No strings attached

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Maggie found someone off a dating app called bummle. They both agreed no strings attached but then Maggie starts having real feelings...

Romance / Drama
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Tinder tries and times

She was looking at her phone, she was mad. “No matches! It’s been 30 minutes!”

She felt odd doing this, but her friend Maya suggested an app called "Tinder". It didn’t seem like a thrill waiting for some person to show up.

Maggie has seen many people make tiktok about them being catfished. One was about a girl named Avery, she had been drugged with her tinder date.

“This was it! Maya doesn’t like me anymore!” Why would she think that? Oh Maya has been acting pretty weird... maybe it’s for the better.

“I’m gonna try this just a little longer. Not for long though”

It was bright the next afternoon. Maggie has just woken up. She was up all night looking for matches. Even put in a her bio, “Hey guys, Not trying to sound desperate but I need a date for prom. (She doesn't even have prom!) Please!”.

It seemed like no one used tinder anymore, that these were all old accounts. She waited a little more and decided to talk to Maya about it.

She started texting Maya.

“Hey girl! I’m using Tinder and it seems like no one is on... Good or Bad?”

Maya replied with something that will change her friendship... just a little... maybe.

“Oh yeahhhhh, my friend was using my account to text you... sorry!”

Ok Maggie doesn’t usually get mad but ohhh honey today things change. She decided to text back something kinda rude, but she didn’t care.

“Who? I’ve spent the WHOLE night awake and waiting for you to text me. Where does she live? Where can I find her?”

“Dude chill calm down, her name is Vinni, adress is 77690 Vine Lane”

“Ok thanks Maya.”

Maggie got it to her car with a look on her face knowing she knew SHE MEANT BUSINESS!
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