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The Fallen Women

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Messed up love stories of people whose background belong to two separate world. It's all about mystery, betrayal, heartbreak. The story starts when 4 completely different characters clashes each others world unknowingly.

Romance / Mystery
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Mysterious Woman

Melina's POV

" I pronounce you man and wife." I heard the priest said and I looked at the scene emotionlessly.

I was sitting on the corner with a glass of champagne. I sipped once and Ava who is supposed to be my step sister sat next to me.

" Are you ok, Mel?" Ava asked me with a fake concern.

" Why?" I asked her.

" Joseph just has got married before your eyes." She said with her fake smile. I chuckled.

" So what?" I asked her.

" You are ok with that?" She asked me.

" What do you expect from me?" I asked her.

" I thought you will make a fuss but you are calm and quiet?" She asked me and I chuckled.

" Why should I make a fuss? I am not that cheap. Am I?" I asked her taking a sip.

" You will let him go?" She asked me.

" I already had." I said to her.

" Doesn't it hurt you?" She asked me.

" Do I look hurt?" I asked her and she was about to say something when my father appeared to the scene.

" Melina, Ava!" I heard him calling both of us.

" Hey, Dad!" Ava said and I sat there unflinchingly just sipped the champagne without saying anything.

" Look, who is here?" He was saying but I didn't bother to look who the hell there was.

All I had in my mind was Joseph who supposed to be my fiance just got married with another girl without even informing me. I went to Madrid to close a deal and when I came back I heard he was getting married. Since then I tried to find out what actually happened even at first I thought he was forced to get married but I found out that he wasn't. He was happily getting married with another woman when he was still engaged with me. I confronted him directly to know why did he do that? And his answer wasn't satisfying. Thanks God I didn't take my relationship to the next level with this bastard who was to betray me. We just were going to get married next month.

" Melina!!" I heard my father.

" What?!" I barked at him. He gave me a fake smile and I rolled my eyes.

" Look, who is here?" He said and I glared at him then turned to see who was the person that made my father so excited. I stood up and found the man I hate the most. He wasn't smirking at me like he always do but was looking at me curiously.

" Was it important right now, Mr. Reginald? What's new here to see?" I asked my father.

" Ms. Reginald!!" I heard his voice and it sounded a bit different from Deandre. I narrowed my eyes at him. " It's Elrion Thistlewood. You must have mistaken me as my brother Deandre." He said and I narrowed my eyes at him.

" What's the new drama now?" I asked my father.

" We wanted to settle down with the Thistlewood from long back." My father came straight to the point cause he knew very well that there was no point of buttering me. I wasn't going to melt with his sugary words.

" If only I want then. I hold 65% of shares of Reginald." I said to my father and turned to see Elrion Thistlewood. " I not in a good mood to talk today. We can fix a meeting later. My PA will contact you later." I said and took my blazer from the chair then walked out of the scene.

This place was suffocating me to the hell. All the traitor was around here. I just wanted to have some fresh air. I drove away from the place. I just made my plan to make Joseph suffer to the hell for betraying me. I chuckled. Bloody fool. I parked my car in the parking lot of my apartment and walked into the lift. I found Nina and her son in the lift already.

Nina Elizabeth Kendrick is a singing sensation these days. She is my neighbor and also very close friend of mine. She has a very familiar background like me which attached us pretty soon. She bought the apartment 3 years back when she was 6 months pregnant. I never saw her partner and she is not comfortable talking about him as well so I never broke that comfort zone of her. Since she has bought the apartment we became friends. She is the only person who knows many secrets of mine which my so called family doesn't even know. Nina's son Neil reached out to me and I took him in my arms. He is such a cutie.

" You went there even after everything?" She asked me and I chuckled kissing on Neil's chubby cheeks who giggled at once in response.

" Went to see his courage." I said to her.

" And he got married already?" She asked me and I nodded.

" Bastards all around." She said and I chuckled.

" Why are you so angry today?" I asked her.

" I met a stupid too." She said and I shook my head.

" You also meet Stupids? I thought you have a fame bigger than that." I said and she rolled her eyes. I was going to say something but the lift door opened and we walked out of there.

" I think this Joseph was just a trap of your father. He has another plan." She said and I shrugged. It can be. Who knows!! " Do you love Joseph?" She asked me and I chuckled.

" Do you think 2 months are enough to fall in love for a woman like me? I started to like him because he used to treat me differently." I said. She chuckled.

" More like treat with care? It that familiar?" She said and I shrugged.

" May be." I said and she nodded.

" Then forget him. You have a life to move on and find someone else who is better than him." She said and I sighed.

" May be." I shrugged and she nodded.

" Come, have a cup of coffee. You need it. Haven't you sleep last night? Your eyes are puffy." She said and I sighed inwardly. She was right. I couldn't sleep last night thinking of the betrayal.

" You know what?! Deandre has a twin." I said to her and she narrowed her eyes.

" Really?" She asked me.

" Yes. I just have met him in the event." I said to her and she nodded.

" Stupid like him?" She asked coldly.

" I didn't talk to him. Just came back immediately after the wedding rituals ended." I said.

" That bastard had guts to invite you at his wedding." She said and I chuckled.

" I am not thinking about that. I am thinking about Thistlewood. They are playing something big this time, Nina. I swear." I said and she chuckled.

" Yup, playing is the most favorite hobby of Thistlewoods." She said and I looked at her weirdly. Why does it feel she wanted to mean something else?! Mysterious Woman!!!

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