Fire in the Game

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Chapter Five- First Meeting

Chapter 5- First meeting

(Dante's POV): When it was time for her fight I was watching from my office. My door opens and in comes Lee. "watching your little fighter are you." He says while smirking at me, rolling my eyes at him "of course I am watching I want to see if she wins." Rex yells for the start of the fight and I keep my eyes trained on her.

Currently Sandy seems to have the upper up, I told Rex to put her up against one of the best humans here I wanted to see if she could handle it. The next instant Rachel turns the tables. "She's holding her own quite well down there." Lee Comments next to me.

With a final blow, Rachel ends the fight Rex goes to help her up. After she left for the showers I call Rex; "Bring her to my office if she asks why to tell her I will explain once she gets here."

Smirking I turn to Lee; "well now looks like she's stronger than I thought, she will do well as my carrier." Lee's silver eyes twinkle in amusement. " has someone managed to grab your attention after so many years." I roll my eyes at him; "it hasn't been that long I've had a fling here and there." Lee slaps me on the back and grins at me; "yes indeed you've had flings but I haven't seen you give one woman this much attention in a long time."

He's not wrong there is something about her that captures my attention... maybe it's just because she's a carrier. I motion toward the door. "How about you get lost they going to be here any minute." Lee puts his hands up in the air while moving towards the door. "Alright I'll leave so you can play with your little fighter." Chuckling he leaves my office.

(Rachel's POV:) I follow behind Rex we leave the underground level of the club and go upstairs, we continue past the dance floor to the VIP section. At least we are walking slowly as my body feels like I was hit by a truck, tonight's fight was one of the hardest for a moment there I thought I was going to lose for sure.

I am nervous to meet Dante Voss, I wonder what he wants with me? Rex looks over his shoulder at me; "Don't worry I'll be right there with you, How are holding up?" I give him a small smile. "Like a truck hit me but I'll be ok." I am grateful that Rex will be with me.

We arrive in front of a door with a nameplate Voss on it and Rex knocks on the door. "Mr. Voss it's me I have brought Rachel." A deep husky voice responds on the other side of the door; "Come in."

Walking into the office is the hottest guy I have ever seen leaning against his desk. White wavy hair his eyes are gold an unusual color, He's tall with a muscular built. He's wearing a white dress shirt, white vest, black tie, black pants, and black shoes.

He smirks at me when he catches me checking him out. I blush a little as I was caught red-handed. Rex introduces us. "Boss this Rachel, Rachel this is my boss Dante Voss." I greet him; "Good evening Mr. Voss it's a pleasure to meet you." He looks me up and down and with a smirk he replies; "Oh, the pleasure is mine."

Dante then looks at Rex; "You can get out." Rex looks at Dante with surprise marring the face stammering he says: "oh umm I thought I could stay with Rachel boss." Dante gives Rex a cold stare ice lacing his voice when he speaks; "You can wait for her downstairs now when I tell you to get out, You get out!"

Rex looks at me apologetically; "Sorry Rach I'll wait for you downstairs." Rex turns and leaves the room leaving me with Mr intimidation over here. I scowl at him well I try to at least as half my face is bruised up.

Chuckling Dante's face alights with humor; "Don't pull your face like that it makes your expression look ridiculous. He motions for me to sit on the couch in his office. The theme for his office seems to be red and dark mahogany, the carpet is a dark red the couch is red with dark wood, his desk is dark mahogany the chair behind his desk is a deep red.

I sit down on the couch while he moves and sits down behind his desk. His gaze on me is intense, before I can say anything he starts to speak. "I called you here to make you a proposition. Will you hear me out?" His golden eyes are focused on me his expression serious, curiosity got the better of me; "Okay ill hear you out."

He leans back in his chair before speaking again; "You are a special human we call your kind a carrier, a carrier can get pregnant from a royal vampire. Now my proposition is this: I want you to be my carrier and bear me a child. After the child is born he or she will stay with me. In exchange, I will heal your brother and pay all your bills including your studies. You will also receive full protection against the werewolves."

I burst out laughing clutching my stomach this guy must be joking right? controlling my laughter long enough I ask him. "You're joking, right? Vampires? Werewolves? Carrier's? They don't exist!"

He doesn't laugh he just raises an eyebrow with a sigh he speaks again; "I am not joking, Vampires and werewolves do exist and you are from a carrier bloodline. I am Dante Voss Prince of the vampires, and the Alpha of the werewolves is Nash. There used to be more carriers but the werewolves have been eliminating them making you a rare breed.

I scoff at him and lean forward; "Are you telling me I have to believe you're a vampire and you want me because I can bear you a child and that there are werewolves out there that will kill me just because I'm some kind of carrier? That's such a load of fucking bullshit!"

Irritation flashed across his face; "Watch your tone when talking to me, I'm only asking nicely the first time. Will you be mine willingly or am I going to have to use other measures? Either way, your mine now."

I stand up from the couch laughing sarcastically; "How about Fuck you and your crazy! Who knew president Voss is whack job!"

I walk towards the door uneasiness creeping up my spine. Just as I pull open the door he speaks again. "Once you see the truth you will be begging me for my protection!" Glaring at him I reply before leaving the office; Yeah Right!"

Going downstairs I find Rex waiting for me he hands me my bag and money. He looks at me curiously before asking; "So What did my boss want with you?" shaking my head I just mumble and answer; "Your boss is crazy, I'll be leaving now." Leaving Rex behind I head on home.
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