Bully’s Love

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Xander Baston, a rich spoiled brat with tempting looks. He is heartless, ruthless and the biggest bully who never respects anyone. Aoife Marshall, a sweet innocent girl who recently joined the college to fulfill her dreams. He saw her and wanted her... What will happen when their worlds will collide? The story of possession and dominance when he tried to be gentle with her; forgetting about his real nature. Is she going to forget her dreams for him or reject him?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 Xander Baston

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Kill me

Lie to me

Curse me

Do it one more again

Drink me



Makin’ it for yourself

Hold me

Fuck me... ( Michele Morrone: Darkroom)

“Ahh... Xander, you are killing me. Slow down, I am begging you,”

the girl said in her flat voice.

“I am not done yet, you bitch,” He growled while he yanked her bare booty, made a mark of his giant palm on her flawless skin.

The car was shaking with his wild thrust inside her dry treasure. The sound of moan became the whispers of cries hidden under the sound coming from the woofer speaker.

“You are killing me... Ahhh... Ahhh... Xander,” She cried harder.

He clenched her hand behind the back as her face scooched in the backseat of the car gave him more exposure to shove himself deeper and deeper.

“Do you want to scream anymore, you cunt,” He screeched as his exertion against the car seat never stops.

She zipped her mouth; the more she cries, the more he plunged her.

After a few minutes, when he was done releasing his serum inside her, he grabbed her hair and pulled them tightly towards his chiseled chest.

“It’s Sir, not Xander.” He smiled devilishly.

She gasped as he clutched her jaw with a single grip.

“Can I go? Sir,” She averted her gaze.

With a smirk, he signaled her to wear her clothes and leave his damn car.

She listened to him with a lowered peer as per the rule.

Xander made the rule for all the seniors and juniors. No junior was allowed to talk to his senior with direct eye contact; they need to look at their third button while answering their senior.

After she left, he wore his jeans and his tight-fitting short sleeves black t-shirt. He came out from his car after his morning fucking dose as he exhaled a warm air in the college campus.

He is Xander Baston, a rich spoiled brat of the Baston family. His mother comes from a Greek family, and his father comes from a Viking bloodline. He was the perfect package of looks and strength. There was no compromise with his sculpted looks.

He was tall as a mountain with a broad shoulder. His body was chiseled as every muscle on his torso flowing from the light into the dark. He was a living work of art, His brown glossy eyes and brown skin so tempting; every girl in the college wanted to crawl under him even knowing he is one kind of ruthless man.

Last year he punctured his skin with the tattoo on his body that complimented him very well.

He opened his long muscular arms and took a look around, racked his black thick curls.

In front of his eyes, there is a big campus; his college,

‘Saint Xavier College of Business Management’

He was an uncrowned king of this college.

The biggest bully who wanted to rule on his own terms never feared anyone as his mother was a major contributor to this college; a valuable trustee in this college.

He closed the door and pressed the car key lock with the pad of his thumb.

“I am hungry,” He exhaled another flow of warm air while heading towards the college canteen.

Within a few moments, his sycophant friends joined him on the way.

They wanted to stick to him for unreasonable favors; he knew them very well, but he used to enjoy these dual masked people.

His only genuine friend was Matt Donovan, who always wanted to correct his action while teaching him life lessons and how to respect people.

Xander, surrounded by fake friends, walked towards Matt’s car.

“Hello, Brother,” Xander smirked and hugged him.

“Again?” Matt smiled as he came out of his car.

Matt gave him a doubtful look while brushing a long hair from his t-shirt.

“What?” Xander said.

“You did it again on a college campus?” Matt rolled his eyes.

“What? Practically I did in my car, not on the campus.”

Matt caught him off guard.

“You are an asshole. At least respect the place where you come for studies.” Matt jerked his hand.

“Come on, Matty, The one thing I come here is for you, and these bitches are my sidekicks.”

Xander laughed.

“Seriously? I am telling you, Xan. Their curses will come on you the day you fall in love with a girl.” Matt warned him.

Xander rolled his eyes as he ignored Matt’s words completely.

“Now you started again, stop this bullshit. Women are only to fuck and to suck your dick. Xander is not a man who falls in love with any of them; he is a lion who wants every lioness in his territory.”

Xander modulated his voice.

While Matt tried to convince Xander to respect the woman in his life, a college bus came into the campus.

“New batch,” a voice came from Xander’s back.

It’s the beginning of the new college year. The newly passed out students came here to start their graduation in this reputed college.

Some of them showed confidence to enter this place, while others who knew about Xander’s terror were scared to face him.

In between all this sight, an innocent girl pulled her bag on her shoulder, wore blue jeans and a white tank top, walked out of the bus. She looked around with her green eyes and filled her chest with the fresh campus air.

“Finally,” She whispered.

Xander was busy talking to Matt, and the girl crossed him. For a few seconds, he felt something when he first saw her glimpse from far, but then the very next moment, he made himself busy winning his verbal war against Matt.

“Ragging time,” a voice came from the side.

Xander was reminded he is super senior now, and a new batch of students came where he needed to manifest his terror in their mind.

But he didn’t know his life was about to change.


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