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Forbidden To Love (Forbidden Love Series Book 8)

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Twenty-four year old Serenity Parker had always been in love with her older brother's best friend Alexander Dawson, two years older than her. She tried to confess her feelings to him but he was too interested in his underground fight clubs and boxing matches to care about her. Alexander Dawson, being an orphan struggled to survive in the initial years of his life. Serenity, being the daughter of a billionaire hotelier and his best friend's little sister was forbidden for him. However Serenity was forced to give up all hopes of Alexander when her brother broke all contacts with him after a fight. After five years, when her brother patched up and invited Alexander to his wedding, what will be Serenity's reaction? What will she do when she comes face to face with her only love after five years? Read on to find out in this eighth book of the Forbidden Love Series.

Romance / Drama
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7 years ago

Lucas Parker walked into the campus of his new college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, on the first day of college. None of his friends had opted for Business Administration and Management, making him upset and indecisive. He walked towards the administrative office to get his details when he heard a commotion on the way. Looking around, he saw a crowd had gathered near the backside of one of the campus buildings. Curiosity got the better of him and he trudged over to check out what the matter was. Just as he had expected, there was a fight going on. Two boys were fighting like cats and dogs and the crowd was cheering them on instead.

“Hey, you two, stop,” he said, looking around for a security guard.

No one paid any heed to him and continued. Lucas stood indecisively when one contender looked at him and asked, “Who are you supporting? Him or me?”

“No one. I’m not interested in your fighting. Stop this immediately or I’m going to call the security guard.” When they didn’t take his threat seriously, Lucas walked away to summon help, but the two boys, sensing his intention, pounced upon him and started beating him up.

“How dare you think of calling the security guards on us?” said one of them as they continued to punch him. Lucas tried to protect himself and fight back, but these two rowdy boys were too much for him to handle. Having never indulged in such fights before, Lucas was no match against them.

Suddenly, two rough hands picked him up and got him out of the way. Lucas looked at his saviour, who punched his attackers mercilessly till they could not fight with anyone anymore. Lucas gazed with admiration at the boy, who didn’t look over eighteen, just like himself. With bright and striking baby blue eyes and chocolate brown hair, the guy was quite handsome. His body was extremely muscular and lean, clad in a pair of old denim jeans and an old tee shirt. The shoes he wore were old and torn as well and so was his backpack, yet there was something about him that warmed Lucas towards him.

Lucas went up to him and stretched out his hand. “Lucas Parker, first year, Business Administration and Management. Thanks a lot for saving my ass.”

The boy looked at him warily but caught his outstretched hand for a brief shake. “Alexander Dawson, first year, same. Business Administration and Management.” However, before Lucas could say a word more, he strode off, and Lucas stared after him, confused by his behaviour. It surprised him that Alexander didn’t seem keen to make any friendship with him.

Lucas shrugged, looking around to see that the crowd had dispersed, and he continued towards the administrative office. After getting his schedule, he trudged up the staircase towards his first class, Microeconomics. As he walked into his class and sat down in one of the empty seats, he noted that the room was already full, but there was no sign of Alexander Dawson anywhere.

However, a minute before the class was about to start, Alexander walked inside and looked at Lucas. Lucas being busy with his mobile, texting one of his old school friends hadn’t noticed him at all. He quietly sat beside Lucas, making him look up with surprise at seeing his saviour sitting beside him.

“Are you hurt?”

“Not much. Thanks to you. Friends?” Lucas stretched out his hand for a shake. He liked the guy instantly and hoped they could be friends, at least.

A small smile tugged at the corners of Alexander’s mouth. “Yeah.” He caught his hand in a tight clasp.

“Ow man, are you made of granite or what?” Alexander’s grip was enough to break anyone’s bones. ‘What did the guy eat?’ he wondered.

Alexander grinned at him, a happy grin that made Lucas feel like a heartfelt friendship was about to blossom between the two of them. The class started, and Alexander seemed to know everything that was being taught. He was brilliant in his studies, not needing help at all as he answered the questions with casual ease. Everything about Alexander impressed Lucas, and he was glad to have him as his friend.

After class, they went to the next class together. “College algebra, next. Did you take extra classes for all these subjects, Alex?”

“Nope. Just got my study material a month early when I received the scholarship.”

“Dude, you’re amazing! Did you receive a scholarship to study here?” The more Lucas knew about Alexander, the more impressed he was with him.

“It’s nothing, really.” Alexander scratched his head sheepishly, unused to getting such attention.

“Your parents must be really proud of you.”

“I’m an orphan. I never saw my parents.” They walked together towards their next class, and Lucas stopped to gape at him wordlessly. His heart pained at the thought of being alone in this whole wide world without his parents’ love and support. His parents were renowned hoteliers, and owners of the Staywell group of hotels who owned the Parker Suites all over the world. Therefore, he was born with a golden spoon, having everything that money could buy. Being the oldest of three siblings, Lucas was very responsible, level-headed, and patient, while his younger sister Serenity was only two years younger, and his youngest brother Liam was six years younger. They were still at school and he was very protective towards them, especially of his sister Serenity, who was too attractive for her own good.

Lucas followed Alexander to the Algebra class, and they sat down together on a bench at the back.

“I have covered all of this in the last month.” Lucas gaped at Alexander, shaking his head at his own state.

“On your own?” Lucas asked, and he nodded. The class started, and they got no time to chat.

After class, Lucas wanted to go to the cafeteria as there was a half an hour break before the next one. “Let’s go to the cafeteria.” Lucas headed towards it without waiting for Alexander’s reply and he quietly followed him there. Lucas got two burgers, fries and coke for themselves and sat at a table when Alexander fished out some money from his wallet for his share of food.

“No, please. This is on me. A toast to our friendship.” Lucas declined the money and Alexander didn’t argue, keeping his money back. They ate up the food hungrily and Alexander thanked him for the treat.

“Why don’t we meet after college?” Lucas suggested.

“I can’t.”


“I work at a garage after college.” Alexander looked up to judge his new friend’s reaction.

“Oh! Is the pay good?”

“Nope, but something is better than nothing. I fight at the underground fight club circuit too,” Lucas stared at him in amazement, but it didn’t surprise him, having seen an example of Alexander’s strength earlier in the day.

“It’s illegal, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is, but I don’t have any other way to earn.” Alexander finished his coke in one gulp, wondering how he could open up so well to his new friend.

Lucas nodded, not understanding why he needed to take part in illegal fighting. He realized it was a tough life for Alexander. He wanted to ask more questions but didn’t want to seem too curious to invade his personal life. If he trusted him, he would tell him later on, maybe. It didn’t matter!

They left the cafeteria and walked toward the next class. “Finance, next,” announced Alexander.

“Yes, I saw the professor. She’s hot.”

Just as Lucas had said, all the boys ogled at the professor, Miss Wilkerson, as she walked into the class. Alexander winked at him, seeing that she was really attractive and had maintained herself well even at forty.

“Did you have sex yet?” whispered Lucas. Living in a protective family, he hadn’t experienced it yet and wanted to so badly.

“Yeah, thrice already.” Lucas’s jaw dropped with surprise and at that point, he would have given anything to be in Alexander’s shoes.

“Dude, help me then.” Lucas couldn’t help but plead with him.


“Pay attention, you two. What are you two discussing so intently?” asked Miss Wilkerson, glaring at Alexander. “Stand up, please.”

“Sex.” Alexander stood up and looked the professor in the eye, without wavering an eyelid. Miss Wilkerson gaped at him as her cheeks turned red, visibly shaken and angry.

“Get out of my class, the two of you.”

“Ma’am, we were just discussing whether we should go for it. There’s nothing to get so worked up. We weren’t discussing you.” Alexander’s answer created a stir in the classroom, his undaunting spirit making him quite a hero and an enigma. Lucas felt amazed at his courage while Miss Wilkerson simply stared at him. After some minutes, she composed herself.

“Sit down and next time, concentrate.”

The class was over and everyone patted Alexander’s shoulders, appreciating him. He shyly smiled at everyone. “When do you have garage duty?” asked Lucas.

“At 3 o’clock in the afternoon.”

“Then come to my house with me. My parents would love to meet you.” Alexander nodded, and they went to their next class. For the rest of the classes, Alexander seemed quiet, lost in his own world. He talked little and concentrated more on the classes, making Lucas wonder what suddenly went wrong, but he didn’t prod him much. The classes were over for the day, and Lucas and Alexander went over to the parking lot. Lucas walked over to his Ford Mustang and Alexander started his motorcycle, fixing his helmet over his head.

“Follow me, Alex.”

Lucas climbed into his car and drove towards his mansion while Alexander followed him silently.

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