Fire in the Game

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Chapter Six- Royalty

Chapter 6- Royalty

As I walk out of the club the cool evening breeze feels good on my face. I head towards the parking lot. The parking lot is at the back of the club. Finding a space is always a nightmare as the club is always full.

Sandy did a number on me. I may need to ask mom for few days off. "Sigh" I am not ready to face that conversation.

Reaching my car I put my bag in the back and get in the driver's seat. I drive a blue Volkswagen Polo Vivo.

The area in which the club is located is always busy with activity there are a few other pubs around and fast-food restaurants.

As I am driving home I think about my conversation with Dante. I can't believe the nonsense he was spouting! Him claiming to be a vampire prince. Then saying I'm some carrier and that werewolves would kill me if they found me. I can't wrap my head around the fact that a hot powerful man like him is crazy.

Leaving behind the busy streets I drive towards my neighborhood. The streets are empty and the place is quiet it is after two am in the morning. When I reach my house I park my car in the garage. Grabbing my bag I close the car door quietly. Closing the garage door I walk up the cobblestones to the front of the house. walking slowly up to the porch, I quietly open the front door and slip inside.

The house is quiet and no lights are on. I slowly make my way up the stairs careful not to make a sound. When I reach my room I slip inside. Breathing a sigh of relief that I have made it without bumping into anyone.

I slowly get undress and pull on PJ's and get into bed I don't have to work tomorrow morning so I can at least sleep in late.

(Dante's POV;) I watch as she storms out of my office. The look of clear disbelieve on her face. I know she thinks I'm crazy as the creatures of the night are kept secret from the human world. Most humans think the underworld is just normal bad guys. Your standard gangs, drug dealers, the black market.

The other part of it is us the vampires, werewolves, and your occasional witch. My clan the Shadow Horde's is the largest in the world. My father Javier is the King of vampires. I look just like him Goldeyes and white hair kept in a short cut, tall and muscular with a dominating aura.

My mother Isabella was a carrier after giving birth to me my father turned her. She has long blond hair and purple eyes, when she was human it was blue. She is a head shorter than my father and slim. She is a very gentle soul complete opposite of my father.

Picking up my smartphone I dial Clark he picks up immediately. "Yes Sir," I tell him to come to my office. Clark is my PA and also a vampire I sired him four hundred years ago.

Because he was sired by a royal vampire he can also go out into the sun. but not for long periods or he will get ill.

The sun doesn't affect royal and noble vampires. Only vampires sired by the royal family will have the ability to move about in the sun. Normal vampires incinerate if they make contact with the sun.

Royal vampires have gold eyes, nobles have silver eyes. The vampire's sired eyes turn red. And carrier's eyes turn purple when turned.

There's a knock at my door. "Sir, It's me." Clark has just arrived. "Come in," I tell him. He steps into my office stopping in front of my desk. I give him orders. "Get her bodyguards. There were wolves caught here today. They refuse to speak. I don't know if they noticed her and if they informed anyone. She is to be protected at all times. "Giving me a slight bow with his hand on his chest he replies. "On it, Sir will make arrangements immediately." He turns around and leaves my office.

I need this carrier at all costs and I will do anything to get my way.

(Rachel's POV;) The next morning I groan when I try to roll over. My head is throbbing like mad, my body hurts. I haven't gone all out in a fight in a while. I roll overreaching in my bedside drawer and grab the bottle of painkillers. Next, I take out ointment for pain and rub it on my ribs and my lower abdomen. Wrapping myself with a bandage.

I get up slowly going to my bathroom I brush my teeth and wash my face. I get out the disinfectant in the bathroom cabinet and clean the cut on the side of my head. Putting on a plaster I go and get back in bed it's only nine am I'm going to sleep some more.

Mom is going to freak I always try my best to cover my face, I didn't expect Sandy to throw me against the cage. The money I got last night should cover some of the bills for a bit. Closing my eyes it's no long before I fall asleep again.

Later the sound of knocking on my door wakes me up. Feeling groggy I open my eyes and squint. "who's there?" I call out. The knocking stops followed by my mother's voice. "Rachel, Honey can I come in?" Shit! What's mom doing home? What time is it? Looking at the clock I see I have slept till noon it's one pm now. Why is she home so early?

I panic there is no way I can hide my face. Slowly I push myself to sit up in bed. "yeah mom come on in." she comes into my room smiling until she lays eyes on me. Her face contorts in pure rage. Her eyes going a darker shade of green. She is super pissed of now. Her voice trembles when she addresses me. "Did you go fight again?!" she comes towards me crossing her arms over her chest as she glares at me. I clear my throat before answering. "Yes mom." no use in lying as the evidence is all over my face.

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