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Chapter I

Lana was just an ordinary seventeen year old girl,about halfway through her high school years.She was a great student and she would always spend most of her time studying throughout the year.However,there was this summer camp that she had been going to since she was little;There were a lot of fun activities and she enjoyed it very much.This year,she decided to try being an animator since she was finally ready.She didn’t think that would be a problem for her considering how many times she’d been around animators in that camp before and she watched them do their job and even helped them a bit over years,so she already knew what she was supposed to do.

The morning of their departure had finally come .She woke up early,put her comfy shorts on,along with her favorite hoodie and her black converse shoes that she liked wearing very much.Lastly,she put her black cap on and quietly walked downstairs,careful not to wake her parents as she then walked to the kitchen to grab a bite before she had to leave.

Lana made herself a sandwich,spreading some cream cheese and jam over it,which is a weird combination that she typically enjoyed,although everyone thought she was crazy when she would tell them about it.She placed her plate down on the table and sat down as she started slowly eating her sandwich.She glanced around the kitchen,lost in thought;She knew she would be gone for a month and she’d certainly miss her family,and being home with them.Lana soon finished her meal and got up from the table,checking once more if she had forgotten anything before she took her bags and walked out of the house to call a cab that would take her to the bus station.

Lana had soon got on the bus and put her headphones on and didn’t take them off until she arrived at the camp.

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