Regret and redemption

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The real she...

The sun began its departure. Emma watched it through her cabin for sometime until it was hidden behind the black clouds. The weather gradually became gloomy.

She watched it calmly for sometime and laughed, comparing the day's weather with her life.

Before she thought that her life would always be happy and colourful but now she realised how big of a fool was she. How her beautiful bubble burst and got scattered in front of her eyes to be transmitted into her worst nightmare......

But also since there is always a bright day waiting for us, she also got a hope, a hope too tiny but powerful. A hope that screamed she can do and she did it.

Her thoughts slowly shifted towards her children's morning talks. She silently closed her honey brown eyes and imagined her kids playing with their father. But all of sudden she stopped and anger rose inside her.

She reminded herself of the day she was humiliated, cheated, accused of the things she hadn't done. She remember all those hurt, pity and broken state she had to face. And she was not ready to face these again. The chapter is closed and no way can she turn it again.

Though how much she hated him, she is thankful. Thankful for building her up for being bold and strong enough. The only thing that happen good is of course her babies for whom she can do anything like every mother.

Suddenly, she was shaken into wakefulness by someone. Looking around she realised that someone was Siya. Siya, the only kind lady working in this huge ass of a company. She is much older than me who work as receptionist in the very same floor. She is caring and also"cool" as she says..

Siya reminded her about the meeting and like a thunder she quick thanked Siya and ran to the meeting room. The meeting was tired as usual answering the shitty question and dealing with much more shitty person.

Lastly, meeting ended well but as usual a "bitch" was waiting outside the hall especially for Emma. And like a Vamp she started speaking in loud voice claiming Emma to stop her innocent act and get out of company..

This was the seventh time she was stopped by the bitch and everything has a certain limit and its end. Seems like today is the end of this bitch.

"What do you want Natalia?? Get the hell out of my face." Emma threatened.

"You are the one who should get out. Out of here, out of the company and out of my life. This job is granted out of pity for you poor. I bet if you can even spell my name." Natalia replied with hate.

"B.I.T.C.H, see I can spell your name. " Just as Natalia proceed what Emma said, she raised her hand to hit Emma. But Emma quickly dogged it like a fighter and captured the chunk of Natalia's hair tightly.

"If fighting is what you want then let's start it. Some bimbos needs to be taught a lesson to make them realise where they actually deserves to be." Emma added and banged Natalia's head on the nearby wall. Natalia slided and slipped down half consciously.

Emma bent down to her level and held her chin tightly, " I seemed to be innocent but I am not. Don't provoke me else something dangerous may happen to you. Don't force me to show my internal devil."

"Look Natalia's I have no problem with you. Why Don't we just move on towards our life without disturbing each other?? OK!" Emma added holding Natalia's hand.

Natalia nodded," Good girl. Great. And if you complain this incident to anyone then you know the consequences right??" Emma explained calming bending her hand slightly painfully.

Tears started to poured out from Natalia's eyes but she kept noding continuously..
Emma walked out with a satisfied smrik.

This is the real me which I have built myself......

Thank you for being patient and reading it.
Please be safe...🙏

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