Regret and redemption

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The day she wasn't ready for...

Emma's POV..

The day embarked as usual. Wake up, get ready, prepare breakfast and take babies to their school. As boring as it seems, it actually is boring. The sequence is same as every other day.

However my children got too fond of the new neighbour Ela and Nolan. The kids love to spent time with them and the feeling is mutual even the new neighbour would take them to nearby park or sometime take them to have lunch.

At first I too got suspicious of them. They were quite weird old couple. Don't get me wrong but When I was first invited to their home, I was blown away by the fact that They didn't had anything rather than a bed, cupboard, a sofa set and some kitchen appliances. Their room was so bland. They didn't even had a photo frame or a vase.

And when I asked them about it they replied that they mainly are out of the house due to work which was actually a good reason. Lastly, I got to know everything about them from their work, lifestyles and so on. They are trustable.

Though, their room are dull and dry, they are not poor. They would bring expensive toys to my boys. Once I got frightened by a human size superman statue bought by them. They sometime would gift them imported chocolates in spite of my disagreement. But they always have a way to give it to my children.

In all these now I spent a great time with my neighbour. I would bake them cake and cookies. I sometimes ask them for dinner. I even go shopping with Ela and some day have ladies day which is actually fun. They are lovely.

And now I am in my least favourite place: my office. Who love work just?? I just arrived at my cabin after the long ass meeting. I was just resting in my cabin when my phone ranged suddenly out of blue.

The screen displayed an unknown caller. I answered it.

"Hello Emma" the person behind the other phone spoke. I didn't answer. I clutch the phone tightly and stared at the screen. I know the person. I can never fail to recognise this voice. Deep down I know who it was but I am not ready to accept it.

"Hello Emma. I know you are listening me. Just listen me carefully OK." He spoke calmly but I am not ready. I am not prepared for it.

"Bark." With a lot of courage I voiced out with venom.

"Don't disrespect me Emma. I won't tolerate it." He added, his voice dangerously dark. Any one would know he was beyond angry.

"I don't care about your respect. Don't you dare shout at me. You are no one to me. So from next time Don't talk to me, don't contact me and don't interfere in my peaceful life. Just leave me alone." I spoke slowly making him understand each word. He took a deep and heavy breathe and I hung up and switched off the phone.

Why is universe always against me? I wasn't ready for this. Why do happiness doesn't last Long in my life?? Its so unfair that just when I was leading a happy life, a bomb dropped out of nowhere..Why the hell is my life so fucked up??

I rested my head on the table when my office phone rang. I swear if it is some useless person giving me hard time, I will surely yell him some prominent colorful words.

I aggressively brought the phone to my ear and muttered an angry "Hello."

"Emma. I am sorry OK. I just need to talk with you. Just for some time. And don't dare to say No. I know every single thing about you. And everything means everything Emma. I also know the secret which you have been hiding from me, Our children. Let's meet and have a peaceful talk." He demonstrated.

"Aaron. If you ever engaged my children in your dirty plan, I will kill you Aaron Knight. I will not tolerate a single scratch in my babies. And I am not meeting you." I added.

" Don't be fool Emma. You know how hard nut I can be. I am saying this for the very final time let's meet and sort this out, I won't harm anyone. But if you say NO, there are many ways to make you agree and it can be a wild way too ." He cockily spoke .

"No. Xavier. No. No and a big No." I repeated.

"OK Emma. Remember you made me do so." He said and chuckled frigidly and hung up.

I shivered by his words and my body started shaking heavily. Grabbing my bag and phone I ran like a mad women to the parking and head straight to my twin's school praying whole way about their safety.

When I end up on school, I noticed a bunch of reporters surrounding my babies. What are these fool doing there? I observed the scary look on my kids face. No doubt they are scared.

I boldly went to my children and carefully dragged them to my car. On the way Adrian got hit by a reporter. Thankfully I catched Adrian on time. I was so angry but still I kept my calm and drove home.

Those fools followed me. Reaching my home I locked doors and shut down the windows carefully draping the curtains. I laid my babies to bed and they dozed off. My poor donuts. Mama is sorry...

Switching on the TV, all the news flashed the image of me and my babies with Xavier. He was behind all this shits. He has crossed all his limits. Shameless man.

My phone ranged breaking me out of my reverie and it was him again. I answered it and after thinking I took a decision to meet him and sort this mess which he created.

This time I hope I will be able to end this problem from its root level. I want my babies safe, sound, healthy and out from danger....

Pleae Be safe and healthy...

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