Regret and redemption

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His plans..

Aaron's pov:

The sun brime and peeped through the windows disturbing the sleep of the man. The night was short but it was one of the most peaceful night he had in the years..

And the main reason for it was being aware about the whereabouts and existence of his love. Its been 3 days since he got the news of his love and from that moment he planed the ways and methods to bring her back again safely.

But in all these he was blown away by a secret. A secret beautiful but hurtful at the same time. Yes, he found out about their babies, about their two little donuts.

In the very beginning, he assumed her to have move on but after researching and analysing it kneely, the output proved that it was his, theirs...

For some hours he had got insane after knowing the truth. He acted like a mad man, for some seconds he was mad at her but his heart broke into pieces realising he missed all those moments that a father shared with their babies..

This was the surprise he wasn't ready for. He never expected the tables to be turned like this. It was emotional and for some reason he was truly proud of her. But now he needs to get her safe in his arms very soon..

Holding onto the positive path and positive aspects, he planed and plotted to claim her as his again. He examined and he came up with a good plan. He knew he has to use his power to get her this time.

He smirked coldly at his own plan. It was a bit dark and scary. He knew the plan will hurt Emma but this will safeguard their future. He will do each and every thing to implement this plan even if it means breaking the law.

He called each person personally to give them ideas about his plan and its implementation. He need no any mistakes. Everything should be done perfect and sharply.

He stared at the photos of her angel and their little cupcakes. The boys eyes were similar to him and their hairs were like Emma's. They all were laughing. He felt a pinch in her heart registering that he was absent in those happy moments..

He now would frequently wait for the photos, videos and informations about his love and their babies sent by his man. He was waiting for a perfect time to bring his plans into action..

The devil had finally plot a plan after years of hardship and beauty is completely unaware of it.....

Hope you will enjoy this...
I will update soon...
Take care and be safe everyone...
Wishyou all a fantastic time ahead...😍

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