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Unexpectedly Blissful

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Drishith is one of the richest man in India. He is cold, rude, arrogant and a workaholic. He loves his grandparents a lot and does anything they ask. What happens when his grandparent's last wish was to get him married to their best friend's granddaughter? Pranusha is a sweet but feisty young women. She is madly in love with her childhood crush Akshanth and fantasies a big wedding with him. But what will happen when she is forced to marry Drishith?

Romance / Drama
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Pranusha's Pov:

Today was a pretty normal day, I went to college listened to boring lectures. Had a fake doubt session with my bestfriend Akshanth so that I could admire him when he was concentrating on my doubt. Gossiped with Dhrithi and Keerthana who are my other two best friends. And came home to help with my father's small business which was running successfully nowadays.

"Appa!! Amma!! Akka's here" my little brother who is 18 started screaming as soon as I stepped inside and gathered all my family members. By family members I mean Appa, Amma, Ajja Ajji, my younger brother Devarya and my elder brother Aadrik who is 24.

You could have guessed by now that we are from south part of India which is true but to be more specific we are from Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka.

Due to my brother's screaming everyone quickly gathered in the main hall "Why is everyone very happy today? Did Aadrik get a marriage proposal or what?" I asked seeing their happy faces.
"Its not for Aadrik putta it's for you" my father answered. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I had no plans to get married I was planning to confess my feelings to Akshanth this weekend. And was hoping him to reciprocate my feelings and hopefully get married in the next couple of years.

I knew that me being raised in a orthodox Hindu family eventually I had to get arranged married.
"But I haven't even completed my education yet. I am just 20 And don't even know this guy" I protested avoiding the peice of barfee my ajji was trying to feed me.

"Yes but it is a very good proposal and he is your ajja's bestfriend Raghuram's grandson so we know that he is a good guy and is going to treat you very well putta" my mother replied.

"And you are going to marry him in three days because Raghuram is in hospital and seeing their grandson married to his best friend's granddaughter is his last wish" my Ajja replied.

"But that's-"

"No more buts you are listening to us and getting married this Friday and that's final" appa said in a no-nonsense voice and one by one everyone went to their jobs.

Drishith's Pov:

(One month ago)
I was in an important meeting with the CEO of Rathod industries to have a partnership when I got a call from an unknown number I ignored it and continued with my meeting but they didn't stop calling me and it was giving me a headache so I quickly cut-short the meeting and accepted the call to yell at whoever it was.

"Hello? Is this Drishith Acharya? Your grandparents have been in a car accident they have been admitted to the city hospital" I was immediatly blocked of the thoughts of yelling at the caller and was running out of the building hearing this. "Yes it is Drishith I will be there in a few minutes" saying that I hung up and sped through the traffic.

"Where are Mr. And Mrs Acharya??" I asked as soon as I neared the reception of the hospital they guided me to the operation theatre and I stand there waiting for any one of the doctors treating on my grandpa to come out and inform me of his condition. When I was being guided to OT one of the nurse told me that Ajji was not that badly hurt just some scratches, bruises and a slight concussion so she is unconscious for now so they are running some tests on her to see if she has any internal injuries.

After 3 hours

Ajji was conscious when I went to check on her, now she is resting and the doctors told me not worry about her condition.

As I was coming back from ajji's room the doctor came out of the OT.
''Hello doctor how's my Ajja??" I asked as I got near him. He informed me that grandpa's leg was badly hurt and he has some broken bones and some head injury and many internal bleedings.

After an hour of waiting outside Ajja was finally conscious and I quickly went in. Ajja was trying to take the water bottle from the side table I quickly went and helped him to drink it.

"Drishith, how's Jhanvi??"Ajja asked after drinking two sips of water. "Ajji is alright Ajja. She is resting in the room next to you. Doctor told not to worry about her she's alright. But Ajja..."
"But what?" He asked panicked.
"Your legs were badly hurt so the doctor told me that you couldn't walk anymore" Ajja was silent for a moment hearing this and sighed."Oh Drishith Its ok I was scared that something had happens to Jhanvi that you were not telling me... Do you know Drishith before I lost consciousness I was just hoping that Jhanvi should be alright and the only thing I regret was about-"

"Raghu are you alright??"at that moment ajji came rushing through the door with some nurses to help her walk. "I am alright Janu.. I was just telling Drishith about my regret of not seeing him married" Ajja replied. "Please Ajja don't lie. I know that seeing me married is not your last wish you are just telling me so I can complete your dream of seeing great grandchildren" I said annoyed. I know this because grandpa has been telling me to get married from last couple of months I was avoiding it by saying that I was too busy for that."What would have happened if I had died in this accident??I couldn't have seen you getting married!! So it's final you are getting married to my best friend's granddaughter. Why you ask?? Last time when me and your ajji went to our family house in Puttur they had arranged sathyanarayan puja in their house and we were invited I saw her there and she was so nice to everyone I liked her a lot so I think she is a perfect match for you" he had a look of admiration by the end of his statement. And was continuously talking about how good she is, how perfectly she would handle my constant mood swings blah blah blah and was very excitedly discussing with ajji.

But all of a sudden Ajja started coughing and breathing hard and I quickly called the doctors we were escorted out of his room and were waiting for the doctors to come out and inform us about ajja's condition.

"Mr. Acharya your grandpa has just escaped from a deadly accident. In his age you have to be more careful and shouldn't let him be excited. If he wasn't in hospital and you were q bit late he would have lost his life so please be careful" The doctor came and said. "Can I go in and check on him doctor??" I asked. "Yes you can but don't get him too much excited" The doctor replied and went away.

I went inside and helped him sit properly as he was trying to sit and was very adamant on seeing us. As soon as he sat properly he again started talking about my marriage and started to get excited so I agreed half-heartedly and thought he would forget about this topic and told him to rest.
Hey guys!!
This is my first book.. So please help me grow by liking and commenting ❤❤
Ajja- Grandpa, Ajji- Grandma, Akka- Elder sister, Putta- child, Appa- Father, Amma- Mother
*Not edited.

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