Regret and redemption

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A billionaire's regrets and his redemption.... A journey of a girl from shy to bold... A story with twist and turns... "Remember you will regret your doing. And when you realise it I won't forgive you. You didn't trust me now but when truth will be unfold, you will regret for the things you have done to me. Remember this." She said to her once husband and left the place..

Sona Maharjan
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My angel was innocent...

The air is floating calmly. The stars are twinkling. The moon shines brightly...

It's soothing but I am scared, unhappy and above of all guilty.
Guilty of leaving her all alone in this world to fight.
Guilty of the mistakes I have done..
Guilty of being a failure husband.
Guilty of the blame that I imposed on my angel.
I am Guilty and its eating me alive.....

It's been 4 years since the last time I saw her. I left my wife all alone.

The darkness is empowering the sky but this darkness is nothing in front of the darkness in my life....

Life was beautiful with my angel beside me...
Her smiles and heavenly laugh could easily light off my mood.....

I want to forget the reality and I just want to sleep with my angel peacefully..
I want to meet her and beg for her forgiveness, for the sins that I have committed, beg for the things that I had done her...

But I can't. I am unable to find her. She went far away from me. I am not able to find her. She too left me...

Where are you Angel....I questioned myself but got nothing as answer.
My inner self mocked me and I felt disgusted by myself.....

My wife was innocent. She had always been. But I failed to believe in her. I failed...

Why did I ruined everything??? Why did I have to hurt her?? She gave me everything and I ruined her. I broke her beyond my imagination....

But I will not stop. I will find her. I will make everything right. I will save my angel. And when I get her I will not leave her. I will treasure her and keep her safe from every danger.

I miss you angel...
I miss our talks, our nights....
I miss your handmade foods ....
Infact I miss your everything...

I promise you angel I won't stop till the date I find her. I will find you soon angel...

Your Aaron will find you .......
Please be safe till I find you Emma....

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