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United by fate

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This story is about Adhvay Singhania,27 year old CEO of Singhania Textiles in Mumbai... And Divya Thakur 25 year old girl who lives in Delhi and wants to change her job... She ends up becoming his assistant... Read this interesting story to know what fate has planned for them

Romance / Humor
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"I think it's time to leave u have already wasted my time"Advay singhania .. 27 year old handsome hunk .. with well build body ,fair skin,tall and bearded with mesmerising eyes also the crown prince of Singhania textiles.
" sure sir we should leave the deal was crap sir they are too arrogant and their condition will end up leaving us in lose"said Rishi ,Advay's assistant.Advay nodded .Rishi opened the car door ...Advay sat and the car went ... away
In Delhi,
" Masi I need ice cream let's go"a small girl said
"Sure baby " Divya Thakur 25 year old beautiful eyes with perfect body and neutral skin tone and most important a kind heart. She forced the smile and went with the girl named misty. " hey I want Ice Cream too"Shikha ,Divya's bestie." Misty you wait outside I will come"Mishti nodded and went outside "Shikha said," hi sweetheart don't force a smile try to wear a real one .I think you should come with me to mumbai ... I smiled and nodded "I really wanted to come with you but I need a job you know ... I don't know if I will get one .. in such a big city or not"Shikha said ... "Are u a fool .. just look at your qualification sweetie.. u will definitely get one .. Well if u want I can send your resume to my company you know ... SINGHANIA TEXTILES. I work there .. "I replied "ok let's try .. but I don't think I will get it"

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