Fire in the Game

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Chapter Two- The Accident

Chapter two- The accident

Six months ago… we were all excited today is the world kickboxing championship and my brother Ryan Cole current holder of the world title is fighting tonight. Tonight is the final fight deciding the new champion. The championship is being held in our city Baine.

My father Bryan Cole is Ryan’s coach. He owns a kickboxing gym- The Tigers. He is a retired kickboxer and now a coach and it’s his absolute joy to have his son making a career out of it. My father also taught me kickboxing I train at the gym but I don’t fight seriously. My passion is the food I work at my mother’s restaurant The Grubber Hub. Jane Cole loves to feed people she is my inspiration for becoming a chef.

We are closing the restaurant a little earlier than usual so that we have enough time to get home and get ready. Everyone is meeting at our house as we are leaving from there. Three of Ryan’s friends are leaving with us and my best friend Ash is also coming along.

Coming home my brother and his friends Casey, Max, and Nico are talking in the living room with my father. Ash is sitting on a chair looking bored he looks up as the door opens and smirks when he sees me. “Hey, babe your not going like that are you?” I roll my eyes at him I just came from work my hair is a bit messy from removing my hair net. “No ass I still need to get ready” my father just smiles and shakes his head at our banter and goes to greet my mom.

“So bro ready for your fight?”I ask Ryan he looks towards me when I talk to him with a big grin eyes twinkling “Hell yeah I am.”

“How good is your opponent?”

“He is quite good I faced him two years ago almost lost to him. The match will be even.”

My brother is excited to face a strong opponent. I mention with my head for ash to follow me and head upstairs. Everyone is ready and it's time to leave. In one car it is my parents myself and Ash. My brother and his friends are in the other car. At the tournament, we go to our seats, and Ryan and my father go to the lockers. It’s a full house and we bought tickets early so our seats we near the front.

The round cage and netting are black the floor grey up is the lights and big screens. Anticipation in the air as either one of them could win both are top fighters. The crowd is excited about the sponsors some are in front seats other are on top in the VIP section. It’s a three-round fight two minutes and forty seconds one round.

The fight was intense in the first round Ryan was leading the second round his opponent and the third round super close but Ryan pulled through and won the fight. We were on our feet jumping up and down cheering. Ryan has won the champion again making it his fifth one.

After the tournament, we went to celebrate I was in the car with my mother, father and best friend Ash my brother with his friends was in the other car.

As the light turned green and we started to drive forward, Right when my brother’s car started crossing over the freeway. A Truck came speeding down the road skipping the traffic light and slammed straight into their car crossing the road. The truck’s tires screeched hard as the driver stepped on the brakes, pulling his steering wheel to the right trying to avoid their car. The driver wasn’t fast enough and couldn’t avoid them.

I watched in horror as the truck slammed right into my brother’s car. The impact lifted the car and it rolled a couple of times before coming to a stop. With the deafening blow of the crash ringing in my ears, it felt like everything happened in slow motion.

We were all silent horror fixed upon our faces as we stared disbelieving at the scene. We got out of the car and rushed towards them the right side of the car smashed in the windows broken. “Rachel quick call the ambulance!” my father frantically started calling their names “Ryan, Casey, Max, Nico answer me, boys! Can you hear me?” my mother started crying hysterically, her hands clutching her head. Ash stood still frozen with shock.

With shaky hands a call for an ambulance, “there’s been an accident, we need an ambulance right away at the crossing between Miriam Grove Highway and Harvey Avenue four people are severely injured.”

Max and Casey were on the left side and they slowly started stirring showing signs of waking up. Ryan was in the driver seat and Nico behind him, they received the full blow of the impact.

After a few minutes, we could hear the sirens, the police, paramedics, and firefighters all came.

Two paramedics helped the truck driver into an ambulance to check him. Between the firefighters and the paramedics, they managed to get Max and Casey out and in ambulances.

As Nico’s door was able to be opened with some force they managed to get him out of the car and in an ambulance.

My brother was trapped inside, the door to his side completely smashed in, He is unconscious blood flowing out from the side of his head. My heart was beating in my ears and tears streaming down my face.

After a while, they have managed to finally pry open the car door and carried my brother into an ambulance to take him to the hospital my father went with them. Neither Ash nor my mother was in the condition to drive so I drove us to Angelvale Hospital

Between me and Ash we called Ryan’s friend's parents to inform them about the accident and that we are at the hospital.

We were a large group in the emergency waiting section, as we sat anxiously awaiting news, as doctors and nurses rushed past us, The four of them were currently in theatre.

That night was one of the longest, the minutes dragged by slowly. We huddled together with tear-stained faces backs hunched over in despair, desperately hoping in our hearts that we don’t lose one of them and they are alright.

The next day the doctors came and gave us and the other families feedback.

Max‘s left arm was broken and his left knee hit the car door his ribs got cracked from the airbag popping up he also has a few bruises and cuts.

Casey’s head hit the roof of the car he had a cut on his head with 12 stitches they had to monitor his brain for trauma and he had cuts and bruises over his body as he hit the front passenger seat.

Nico’s right arm was broken and his right leg with a cut on the side of his face, his ribs got broken due to the impact and he has bruises and cuts.

Doctor; “I am afraid to say due to the truck hitting the driver side full force, the impact made Ryan snap his body forward against the safety belt then pushed back with the airbag popping up. With that snapping his spinal cord, his right arm was broken with cuts and bruises all over his body. When he comes out from the hospital in the future, he will require rehab and a Psychologist.”
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