Fire in the Game

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Chapter Three- Girl's night out

Chapter 3 Girl's night out

Present… It's Friday night Ash and my other friends have been pressuring me to come out for a night of fun. When my mother agreed to say I should go have some fun for once and not be so morbid all the time I reluctantly agreed. So here I am getting ready it's been a while since I’ve been out.

I get out of the shower I wrap my hair in a towel and dry it off with another one. I put on a robe and slippers and go to my room, I open my closet and look through my clothes for something sexy to wear. I decide on a black mini dress with gold glitters, black and gold heels, pairing it with gold earrings, bangles, and a necklace. I got dressed then started blowing out my hair, I’m going to wear it loose.

Ash comes into my room looking handsome wearing a tight shocking pink shirt and tight-fitting black pants black eyeliner bringing out his dark brown eyes and silver earrings. His golden-brown hair is styled he is 1.7m tall.“How are you not done yet? You said seven pm” he scolds me waving his hands in the air. Always the dramatic since High school

Ten years ago: Ash was standing against the wall in the gym next to the water bottles, I went to get one after exercise as I was drinking water I notice the jock of the school with his friends, as I was checking him out he asked me “he’s ridiculously hot right?” I snickered “yeah did you see his abs? I think he’s got to have like and six-pack under that shirt.” he looked at me and asked, “you think so, What makes you say that?” I turned to him and smirked “because my father owns a kickboxing gym, hot guys with six-packs and muscles are everywhere. Want to come over sometime and check out guys with me?”

That was how our friendship started and now we are best friends always having each other’s backs.

I smile apologetically at him “Sorry Ash, I helped mum with the food stock take, we finished a bit later than I expected.” Ash rolls his eyes at me and says; “Fine, but let’s get going already there are hot guys to perv over they are not going to do it by themselves. I burst out laughing “Ok, ok let’s go we’re meeting the other girls at the pub first. Before we head to the club.”

We go in Ash's car and head to the pub. We get ourselves a table there are six of us and we order drinks. I start with a cosmopolitan and Ash with a margarita. We hang out at the bar till nine-thirty then we head to one of the most popular nights clubs Seduction owned by Lee Morvant

I heard he is 1,75m tall with a medium built and slightly muscular with medium length red hair and silver eyes and gorgeous, they say he always wears black eyeliner and black nail polish.

We stand in line to go to the club, you can hear the music playing. There is laughter and chatter all around us, I chat with my friends as we wait to go inside.

Finally, we go inside the club, we split up half of the group going to get drinks and the other half going to go find a table. We go to order a round of cocktails and carry it to the table. The nightclub has a big dance floor in the middle with a bar on one side and on the other are tables and couches you can sit on. On one side upstairs is the VIP section and on the other side is a bunch of private rooms.

We sit down and enjoy our drinks when Ash nagged me to go and dance.

(Dante’s POV): Lee sits in the VIP section with his latest doll on his lap, when he looks out over the dance floor he notices the little fighter Dante is interested in, smirking he picks up the phone and calls his best friend.

After two rings Dante picks up “hello” smiling at his friend’s grumpy tone “I have some entertaining news if you’re interested.” Dante signs “stop teasing and spit it out already I’m busy” feeling satisfied because he got a ruse out of him “your little fighter is shaking her ass on my dance floor” by the pause he knows he has caught his attention. “I’m coming over right now”.

I end the call with Lee and drive to the club, when I arrive she catches my eye dancing with her friends. I make my way through the crowd and catch her scent, she’s most definitely is a carrier.

I continue and go upstairs to the VIP section where I find Lee on his chair with a bunch of women surrounding him with one on his lap all beauties I sit opposite him, I cock my eyebrow at him “ I see you have a new harem” He gives me a sly grin “you know I like my dolls” he looks towards the dance floor “speaking of that little fighter sure can dance not to bad looking either.”

I warn him with a low growl “hands-off she will be mine” Lee smirks at me “I was only teasing no need to get so worked up she’s not my type anyway” he calls the waiter over “so what do you want to drink whiskey or blood” I order a whiskey leaning back into the couch while watching her.

I pull out my phone and call Rex he answers after the third ring “hello boss, what can I do for you?” I give him his instructions “I want you to organize a fight for Rachel and when she wins to bring her to my office I want to meet her.”

Dante smiles in satisfaction as Rex tells him he will arrange a fight.

Rex stares at his phone while wondering what Mr. Voss’s sudden interest in Rachel would be. He gets his fights schedule’s to see where he can fit her in as she only competes in the light fights. There are spots open two weeks from now, he sends Rachel a text your next fight is two weeks from now midnight.

After dancing me and friends go back to our table while sipping on my drink the conversation suddenly turns to me Mary looks right at me “so Rachel when are you dating again it's been a while, hasn’t it?” I rolled my eyes at her ( because the last time it went so great) “you know with my current situation dating is not on my list of priorities” Nicole then looks my way “Rach you can’t stay single forever.”

I look at everyone the sigh “not forever just till things settle down then I can focus on finding mister right.” I look at Ash with a smirk “and when are you settling down?” He gives me a dirty look to bring the attention to Him “not yet I’m still having fun” my phone rings and I see it’s a message from Rex next fight in two weeks. looks like in the next two weeks ill be gearing up for my fight.

The night is still young as we party on.

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