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Dirty minds

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Becky Johnson is a beautiful and independent woman... She loves her family and friends She’s shy and reserved What Happens when Becky meets Drake Red A billionaire playboy with a dirty mind? Will she give into him or resist him? You’re about to find out!

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Chapter 1

This story is not edicted !!

Becky’s POV

Slowly I blinked the sleep away from my eyes,
I worked late last night, my ass of a boss
Made me work extra hours
But what can I say ? The paycheck is worth the stress!
Well have you had this feelings that your life is about to change even when you still doing the usual?
Well that’s how I’m feeling right now
I can’t shake this feeling that my whole life is about to change
Even if I still have a crappy boss who..
“Becks get your ass down here “ that’s my best friend Nina
She’s a breakfast person but am not
She always force me to eat breakfast,
“I know you’re not sleeping Becky”
Hahaha she got me
“I’m coming mommy” I’m making fun of her I’m in deep shit
She’s going to make me eat everything on my plate
“You’re going to eat everything I’m making bitch!”
Now I’m cracking up, I know her too well
I threw off the blanket went to the bathroom to do my business and went to our kitchen
Nina is a very good cook, me on the other hand is not that good
Don’t judge am learning
I can smell what she’s preparing and Damn!
It smells good and am sure it will be delicious
“Thanks for gracing us with your presence your majesty “
I laughed “don’t be grumpy Nina, today is Saturday where I get to not see my ass of a boss stupid face! I love my sleep and you know breakfast is not my thing” I said
“Breakfast is good for your health, do you know..”oh gosh! Here we go again
Nina giving me lectures on how good breakfast is and all but I don’t care
I don’t like eating anything in the morning I cut her”Nina I know”
She rolled her big eyes, and I smiled
I love Nina eyes, Blue, big and sexy
Nina is a blonde! I love blondes but I’m not my long brown hair is cool though, my pure hazel eyes is what I love the most about myself but my eye balls not so much
My eyes are big! Nina always say”I wish I had your eyes “ am still wondering why she’ll want a big eye balls!
Hmmmm this food is delicious “you’re The best chef in New York City my friend” I said genuinely “I’m not a chef B, so what are your plans for today?”
“I need to get some stuff from divein, and say hi to Mike” mike is our friend, he helped us once and we found out he works in a supermarket close to our apartment
I think he owns the place or something because anytime I go there to get anything he’s always asking me not to pay a dime, I have never take him up on his offer though
He’ll just drag me to his office and we will end up talking about stuffs and he’ll tell me about his latest girlfriend
Oh God Mike needs to fall In love
Unless he’s going to end up sleeping with half of the female population in New York
“Say hi to him for me will you”
“Yeah I will, so how about you?
What are you going to do today?”
“Going to spend the day with Josh”
Josh is Nina’s Nephew he lost his mom when he was 3months it was hard on all of us
I was close to her
She was like the big sister I never hard
Josh is 2years old now
He Calls Nina mom
And she never corrected him
That’s why I call her mummy sometimes to tease her
“Kiss him for me will you?”
“Yes I will”
After finishing my breakfast I went to my room take my bath and got ready for Divein
Our apartment is normal it’s a two bedroom and a living room our kitchen is not too big but normal
Me and Nina got this place two years ago
It’s beautiful and feels like home
We share the bill
With my job and hers we don’t find it hard to pay the bills
We’re okay and everything is peaceful
“Hey Nina “ I called out from the living room
“You going?”
“Yes I’ll see you later darling”
“Okay, make sure u bring a beautiful boy home!”
Beautiful boy?
Really? I rolled my eyes
“Not interested, boys are distraction “
She cracked the door open
“Becky Johnson you’re 25years old for Fuck sake! You’ve never had a boyfriend or a crush”
Yeah that’s true but the never had a boyfriend part not so much
I like a guy once
I’m a shy person he used it against me
He used me
I never told Nina about it
It was wen we were in the university
Allen told me he loved me
But all he wanted was to take my virginity
I believed him until I caught him making out with Casey
That bloody bitch told me to Fuck off and I did
Allen never called me or apologized
He just acted like nothing happened
I was very sad then but I got over it
Since then I didn’t want anything to do with boys
“Boys are distraction” I repeated
“You’re going to find a good guy who deserve you, and you’re going to fall deep” I rolled my eyes at that
“Can’t wait” I said uninterested
“Okay see you latter” I didn’t give her a chance to say anything else
Nina is in love with her boyfriend Jake
I don’t really like Jake
He gives me weird vibes
At the beginning I tried telling my friend to be careful but she said I was crazy
I warned him though
I told him if he hurt my best friend I’ll murder him in his sleep
What was more weird was how he reacted to the treat
He gave me a stern and very cold look
He didn’t utter a word
I swear to God I was so scared but he didn’t have to know that
Nina is the only family I have here
My parents are back home in Arizona
I miss them so much thinking about them makes me want to cry
Jake didn’t tell Nina about my threats though
I was grateful for that
She’s madly in love with Jake
The least I can do is to try and get along with him
He makes it easy though
He’s a very quiet guy, too quiet
I’m sure Nina don’t know five things about the guy, she doesn’t talk about him much
Is that how it’s supposed to be?
How would I know?
“Hey you girl” that’s Mike
Am not in Divein yet am I?
Divein is few blocks away
Why is he here? “Mikie what are you doing here? Are you not supposed to be at work?”
He smiled widely
Something is up! “Oh Becky baby you have no idea” ok now am confused “what are u talking about? Another mujer woman?” I asked
He just laughed “este es diferente cariño this one is different sweetheart” he said
I rolled my eyes “do you want me to tell u more about it? Or you’ll tell me where you’re going sweetheart “ he said
“Eww eww eww I’ll take option two, I’m going to Divein to get some stuff and say hi to you!”
I told him “ok but I’ll meet up with you later, but right now I need to go home and freshen up, I smell like sex” oh gosh! I need a break from this guy “you didn’t bath after all of that?” I said pointing at his pants “I didn’t she kicked me out!” He said amused “she wat!” Ok now I’m interested in this girl too “yes she kicked me out! They usually wants me to stay for more rounds the next day” he said while smiling there’s something different about mike today “so where’s your car?”
I asked “I used Uber to the bar yesterday I knew I wasn’t going back home and then I met her and we went to her house with a cab”
Mike never takes girls to his house
He goes to their house, I don’t know why he wouldn’t say “wow” was all I could get out “okay becky that’s my ride over there, I’ll see you later” he just left
Oh man, this girl did a number on him!
I continued walking to the store suddenly my phone beep

Nina; hey you😉
Becky; is Jake there?
Nina; yes…….but wait how did you know?
Becky; because you winked, you only do that if you have something weird to ask and it has to do with Jake
Nina; ok you got me,
I need condoms please😩
Becky; how about josh? We’re u not supposed to spend the day with him?
Nina; I need jake’s Dick more,
Josh can wait a few hours

Just then I crashed into a wall
A very hard wall, I just stepped into Divein I didn’t watch where I was going I was distracted,
I raised my head, that was when I realized that wasn’t a war at all
It’s a man! A very huge man!
Okay he’s hot! He’s a beautiful boy,
No! A beautiful man, his eyes are grey
Sleeked jet dark hair, he’s vey tall and his muscles threatening to burst out of his three piece Armani suit
Gosh I’m drooling, he has a stupid grin on his face
“Ummmm” that’s all I could get out
“Hello gorgeous” he said Amused

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