Fire in the Game

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Chapter Four- Big Fight

Chapter 4 Big Fight

Waking up Sunday morning I still feel tired. Friday night we partied into the late hours got home drunk. On Saturday I had a huge hangover while having to work the lunch to dinner shift.

At least I'm off today, yawing I stretch out and get up. I go to the bathroom wash my face and brush my teeth. When I'm done I pull on some shorts with a tank top and go downstairs to the kitchen.

I put the coffee on and get started on breakfast I make toast, eggs, sausages, bacon, fried tomato, and mushrooms. After finishing with the food I set the table.

I go to my brother's room to call him and my father for breakfast. Mom has the morning shift at the restaurant she has already left. Dad helps Ryan with physio on weekends.

I and Mom take turns in cooking dinner and breakfast.

Thinking back on these past six months Ryan's recovery is going better. The first three months he was in the hospital due to severe damage to his spinal cord. After being discharged he has continued with physio and trauma counseling. He seems to be able to stand longer and walk a little bit.

Ryan notices me first and with a grin he greets me; "Morning sis." Grinning I greet back "Morning bro, Morning dad breakfast is ready." My father looks up and smiles at me. "Morning Sweetie we will be right there."

I go back to the kitchen and pour three cups of coffee, I like mine with two sugar and milk.

My dad and Ryan come to the kitchen and get settled at the breakfast table, I dish up for them and hand them their coffee. Looking at my brother I ask; "how's physio going?" Swallowing his food he looks up at me; "it's going better, still painful at times."

My heart aches for my brother I wish there was something I could do for him. For the rest of breakfast, we make small talk.

When I am back in my room I look at my work schedule and work out a training routine for the next two weeks preparing for my upcoming fight.

Two weeks later: today I had the morning shift at work. After work, I went grocery shopping mum had asked me to pick up a few things.

Back at home I just relaxed in front of the tv and later went to take a nap saving energy.

I arrive at the club Craving at just past eleven I make my way downstairs to the underground. I look for Rex and spot him talking to some people at the bar. The first floor of the underground is where the normal fights take place.

The second underground floor fights are dived in two matches. One fight till the last man standing but without killing the person and anything goes. The other fights are deathmatches.

Rex spots me and waves me over; "you ready for your fight?" he asks me when I go to him. "yeah I prepared for it, who I'm I fighting?" I ask him. He looks at his tablet; "you're fighting Sandy, be careful she is very good." I put my hand on his shoulder. "Thanks for the heads up I will be careful."

Leaving Rex I go to the small room at the back with a few lockers where you can leave your stuff. I put on a black sports bra, black tank top, red shorts, red sneakers, and black half gloves.

Taking a few deep breaths to calm my mind I do a few stretches to loosen up. When I am ready I leave for the ring. People are watching by the different cages. Ok Rachel you can do this even if your opponent is tough, I have to do everything I can to win.

Fighting here is not the same as a pro fight. Here anything goes to knock your opponent out. There is no referee and only one round. Stepping into the ring I am facing off against sandy. She's got a toned athletic figure with blue eyes and blond hair. She has menacing look in her eyes, we seize each other up. Rex yells begin for the start of the match.

We circle each other when she launches at me fist first. I block her fist with my arm and kick her in the stomach she doubles over and then stumbles back. I advance on her swinging my fist she grabs my wrist and pulling me forward then kneeing me in the stomach hard.

I gasp in pain doubling over (this is going to be a bitch of a fight), in the corner of my eye I see her coming last minute I sidestep out of the way and give her a roundhouse kick landing it on her back sending her flying into the cage.

When she stands up her gaze is pure rage when she looks at me (guessed that pissed her off.) she charges at me with a series of blows one catching me in the ribs. I block and try my best to get in blows too when she kicks my leg out and grips me in a headlock (fuck not good.) I hit her stomach and abdomen with my fist but she is holding strong. I try and twist out of her grip when she suddenly grabs my neck and slams me face-first into the cage.

I can feel a cut to the side of my temple blood trickling down before I have a chance to catch my bearings. The bitch is straddling me raining blows down on me I keep my arms up to block the blows. She manages to get a punch by catching me on my left cheek.

(fuck this bitch I am seriously pissed off now!) grabbing her shoulders I push myself up with my lower body and legs and flip us over with me straddling her. I rain punches down on her left and right, breaking through her block I hit her nose so hard I heard the breaking sound. Lifting my knee I slam it into her stomach. Ending the fight with her passing out, breathing heavily I roll over onto my back with my arm across my eyes. That was one hell of a fight.

Rex runs to my side. "hey Rach you ok?" looking up at him; "oh I'm just peachy." laughing he offers a hand to help me up; "glad to see your sarcasm is still intact." Grinning I take his hand a get to my feet pain shooting everywhere. "I'm going to go take a shower and get dressed" slowly making my way to the locker room.

After showering I get dressed in a loose t-shirt and jeans the process is slow as my head, ribs and stomach is killing me. I go over to the mirror I groan as I see the damage. There is no way my mother is not going to be pissed about this! my left eye is swollen shut turning purple, I have a cut on my right temple. I look like shit right now sighing I grab my stuff and go to find Rex. Finding him near the bar on his phone when he sees me he beckons me closer. When I reach him he says goodbye to whoever is on the phone.

Focusing on me he says; "My boss is requesting to meet you, Please come with me." I stare at him in shock THE Dante Voss wanted to meet me?! "why?" I ask him "He will explain once we go to him." Nodding I follow Rex.
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