Fire in the Game

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Chapter Eight- Trigger of the war

Chapter 8- Trigger of the war

(Dante pov): Sitting behind his desk looking devilishly handsome in a black suit, white shirt red tie white wavy hair. He is reading documents over when his phone rings.

After dumping the bodies in the lake the two move undetected back to her side where they can keep an eye on her. Alec pulls out his smartphone and calls the prince after a few rings he picks up. "What is it? Alec pulls a face at Jake who just ignores him. "Your Highness, we were at the lake and a bunch of werewolves found her here. We got rid of them."

Anger flashes across his face, fuck they found her so close to her home. There hasn't been another carrier in over 500 years and he needs her. He is still busy thinking of ways to make a very enticing deal with her. He roughly pushes his hand through his hair leaning back in his chair. "Do you need extra guards with you?" Dante asks them. He has 10 elite guards which Alec is the captain and Jake vice-captain two of his best. Alec has been with him for one thousand and five hundred years and Jake for one thousand.

Alec looks at Jake and with a smirk saying "do we need extra guards sweetie?" anger mixed with horror flashes across his face before he smooths it back to his resting bitch face. "tell the prince no for now we can handle it." Alec loves to mess with Jake pissing the bitchy vampire off is one of his favorite pass times. Not that Jake doesn't get him back for it.

"No your Highness, For now, we can handle it we will call more when we need them." Ending the call with Alec. He sits back in his chair making plans he needs to get the carrier to come live with him one way or the other.

a knock on his office door draws his attention. "enter" Clark comes into my office with a folder in his hand. "Sir, I got that information you wanted" Clark hands me the folder and I take out the documents.

Name Rachel, Surname: Cole, Age: 24, Long straight Hair color: black, Eye color: green, Height: 1,65m curvy, Occupation: currently working as a chef in her mother's restaurant. Status: single, both parents are living and she has a brother Six months ago her brother got in a car accident, he is now disabled with a spinal cord injury. Due to hospital and rehab bills, she fights in the underground club for extra money to help her family out. She is also from the Stonewell linage from her mother's side.

"Hmmm, so she is from the carrier linage we need to find out if she is a carrier she will have a unique scent, Keep this quiet I don't want others finding out about her." A carrier: can get pregnant and bear a vampire child, when a carrier is still pregnant they remain human until the child is born then their mate sire's them into a vampire. A carrier can only get pregnant from purebred vampires, This is how the royal and noble line of purebreds continues.

Clark gives me a firm nod and then hands me another folder," Sir the werewolves made a move against us at the bidding event, Everything we placed a bid on they went after it, What would you like us to do Sir?"

I can feel my anger rising even more my eyes narrowing turning a darker gold my lips forming in a sneer. I laugh darkly "find out what schemes those filthy dogs are planning, as for the bidding event there isn't anything of interest I wanted to push up the prices as high as you can, then when the werewolves place a bid you pull out." Dante's eyes sparkle at the idea of teaching the werewolves a lesson. To say he hated them is an understatement of what happened two thousand years ago.

Two thousand years ago: The werewolf clan broke the peace treaty with the vampire clan. When the leader's son Clive killed Dante's pregnant wife.

Dante had found a carrier called Sarah she lied and said she was his mate. Dante fell in love with her and not soon after that they got married. Every day Sarah pretended to be in love with Dante and when she got pregnant she knew her life was set to have the prince's child and become a vampire living forever in luxury.

She had a secret her real mate was Clive the next Alpha inline although he was good-looking and rich he wasn't a prince. Besides he had a child with one of the other werewolves his father forced him to get married to the daughter of a neighboring clan. But he has been coming after her saying she should leave Dante and marry him they belong together and that he can provide for her. I mean let's be real give birth to a royal heir of the vampires and get to live forever or marry a werewolf and live a normal human life? Like who doesn't want to live forever?

Once a month the two clans gathered together for a meeting discussing various topics, only a select few on both sides were allowed to come. This time Clive skipped the meeting and went to Dante's house calling Sarah trying to persuade her once again after the birth of Dante's child to leave him and marry him.

"Sarah I beg you leave him and come to me I am your true soulmate we belong together." Clive is desperate his wolf is driving him mad with the mate bond he wants his mate.

"I told you before I don't want to marry you I want to become a vampire queen."

Clive got angry. "What's so good about being undead forever?"

Sarah got tired of listing to his crap "I tried to be nice but you won't listen you force me to do this I Sarah reject you Clive as my mate!"

At that moment Clive snapped and his beast took over losing complete control.

After the meeting, Dante went home to find Clive standing over his wife, the remains of a fight between vampires and werewolves evident, As there were bodies all over the place. when he turned to look at him, there was blood dripping from his mouth he had various knives and gunshot wounds from when the guards tried to stop him, His claws and arms were covered in blood. He then started laughing like a mad man the look in his eyes crazy.

Sarah was lying on the ground her left arm was ripped off her neck ripped open, she had claw slashes on her legs and a hole in her stomach. At that moment Dante snapped pure rage filled his claws and fangs extending, his eyes turning a dark gold with a blue hue.

Dante leaped forward with a burst of speed and placed a hard kick in Clive's abdomen hunching him over from the blow, he twisted back his right arm and ripped it off blood splaying everywhere. Clive howled in pain trying to claw at Dante with his other arm, Dante then kicked his left leg in breaking it, pulling him up by his throat he ripped his head off, blood splashing on his face. After killing Clive he took men from his Horde and went after the rest of the Hunters pack going on a killing spree.

Clive's son Nash was kept safe by members who escaped and now he is Dante's biggest enemy and the new leader of the Hunters pack. Since then the werewolves and vampires have been at war killing each other. Then the werewolves started eliminating the carriers, Making it a cat and mouse game who gets to the carriers first.

Dante found out about Sarah lying from that moment he hated humans and werewolves.

Clark gives a small bow "I will go scout out the girl" and leaves the office. Dante stands up and heads to the floor-to-ceiling windows, looking down on the city of Baine below.

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