The Devils SBC

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The devil's dragons re-written version. The Devil SBC are the most feared superbike gang that run the streets of Arlington. Clara is a young woman who's trying to find her way in life alongside her demons. The Devil's SBC own the city and have a secret of their own and that secret is that they are Dominants on the rich side of the BDSM community. What will Clara do when she gets muddled up in Blaze's expensive lifestyle with BDSM clubs and superbike gangs when she's a virgin? Blaze is a cocky, self-confident biker who wants Clara to become his full-time submissive. Is Clara willing to give up her freedom for The Devil's SBC or will getting mixed up in clubs business cost her the life that she lives? READ TO FIND OUT. VERY MATURE CONTENT AND SCENES THAT MANY WILL NOT AGREE WITH. CRIME AND REAL LIFE EVENTS THAT COULD TRIGGER THOSE WHO ARE SENSITIVE TO THESE SCENARIOS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! MATURE AUDIENCE RECOMMENDED.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

This is the re-written version of the 2019 Master I am sorry Devils Dragons.

Laughing, Savage rubbed his rough short beard leaning his bulky arms on the wooden table that sat in the center of the room. Chapter to chapter, there were problems with our brothers.

"Let's talk," he told me. I shrugged my shoulders, where the fuck I would start, I didn't know. It was me and him sitting in his quiet, cold office. It was freezing that day.

"Drew needs to go." Crossing my arms over my chest, I leaned back in my black leather chair. Sav thought about what I was saying for a moment before sighing.

"No," shaking my head, I slammed the side of my hands down on the table pushing myself to stand up. The job that he had me doing was a complete waste of time and I couldn't see anything good coming from it.

"I don't need a bodyguard." I told him walking over to the door. Leaning back in his seat, he raised his eyebrows giving me a sarcastic smirk. "Suck it up kid."

Slamming the door, I stormed out of the club. All of it was testing my patience. Patience that I didn't have. I was pretending to be a poor kid when I was a biker from a rich family. Both of them don't go hand in hand but Sav was determined that it would all work out. I didn't have any hopes. Looking over at my black superbike, I slid inside the car and we drove away from the main fun house to go and collect Drew. All of it was useless.

The car stopped outside the office buildings in a part of town I wasn't too familiar with. It was poor central and I was in fact the complete opposite. It didn't look too appealing and I stood out like a sore thumb in a suit that you could only buy in Dubai. Sliding out of the car, I slammed the door behind me and looked up at the small buildings. I was out of my comfort zone.

"What do you-" Drew asked behind me.

"Nothing," I held my hand up and walked away from Drew. There was something fishy going on with him and I couldn't place my finger on it. Looking at the car I sighed. I hated the drive in that thing when I had to visit the office. I didn't understand why Sav wouldn't allow me to ride up on my bike. It was ridiculous!

All I wanted to do was rev my bike up and shoot forwards. There wasn't anything quite like the adrenaline rush you get on a superbike. I joined the club because I wanted to do shit that my parents would never find out about but no I was with a fucking bodyguard and the worst part was the fact that I was standing in the street in a designer suit. I was miserable and I didn't fit in. Trust Savage, to get me a bodyguard. Was that really necessary in covering our asses?

I know that I'm ranting on but he wasn't the man who had to deal with all the bullshit. His dad Brickston passed the club down to him which meant that he didn't have to work his ass off to get higher up in the ranks. The rest of us had to go through tests before actually getting in the club, all while others got sent away. Savage didn't have a clue about what we all had went through.

Still, I was stood on poor street with a man I didn't even know or trust. All he had to do was send me out with one of my brothers and I would have been fine but no, Sav sent me out with an outsider. I was horrified when I first met him.

One of these days he’s going to pay for it, I told meself. I was willing to wait for the day when payback would smack him in the face.

Grabbing the disposable phone out of my tightly fitted black suit jacket that just about covered my torso. I dialled Savs number. That suit jacket was the worst invention any person could possibly come up with. It was painful to stretch in and had metal plates that had been inserted in between two layers of fabric. I knew that I wouldn't be able to rip it and I could barely move. I had to wear a bulletproof vest underneath it which made me feel claustrophobic but I dealt with it for the job. Still, I didn't agree with Sav ripping my seven hundred thousand dollar suit to pieces for a job. A biker wearing a bulletproof vest? Yeah, Sav had lost his god damn mind and I was close to breaking point.

“Hey, Sav. We need to talk,” I told Sav who was aggravated. I was so close to walking from the club because I was fighting a never ending battle with him. You would tell him your opinions and he would go against them anyway. The amount of times that he fucked over the club, I couldn't even count. To be honest, I gave up months before. I wanted him to be voted out at this point.

“What’s the problem?” He snapped at me. I was close to snapping point myself. He was getting on my last nerve. I spoke with a couple of my brothers about the issue regarding Sav and they all agreed with me. Polio was planning on placing him on trial the following week.

“I need you to get rid of Drew!” I told him turning away and covering the phone so that he couldn't hear what I was saying. Luckily, the streets were busy with cars beeping and pedestrians talking. I hoped that he hadn't heard me, still I wasn't one hundred percent sure.

“What’s wrong with him?” He snapped. He didn't half have a bad attitude problem. Sooner or later, I was going to confront him about it.

“I need to sort the bar out and get the party ready for tomorrow. How the fuck do you expect me to do that when I have an annoying bodyguard I don't need with me? He checks everywhere before I even enter. Something to do with threats or some shit. I can fucking handle myself." I whisper shouted down the phone feeling frustrated.

"One more week." Sav tried to shut me down. I wasn't having any of it. He could get fucked.

"One more week? I can't do another week. I'm the fucking threat here Sav. I struggled to get rid of him when I had to attend to the armory alone last time. How do you suppose I get rid of him this time?” I took a deep breath in and balled my fists up feeling frustrated. My patience was a vapour away from empty.

“You have a good point there.”

Everywhere I went, Drew was there digging into my business. I understood what his job entitled. To remove threats but I was the main problem. I had a red circle around my head saying come and fucking get me. He would question everything. He was a cheeky fucker and would check my guests attire, make parking arrangements without my permission, look over the seating plans I had sorted out myself, check names through his earpiece to whoever sat on the other end of the line and that pissed me off more than you could possibly know. He thought that I was from the cheaper side of town. Was I hell! You would have to kill me before I would even consider moving there. It was a complete and utter nightmare! I could handle my own shit and I didn't need anyone to do it for me but there I was.

A couple of weeks prior to this he told me that I couldn't go to a party. I shoulder barged past him and told him to fuck off home. He wasn't too happy about that and complained to his head office telling them that he didn't want to work for me. Then somehow Savage miraculously got him back.

"I will get rid of him one way or another and it can either be done in a friendly way or I could give him a final goodbye. If you know what I mean. Tomorrow I have a party at my club and Friday, plus we have a meeting set up at the armory with the brothers." I spat through gritted teeth and Savage didn't say a word. Who knows why we had a meeting arranged, but Savage told us that we all needed to attend so that was that.

What else does he want from me? I asked myself. I already worked in a suffocation tank I called an office, pretending to be a small businessman when I was in fact a biker of the Devils SBC with parents who had more money than sense and a bank account filled with millions. One thing I knew for sure was that I needed to get away from that douche before I ended him. If I did that then it would mess up the cover-up tactics that we had in place.

Sav sat in silence so I carried on speaking again. “Can you get him to disappear at four every day instead of keeping him with me twenty-four hours. He’s driving me nuts bro.”

“I enjoy watching you suffer.” Sav laughed. I threw my head back.

“Oh, come on. Help a brother out for once before I end him.”

He laughed on the other side of the phone and I wanted to jump into the driver’s seat, knocking out my driver and pushing the accelerator to the floor, leaving double lines down the road. Once I got to his place I would drive through his gates, go inside and put a gun up to the scoundrel’s head until he pleaded for me to let him go.

“Ok, I’ll get him to leave at four every day but, I won’t get rid of him completely.” Sav sighed and I nodded my head. One step closer to freedom. The things I would do for my brothers was crazy.

“That’s good enough for me.”

Finally! I got my own way, not that it would last long. Welcome to The Devils SBC. Chaotic, tiring and a complete fucking headwrecker.
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