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Arranged marriage

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A love story but in an arranged marriage. A story between Saira kaur and Aarav singh. ok ok i won't tell anything about the story but i can assure that this will not have that much heartbreaks. It will be calm but after marriage. Trust me😄😄 My story will start from a really beginning like from them going to college or maybe even more earlier from it. I am not a good writer kindly ignore my mistakes as English is not my first language. It will have some punjabi but I will translate. Characters are totally fictional imagine them how you want. This story is totally my imagination. If u like reading this book then please be free to comment. I will try to make chapters long and interesting. Love ya all who choose to read it I will try my best.

Romance / Drama
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So hey guys this chapter is for characters. I will describe them, their family members and all ;)

Saira Kaur:
She is a beautiful girl. She is a straight A student but not a nerd. Very creative, kind, smart as well as clever. Her family and friends are her life but.......... (A/n: Should I tell you or let you guys wait? 😏😏 ok I will tell as you will know about her in this part) her parents don't love her as much they love her brother. They just want her to be perfect in every single thing. She is indeed perfect but her parents always takes her weakness out. Never support her.

Her family members:

Harsh(her brother)

He is two years older from Saira. He loves his sister unconditionally and he cares about her. He is a gentleman and never irritated his sister.

Jass(her mother)

She is an elegant lady(guys idk about age as it will go by time as story will start from quite beginning) yet rude. Likes to command. Love his son unconditionally and don't care about her daughter that much.

Raman(her father)

He is a successful businessman. He is quite bossy as his wife. Spoils his son. He takes care of her daughter but still don't love her as he loves his son.

Aarav Singh:

Handsome man with biceps,abs,toned chest with well built body a perfect example for a girl to drool on.He is very kind, heartful and a cheerful person. His family and friends are his life and they also love him.

(So guys Aarav's parents are lovely and so his other family members are)

Parminder(his mother)

She is a very kind lady and beautiful as well. She is open minded.(but gets her son arranged marreid definitely bcz of some reasons) She is quite cheerful. And loves her children unconditionally.

Jagjeet(his father)

A very successful businessman. Open minded as his wife. Loves his children and wife. But quite strict as well.

Ansh(his older brother)

He is a very kind man he always loved his brother and sister never complained about them. He love his parents to the core.

Naira(his younger sister)

She is quite naughty and cheerful. Loves her brothers like anything and like to tease them. She is beautiful and okay in studies. She is Aarav's twin, she was born a minute late from him😂.

Please comment and let me know what you guys need. If you like the characters then please vote maybe I can post two chapters a day or maybe more it will encourage me.

Stay home stay safe
Take care
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