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beautychickee- brielle (21) matthew gray gubler- spencer reid (26) * brielle has had a rough go in life, which leaves her a mystery to the BAU. Which also draws Spencer into her. But Spencer also has that mystery, which causes many issues in their relationship day and night.

Romance / Drama
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Couple bound | Chapter 1

Garcia was the first person I was greeted by walking into the office.
(G) "Hello my sunshine, sadly I don't have the best news, we have a case and it's not good."
We walked down to the meeting room, and I was greeted by Spencer, Hotch, Morgan, Luke, JJ, and Emily(ik luke wasn't with all them but i like his character.)
Ofc spence had my coffee ready, and handed it to me.
(G) " Hello lovely's, so we are going to Chicago for a double homicide, and when I say that I mean it literally."
*shows couple sowed together with the woman stabbed to death, and the man shot in the head*
(JJ) " It looks overkill on the woman and and execution on the male"
(B) " Maybe he had issues with a woman, or with his mother, The overkill on the woman shows some type of hatred for woman, but the couple issue sends my thoughts more to issues with a date."
(S) Statistically the amount of couples who are killed together is a roughly 1 in 5 chance. So this couple was just the one of the unlucky.
(H) Well we will have to discuss on the plane. Wheels up in 30.
(G) I'll see you later lovely's, Go get some bad guys.

On the plane that wins our cases

(E) So each body has a note put next to them as a suicide. But as we can see there has been 3 couples dead like this, with the note written in their body.
(M) Well me and hotch with go talk to the police department about the locations and the crime rate of the area.
(H) Emily and JJ go speak to the families on what the couples were like and what they were doing that day.
(H) Spencer and Brielle go to the morgue and see what we know about the weapon used.
* we all agreed and waited on the plane to land*

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