Fire in the Game

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Chapter seven- Weird Encounters

Chapter 7- Weird Encounters

"I have had enough look at you! I can't take it anymore. I forbid you to fight again, there are other ways to make money we will make a plan." She levels me with a determined stare. She means business there is no getting past her if she is like that. "I can't handle my baby girl getting hurt like this." Tears forming in her eyes. Seeing her likes this makes me feel guilty. I didn't mean to make her cry I just wanted us to keep our heads above water with the finances. I try and comfort her. "I'm sorry mom, for making you worry like this. I will find another way to get money."

My father comes into my room asking us. "What is the ruckus about?" when he looks towards me, his eyes go wide with panic. "Rachel are you ok? What happened? Where you mugged?" He rushes to my side. Before I can say anything mom answers for me. "No, she was not mugged. She has been fighting." My dad looks surprised. "In kickboxing tournaments?" He asks me.

"No Dad, I have been fighting in the underworld club," I tell him. The emotions play across his face he sits down on my bed holding his face in his hands. "how long have you been doing this?" he asks me his voice sounding so desolate. I never meant to make my family feel like this I only wanted to make bring extra money to help with all the bills. I go and hug my father. "dad I only did this so that we could pay for everything I never participated in a fight I couldn't handle." He looks up and wraps me in a tight bear hug. "When Ryan got hurt I got wrapped up in this bubble of helping your brother being his support system. That I lost focus on everything else, I am so sorry that I didn't see that I left everything for you and your mother to handle."

My mother smiles at my father and puts her hand on his shoulder. "We girls are stronger than you think." I stand up and go over to my mum hugging her. "I am sorry for the stress mum I promise I won't go to the fight club anymore. Also, I think with the last earnings I got we should be able to cover some of it." My mother hugs me back then releasing me to wipe her eyes. "I appreciate everything you have done for us baby but I didn't like it when you got hurt. We as a family can grow and get back up on our feet." My father stands up walks over to us and wraps us both in a bear hug. "I will help too I will focus on getting the gym up and running again. Get some rest sweetie we can talk later making plans."

Well today has started emotionally at the same time there is a lot that needs to be paid still but the most are covered now. I can focus on my supporting my brother in getting better and getting back to my chef studies to better my career.

Later when I go downstairs my parents are in the living room watching TV when I walk past Ryan's room he calls me. "Can you come here for a sec Rach?" I walk into his room and I am shocked to see him crying. "What's wrong are you hurt!" I start to freak out I want to go call dad but he stops me. " I am hurt but not physically." I stop and turn around I walk towards him and he mentions for me to sit. I go and sit on the chair by his bed. Ryan is very upset I can see that with the look he's giving me.

"Look at you! Why didn't you tell me?" he raises his voice I haven't seen my brother get angry in a long time. "I just wanted to help ok! You were injured by that stupid drunk driver and the bills kept piling up and it stressed everyone out. So when the opportunity came knocking on my door I took it." I say my chest heaving up and down my body trembling.

"At what cost did you do it? I don't want to see my little sister beaten up like this! I am your big brother I am supposed to protect you." Ryan covers his eyes with his hands trembling his chest heaving up and down. "I love you so much I wouldn't be able to bear it if something happened to you especially when I'm useless like this." I just up from the chair and going to my brother and hugging him fiercely. "you don't have to worry about me bro I am a big girl I can take of myself. But I promised mom and dad I fight anymore I will make the same promise to you I won't take part in the underworld fight club again. And you are not useless you are my big brother."

I leave the house needing some fresh air It's late afternoon the neighborhood is quiet. The streets are almost empty except for a few people watering their gardens and some kids playing a couple of blocks down is a park with a lake I head towards it.

We have always been a close-knit family so this tragedy that befell us shook us hard. Seeing my family hurt like that I would do anything for them I know I am the baby in the family and everyone liked to coddle me but I am a grown woman of twenty-four my birthday in two months

I walk through the park a couple is sitting on the bench talking and laughing while feeding each other. I was never one for the mushy stuff. Between me and Ash is the more romantic even though it didn't work out so well with his ex-boyfriend I should call him when I get home. I keep on walking till I reach the lake and go round to the gazebo and sit on one of the benches staring at the water the cool breeze on my face feels nice. I'm lost in thought when after a while I sense a strong gaze on me when I look up I see two bulky guys across the lake staring at me.

The condition I'm in I can't fight so I get up pretending to get a call and leave. Fuck I'm so sore from yesterday. They are weirding me out so I walk a bit faster it's so painful walking fast to have super healing would have been a huge plus at the moment. When I turn around I see they have come around the lake moving fast towards me. How are they so fast! Fuck it I am running I call my father while I am running as I run through the park my father picks up "Hello" thank goodness he picked up "dad Help! I am in the park and two men are chasing me." I yell on the phone my heart beating so fast my lungs feel like they going to burst. I don't know for how long I will be able to run as I am injured. "I am coming Rach!" my dad says and drops the phone.

"Jane calls the cops Rachel is in trouble at the park" Bryan yells to his wife as he starts running towards the park. Jane calls the cops instantly "911 what's your emergency" the operator asks. "we need help at Hyde park there is trouble there." "We are sending a squad car out now Mam." My mum clutches her hands together hoping for our safe return.

As I run suddenly in front of me come's two other men. Not so bulky as the two after me but still what do they want! What the fuck is going on? But they don't come for me they run past me and tackle the two men behind me. Well, I'm not going to complain about assistance. I yell a "Thank you" as I keep running. At the end of the park, I run into my father. "Rachel! Are you ok?" I run straight into his arms and start crying. "I don't know two men started chasing me," I tell my father between tears. A few moments later a cop car pulls up I tell them what happened and point in the direction of the men and the police officers run towards them.

Alec and Jake were specially assigned by the vampire prince to protect the carrier they were part of The prince's best guards as they were sired by him for certain periods they can be in the sun without turning into dust. They have been trailing her everywhere and when she came to the park they followed at a safe distance.

Alec is a bit taller and more muscular than the two with bright blue eyes black hair and 1.85m tall. Jake has blond hair and green eyes and is 1.8m tall with a more slender built. they noticed the werewolves and moved closer to Rachel when she started running they went for the werewolves. They ran past her and tackled the freaking mutts. Alec sat on top of the wolf and started laying punches on him breaking his nose blood running bursting his lip open next punch he broke his jaw. The wolf howled in pain struggling to get Alec off him he takes the wolf's head and snaps his neck killing him.

Jake had a bit more trouble the wolf had managed to turn them around he dodged a punch when he hears a crack sounds like Alec broke something on the wolf as he howled in pain. The wolf on top of him gets angry and starts swinging madly the wolf may be stronger but he is faster. He knee's the wolf in the stomach followed up with a punch in the face breaking the guy's nose when Alec comes up from behind and snaps his neck as well. "I could have killed him myself you know," I tell Alec. With a smirk, he helps me up. "I don't like people hurting my boyfriend." I push him away angry "Who the hell are you calling your boyfriend!" Alec lets out a laugh "come on we need to go check on the carrier and call The prince," Jake looks at the dead bodies and asks what do we do with them?" Alec looks at the dead bodies with disgust he hates werewolves. Let's dump them in the lake quickly the cops are coming.

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