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A woman haunted with her past fuelled by revenge. A man associated with crime and deceit. Both meeting eachother and immediately become enemies. Will Davina find out the secret to her past and set her free? Or will she fall in love with the man who seems to have played a part in her haunting past. (This is all a work of fiction none of these characters are real.)

Romance / Action
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"I'm sorry little one, I'm sorry I have to leave so soon." My father gasped on the floor as I sobbed holding my fathers blood stained hand to my cheek. "Take care of your baby brother." He coughed blood trickling down the right corner of his mouth. I heard my baby brother wailing in the back round. Muffled as I stared agonizing sorrow in my thirteen year old heart.
My mother laid in a puddle of her own blood already gone right beside my father. "Look at m-me." He gasped in agony I looked into my father's gray eyes similar to mine. His dark brown hair matted with blood I gasped my vision blurring. "Avoid the L-" He coughed loudly blood splattering everywhere from his lips. Gasping his last breath he looked at me before the light died out his eyes dulling.
"Momma. . .daddy. . .please don't l-l-leave me!" I screamed as I heard police sirens in the distance.
I gasped shooting out of bed my body covered in sweat I huffed trying to calm myself down. Sighing I sat down on the end of my bed "Sissy are you okay?" My ten year old brother peaked from the right side of the door. I felt sick as I wiped the sweat from my forehead "yes I'm okay bubba." I said he ran into the room hopping on my bed. He embraced me into a hug as I wrapped my arms around him squeezing tight.
I looked to the alarm clock realizing that I woke up two hours before my shift. Sighing I got up to get ready for work "Is nanna coming to watch me again?" Lorcan asked I smiled ruffling his hair as he giggled. "yes nana is going to take care of you again today." He jumped on my bed excited as I chuckled grabbing him.
Holding him on my right hip I carried him to his room "You have to get ready for the day too mister." He pouted puffing his adorable chubby cheeks. "I don't wanna." He complained I shook my head setting him down. "If you don't want to I guess I'll have to tell nana that you can't have any of her yummy brownies." He squeaked in horror "I love nana's brownies!"
He ran into the room to get ready for the day I giggled as I walked back to my room. I walked to my black vanity across from my navy blue bed. Staring at my self my Dark red hair reminding me of my mother. The gray eyes staring back at me reminding me of father. I was a mess my hair in tangled clumps my face pale and gaunt. I rubbed my face with my right hand and walked into my personal bathroom.
I showered straightened my hair pulling it into a severe bun my caramel complexion returned. I grabbed my uniform I work as a special agent in the FBI. My parents death still haunts me to this day and I decided to pursue their case. Although secretly while catching many other criminals on the way. I shook off my nerves breathing in deeply and exhaling. "All right Davina Hill let's do our best today."
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