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Gianna Bianchi , An innocent girl involved in the agreement her father and grandfather made with the Santo's. After 3 years in her so called prison what happens when she is finally out...will the marriage free her from her prison or will she just end up in another version of hell... Vincenzo Santo, Lorenzo Santo's son and heir to the mafia throne. A man who has everything planned out power over everyone but his dad as for he isnt the Don yet. What happens when he gets informed that he can not claim his throne until he weds an innocent young Gianna Bianchi... I suggest you start reading so u can find out lmfao.

Romance / Erotica
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Waking up for me has always been hard, I always wake up thinking I would be in my parents house in MY room not this jail house. I’ve been living this nightmare for about 3 years now. What is this nightmare you ask? well let me explain...

Ever since I was 15 my fiancés family took me from my family to some house in the woods to “prepare” myself for my coming life with my fiancé. I was never on board with this, what ever this is. My life has changed drastically from seeing my parents everyday to not seeing my dad at all in just a matter of hours.

I live with my mom in this prison and a bunch of guards. I always wondered why there were so many guards, I know what type of people they are but still this amount of guards is just outrageous especially because we are living very far from any buildings. The prison is a house very far from the city and the nearest house or building is at least 20-30 acres away. It was a comfortable little house but to me its a prison because i am not let out of these walls the most I can be at is the garden which is pretty big I’m not gonna lie since there are no other buildings here.

I am 17 now and in just 3 months i turn 18 and the day right after that is the day i have been wedding. If u haven’t figured it out yet my marriage is not a love marriage nor arranged it is forced. Yes everybody there is a difference. Arranged marriages is more like an agreement made between the two families with the consent of the bride and groom. Forced in the other hand is exactly my marriage. In my case it was a contract made by my grandfather and my fiancés grandfather. It apparently was for the better for our families and my father and my fiancés father agreed to this marriage too so really I have no choice. I don't know what he thinks about this though.

I wasn't allowed to keep in contact with any of my friends as for "I wont be needing them in my future so its pointless" as they said. My mom hates this but she tries to put on an act for me telling me everything will be alright and that once I get married to him I will never see this prison again but honestly I don't know what to expect. Will it be better or hell? I guess we will see...

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