look he calls one of the guards to collect me as well. I turn and hug my father. With tears streaming down his face he tells me to be strong.

The girls were taken to the Vampire King's palace, the moment they met they felt an attraction later fell in love. After a while it was discovered that Mary-Jane is pregnant this she became the first carrier of a vampires child. Giving birth to the first Voss heir, The Morvant family later discovered a carrier of their own. Vampires then began haunting these carriers. As babies born from a carrier is a full-blooded vampire. It was also discovered that only royal and noble families can impregnate carriers. Mary-jane having sisters continued the black well name producing more carriers.

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