A Vampire's Bride

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Mariella Boux doesn't trust any man due to an almost daily onslaught of abuse from her father. So what will she do when she is forced to marry the cruel prince, Greyson Embers? And how will they navigate through an ultimatum that only the boldest can refuse?

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Prologue - Mariella

β€œSit,” My father ordered. Disobeying him would only bring me punishment, so I immediately obeyed. Keeping my head down as he continued to flip through the paperwork on his desk. β€œI have recently been conversating with King Sindrion of Everald Kingdom and am pleased to say that he found you suitable enough to marry his first and only son, Grey.” He declared. I couldn’t believe my ears. I mean I knew he didn’t care about me all that much, but I was still his daughter. Surely that counted for something right?

I broke decorum and fiercely glared at him in surprise. β€œWhat-” I breathed.

β€œDo not interrupt me,” His tone was icy and to the point. Enough to make me remember my place and bite my tongue. β€œThe wedding will take place tomorrow at The Grand Cathedral. I expect for you to be on your best behavior or else.” I instantly walked around his desk and knelt in front of him.

β€œFather, please! I can’t-” I was cut off again but this time by him harshly pinching my chin between his index finger and thumb. Forcing me to look up at him as tears streaked my cheeks unchecked. Grey was notorious for his cruelness. It would be considered a suicide mission to even look him in the eye.

β€œYou will keep your mouth shut and do as your told! Do you understand?!” A cry escaped my lips instead of an answer.

Big mistake.

After a couple more of my whimpers, he pulled out a knife from his suit pocket and held it to my cheek. β€œI said Do. You. Understand?” He repeated through clenched teeth. I vigorously nodded my head. Hoping that that would be enough to get him to release me. Instead, he slashed my face anyway. Deep and quick. Keeping the knife lodged in my face. Eliciting a guttural scream of agony for my depths. β€œWords, daughter.” He pushed the knife even deeper.

β€œYes, father!” I shouted, being unable to take any more of the pain. Finally, he removed the knife from my skin and threw me to the ground. Leaving me to writhe in a pool of my own blood for a few minutes. Then, he threw something squishy at me that easily bounced off my body. A blood bag.

β€œDrink that. We don’t want your face to be marred for your wedding day.” He chuckled.

He fucking chuckled.

I quickly realized that it was vampire blood and scurried to the door on my hands and knees. Struggling to stand with the immense pain. β€œWhen you finish healing come back here and clean up this mess you’ve made!” He shouted after me as I ran to my room. Yes, after healing I would have to return, but not before hiding the remaining blood where he couldn’t find it. You know, for next time.

A ghost of a smile graced my lips as I walked back to my father’s study. Prince Greyson Embers had another thing coming if he thought he would get the woman smiling in the picture. Because all he would get were damaged goods.

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