Regret and redemption

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Her world...

Emma's POV:

It was still dark when she woke up. Looking up she saw cellings painted white. A light soft noise woke her up. She woke up and went towards the room next to her..

She opened the door slowly as she could. She peeped in to notice both of them awake. She stood there quietly and carefully tried to listen to their words...

"Adrian, Do you know where papa live??" The little boy questioned his brother with a slight glint of hopefulness in his eyes.

The other chubby boy replied with some hesitation "I don't know Ethan but mama said papa is somewhere far away and he will meet us soon."

"She said same thing again.Do papa hate us Adrian? I want to see papa. You know Polo, the boy who study with us. He said his father is superman. He also said that his father brought him toys and also plays with him." The little man said to his brother Adrian with some tears in his eyes.

The big brother felt bad but he bravely put on a large smile for his little brother and replied," If so then mama is our superwoman. She cooks for us, takes us to school and parks and also play with us. "

He again added, "Don't cry. You look scary when you cry. Also I will give you my toys."

They both laughed and slowly both of them dozed off. All this while the woman standing at the door gripped the door handle tightly with a try to suppress her sob. She quickly closed the door not loud enough to wake her kids and went to her room and cried.

No doubt she is a proud mother of twins. She is a proud single mother but still somewhere in her heart she wished her children's happiness.

She too wished to watch her children playing with their father but maybe they are not lucky enough.

She is strong and she knows it. Being single mother seems easy but is not. There are challenges. She feel bad when someone ask her about her babies father. And she feel terrible when someone mocks her for being a single mother.

But what hurts most is when they mock her babies and when people call her babies names. And then I break completely when they questioned me about their fathers.

My babies are the only good thing that happened to me. But then again this society and their questions to my character made me bold enough. Deep down I get hurt but now I no longer feel as broken as before because now I can be a bitch too...

She wiped her tears. She knew she won't get any sleep now so she showered and got dressed. She made all her kids favourite breakfast.

The sun shines brightly. She smiled. She heard two mini footsteps approaching her. She smiled towards them and they laughed whole heartily seeing their favourite breakfast in front of them.

Their one look and she is gone as if her child knew black magic. Those innocent full smiles can easily light off her mood.

They had their breakfast with a lot of talks and laughter. This is what she needs. The happiness in her kids eyes. She can fight the world for her babies. Infact every mother can and every mother will...

The city was drizzling with rain. Soft noise can be heard in the hustle and bustle of city. Her heart is full. She feels better and good.
She took them to their school and she head towards her office. She felt contented and

Looking back, She is not the same innocent girl now. The shy and innocent Cinderella have turned to Mulan. A fighter who is bold, strong, confident, courageous and always ready to take great step not caring what the society says......

The one who grew up believing in Prince charming is now the warrior.......

Dear Readers,
Let's appreciate all the single mothers around the world.

And also say "Thank you" to your parents.
Always Appreciate the hardwork of your parents.....

Stay safe and healthy....
I will update soon..........

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