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Broken Memories

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"Was I that easy to forget..." Yoshiya sees a childhood friend/lover of his again, but is shocked when he realizes he isn't remembered. Not knowing that, that lover lost his memory in an accident. He goes through the struggle of dealing with the drama of a friends sister and the pain he feels from running into his first love, his childhood friend confessing and much more. can he handle it?... What's gonna happen?... -------------- This is a edited version of my first attempt and i hope it's good, I love writing. Please comment and like if you do enjoy it and let me know if I need to fix anything ------------ ⚠️also a warning. There is triggers in this. Sexual content. Mention and use of drugs and lots of swearing and also depression, homophobia and abuse. If any of this triggers you. Please do not read.⚠️ [I own all of the characters is this book. Please Contact me before using any of them]

Romance / Drama
Silas Kairo
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Chapter 1

While keeping his head down and minding his own business, he walked over to his normal seat in the front of the class, pulling out the homework that was due in that class. He was early, as normal, so only a couple other students were in the room along with him. He was very anti-social so he didn’t really bother then and kept to himself, which also made it so he didn’t draw attention to himself.

“Did you hear!?”

Yoshiya jumped slightly, the silent atmosphere broken as a boy around his age came running into the room, making the other students who were talking within their small group turn their heads to see what the commotion was.

“Shimamiya Toyohiko is about to fight Fukumori!”

This caused Yoshiyas eyes to widen slightly, his mind began to race. He hasn’t heard that name in years.

“I wonder if it’s actually him…” He thought.

Along with the other students that heard the news, he left to see, not the fight but to see if one of the fighters was actually his childhood friend and crush, a person he hasn’t seen since he was little.

Yoshiya nervously walks towards the large crowd that is taking up the entire hall. He covers his ears as he gets slicer to the loud ecos of loud cheering. Once he gets as close as he could to the edge of the crowd he struggles to see over the other students due to his height being shorter than his other peers.

“I hate being short” He mumbled angrily to himself as he decided to give up and wait on the sidelines for the crowd ro disband, leaning on a wall to make it more comfortable for him.

After what seems like ages, the loud screams and cheers had died down to quiet murmurs and whispers. Yoshiya waited anxiously as the crowd started to break away, people going to their respected classes or places they needed to be. The only people left were a small group, mainly made up of fangirls and boys who were saying how cool he was to butter him up. Yoshiya uses his smaller frame to his advantage and squeezes through the smaller crowd to get through to the thing he was trying to see while he was there, stopping once he made it through and spotted ‘him’.

Fukumori let go of the knocked out male shirt, he was only holding onto it since he needed something to hold onto to make sure the guy didn’t run while he was being punched. The male fell to the ground while Fukumori let out a sigh, the exhaustion could be seen in his eyes. He looked around only to see the small crowd of people and his face turned from exhaustion to annoyance and disappointment due to the fact that it was mainly girls. He sighed again and ran a slightly bloody hand through his black hair, earning quiet squeals from the girls who were admiring him, but Yoshiya just blushed, realizing his feelings for the other male were still there.

“I wonder if he still remembers him..” He thought while a small smile formed on his face.

“I should say Hi!” He said to himself as he tried to walk over to him but was stopped as the group of girls closed in around Fukumori, blocking Yoshiya off. Yoshoya tried his best to get through only to be disappointed that Fukumori already left once he finally made it through.

“Dang it…” He frowned, folding his arms, deciding to just head back to lass, thinking that he might just run into him later.

Fukumori had his head resting on his folded arms, his eyes closed as he tried his best to get some sort of rest before his classes started, but due to the girls that were around him gossiping away, he wasn’t able to. He wasn’t into any of them but he had to admit that they where fun to fuck with. He liked their reactions when he teased them, he found it funny and entertaining.

“Fukumori!” One of the girls pleaded, trying to get him to notice her as she shook his arm gently. He mumbled angrily to himself before sitting up, causing the group of girls to back up slightly to give him some room. He yawned before looking around at the girl who was talking to him, his face reddened as she smiled shyly, this caused him to smirk.

“What is it, Princess?” His words were laced with lust as he spoke. This caused the girl to blush more and bite her lower lip, he noticed this and reached out, rubbing his thumb over her lower lip making her release it from between her teeth. The girls around them were glaring daggers into the poor girl’s back since she was getting the attention that they wanted, she doesn’t notice this though since she is too focused on him.

“Hmm, she’s cute but not my type, let’s just have a bit of fun” He thought before leaning in a slight bit and noticed that she copied his movement, her eyes fluttering her close.

“Awe she thinks she’s getting something.” He grinned as he thought this. His lips brushed against her lips, he felt her body tense up from anticipation.

“You’re just another slut.” He whispered against her lips before pulling away, standing up and looking at her, only to see her reaction. She was surprised and stood up as well, her surprised expression turning into anger.

“What the fuck!? Don’t be such an asshole!” She yelled, he chuckled under his breath.

“I’m just telling the truth, princess.” He said coldly. She scoffed at the comment and stomped out of the room, the girls that were watching letting out small giggles as she did.

“Good job babe.” One of the girls commented, this made Fukumor roll his eyes.

“Oh shut up, you guys are the same thing.” He states blatantly, feeling bored and annoyed that he wasn’t able to sleep. They looked at him surprised.

“Leave.” He demanded, not even looking at them as he did.

“B-but…”“Leave!!” He yeled, this caused the girls to quickly gather their things and run out of the room, not wanting to get on his bad side. The other people that were in the room just watched them leave, glancing back at Fukumori with fear.

Soon after that, it was lunch and Yoshiya was sitting at a table in the back of the lunchroom with his only friend. He didn’t like getting in anyone’s way so he always showed up early to get his lunch. Keeping his head down while he ate, only to lift it up to talk to his friend was normal what he did but today he was also looking at the people who were just showing up in hopes he will spot Fukumori, but nothing yet.

After waiting for a while, he finally hears the sound of squealing girls and whispers from the boys around him. He looked up to see who he was waiting for, Fukumori, walking towards one of the bigger tables towards the center of the cafeteria. He had his two friends walking beside him to make sure he doesn’t get tackled or bombarded by girls, similar to a celebrity with their bodyguards.

“Wow, how is he so tall…” Yoshiyas friend says in awe while watching Fukumori as well.

“He’d probably be really good at basketball, don’t you think?” Yoshiya stayed silent, not able to take his eyes off of the tall male, his mind racing with thoughts about him.

“Yoshiya!” His friend yelled, making Yoshiya jump, looking at his friend with wide eyes.

“W-what..?” He said, his voice shaking slightly as he felt his face turn a light shade of red.

“You weren’t listening to me, were you”

“No…sorry Yutaka…”“You ok? You’ve been more quiet than normal”“Yeah, I’m just distracted”“Oh, well if you need an ear, you know I’m here to listen and help”


He smiled and went back to eating his plain rice, every now and then we would take a peek at Fukumori, blushing everytime he did. He didn’t know why, maybe it was because of the other male’s looks or maybe it was because he was excited.

Fukumori was sitting at his usual table, a couple of girls sitting next to him were talking to him even though it was obvious he didn’t care and just wanted to eat.

“Fukumori! Remember me?” A girl with short brown hair bounced over to him, folding her arms under her chest to make it seem bigger. Fukumori looked up at her with a slightly annoyed expression.

“No and if I did I wouldn’t want to. Screw off.” He went back to being focused on his food, hoping she would leave him alone. The girl scoffed in response but didn’t move, wanting to talk to him more and try to push further.

“You seriously don’t remember me? That’s surprising, me and you used to have a lot of fun” She said in a flirtatious way, winking when she finished, this just made Fukumori roll his eyes though.

Yoshiya looked up to peek at Fukumori again only to see the girl who was bothering him, he felt annoyed by this since Fukumori obviously looked bothered but the girl wasn’t leaving him alone. He stood up and didn’t hesitate before walking over to them, this earned him a weird look from Yutaka since he’s never done this before. Yoshiya, once arriving at them, taps the girl’s shoulder to get her attention, this also got Fukumoris attention as well since he was confused on why she suddenly stopped talking.

“Can’t you just leave him alone? Can’t you tell he doesn’t want to talk to you?” He said this loudly as best as he could since he was nervous and felt his voice shaking as it left his mouth. She glared at him, obviously annoyed that she was interrupted by the smaller male.

“Well isn’t it the rat of the school? Why aren’t you on the floor? That’s where I normally see you” She said this loud enough that most of the people in the room could hear, while also placing her hand on her hip. Yoshiya looked down, biting his lip. He was bullied severely but didn’t really tell anyone since he didn’t want to burden anyone with his situation, plus he also told himself that he was used to it. The comment of him being on the floor stung the most since he knew she meant about the beatings he would receive at times and people just standing by and watching.

“That doesn’t matter, just leave the guy alone..” He held back tears as he spoke, knowing that he was now slightly trembling.

Fukumori looked at him, confused on why someone he doesn’t know would do something like this for him. The girl scoffed and walked away, noticing the looks she was getting from those around her and felt embarrassed. Yoshiya was going to take this moment to walk off himself and go back to his table when Fukumori stopped him by grabbing his wrist gently, he was curious.

Yoshiya looked at Fukumori confused and slightly embarrassed.

“Hey, do I know you?” This made Yoshiyas heart hurt slightly, the person he’s known since childhood didn’t recognize him. He turned and faced away.

“You used to, but you might not remember me..” He said this in a weak way and Fukumori just narrowed his eyes.

“You seem very familiar” Yoshiya shook his head in response and twisted his hand away, beginning to run off, the feeling of more tears building up in his eyes as he did.

“Of course he doesn’t remember me…why would he?” He thought as he opened the cafeteria doors and ran out of them, the last he heard being Yutaka yelling his name as the doors closed behind him.

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