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The French Painter And The Black Swan

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Desperate to escape her very eventful past has allowed Mallory to be sent in a state that no living person should ever have to deal with. This is until a famous French painter discovers this true diamond in the rough after selling one of his artwork to an art gallery in the city that never sleeps. How will this turn out?! Will she ever find it in her to let someone in? Will he fall in love with this girl whose has been broken into smithereens?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

I listened as the sound of the qin zitthered it's way into my ear. The sound of the bamboo flute always amazes me as the beauty of its melody resonates throughout my body. I listen as both instruments are played in a harmonical way and it's way of bringing me a feeling of pure sentiment. This was my normal morning routine, to listen to Chinese traditional music as I travel along the streets of the very diverse state of New York.
I watched as the sun peeped from behind the sky scraping buildings eager to find its way at the highest peek in the sky, it was still a bit cold as the early morning breeze caressed my skin as it passed by picking up loose dirt and small debris. As the time progressed I watch as the traffic slowly began to be congested and the next thing that came to my mind was that time was not sitting on one's hand, the sidewalk would soon be crowded and I would be late for work, with that I pulled my jacket closer to me and quickly walked down the street until the establishment where I worked started to be displayed. The New Century Jamaican Restaurant, how I dread this place.

Oh hey! How rude of I to not introduced myself.
Mallory Hines is the name by the way, I am what you would call an immigrant....a legal one and I have been in the city of New York for the past 2 years. As you probably already know, I'm a Jamaican and my reason for coming here was not only in search of a better life, but also to run from a very toxic household. After age 18, I thought things would have been better with me and my family but instead things started going down hill at an even faster pace. The constant verbal and physical abuse took its toll around my late tumultuous years of being a teen which allowed me to have a lack of motivation and a lack of
passion for anything. I was unable to show empathy and I was what you could describe as a lost cause, who wouldn't though.

The bell at the front door dinged as I entered the shop, I was greeted by Mrs Macy as I made my way to the locker room
"Good morning to you ms hines, how are you today?" she said with a smile on her face. I turned in the direction of the old feeble woman and blinked twice, "what was I supposed to say to her" I asked myself "am I supposed to say I'm ok? What about I am fine?!", My mind was in a dilemma and I could see the smile on her face just the same, not fading whatsoever. I mustered up all the courage I had and managed to say just a "hmm" before walking away, not having one ounce of care, but deep deep deep down I really wished I could have given her the answer she wanted to hear.

Mrs Macy, was like a psychic she knew of my situation after the first 3 weeks of me being hired at the restaurant by just looking at me. Was I that easy to read? I knew I had a stoic demeanor and a poker face but was that the reason? I didn't bother to question myself any further as I though all of it was irrelevant. I quickly grabbed my apron and hair net then slamming the locker shut. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath then conditioned my mind to try and not be rude to any ignorant costumers today as I had a low toleranice not to mention patience plus I needed this job, I couldn't afford to lose it especially at a time like now where I'm running low of cash, food and other necessities.

It was now 8:00 am, I did the usual by writing up the menu then proceeded to take orders as customers started to enter, in no time the shop began to be overcrowded, I could feel my annoyance started welling up inside me as more persons entered the shop. I should be really grateful but instead I'm the opposite. I couldn't help it, I hated being around so much people, worse of it all was when they would ask simple questions and I found it really hard to answer.
I guess my face was starting to turn red because I was called over by Mrs Macy and she whispered in my ear to take a breather. She held onto my arms then stared into my face. Her forehead had small beads of sweat which I assumed was caused by the heat of the amount of persons present, her eyes indicated signs of aging which resulted in her having bags and a few damaged capillaries which I assumed was because of a lack of sleep.

I didn't even thank her, I turned on my heel and quickly scurried out the building through the back door. The moment my feet touch the asphalt the feeling of annoyance immediately disappeared. This is what I needed I said to my self. The midday sun scorched the middle of my scalp and like a vampire I found myself trying to hide from its rays. Involuntarily, I slid down the walls of the building until my butt touched the concrete. I really hated how I've become but at the same time I liked it, my face drives people away. I didn't wish to be spoken to as I have grown use to my own company.

With that I went back inside to finish my day's work. I didn't need a watch to know that evening has started to creep in. The street began to have lesser and lesser people just by looking out the transparent glass windows not to mention the fewer people that were now entering. Ahhh, this was my favorite time of the day, the time where there are less interactions and where I could finally go home.

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