The boy I’ve always hated

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He’s a rich bad boy she’s a Rick good girl there family despise each other but when they come at a cross roads will it stop them from an unstopped love .. she hates him he love her but he messes with her too much

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Hi my name is Riley I’m 16 years old..I go to a normal high-school where is shifters live among humans but there’s more than one pack in the school me being alpha heir to the rising sun back and the other absolutely asshat he is son of the alpha and alpha heir to the eclipse pack. (Rylie POV unless I say other wise ) I was getting ready for school with my soon to be beta since I will be the only female alpha heir and I won’t be taking over until I was 18. My beta is also a woman she’s my best friend since birth she’s 16 years old her name is Sydney. As we are getting ready for school she’s telling me how she thinks her mate might be the beta heir to the eclipse pack the alphas friends. Us shifters don’t know our mates till after our seventh birthday and mine is in a week. There will be a mating ball threat month for all those who have turned seventeen and those above who haven’t found their mate we are holding it this year.

We arrived at school in my awesome Ford raptor that is jacked up and pulled in as soon as we found the spot right next to the viper Ryder drives( Ryder is the name of the alpha heir to the eclipse pack). We walked into school and came face to face with Ryder and his beta Carson. Carson took one look at Syd and said mine the word that our wolves use when they found there mate. Syd dashed to the girl bathroom right behind us. “Rylie it’s true he my mate wtf are we going to do how can we be mates out packs our enemies and I am not leaving you ?” She said “ it’s okie we will find away to work it out don’t reject him he loves you just wait till we turn seventeen then see if he’s being truthful and it’s not a prank” “ omg Rylie i didn’t even think of that why if it was I just made a complete fool of my self” “ it’s okie Syd I’ll talk to Ryder “ and with that we went on with our day till lunch …
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