Broken Memories

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"Was I that easy to forget..." Yoshiya sees a childhood friend/lover of his again, but is shocked when he realizes he isn't remembered. Not knowing that, that lover lost his memory in an accident. He goes through the struggle of dealing with the drama of a friends sister and the pain he feels from running into his first love, his childhood friend confessing and much more. can he handle it?... What's gonna happen?... -------------- This is a edited version of my first attempt and i hope it's good, I love writing. Please comment and like if you do enjoy it and let me know if I need to fix anything ------------ ⚠️also a warning. There is triggers in this. Sexual content. Mention and use of drugs and lots of swearing and also depression, homophobia and abuse. If any of this triggers you. Please do not read.⚠️ [I own all of the characters is this book. Please Contact me before using any of them]

Romance / Drama
♡Asra Kairo♡
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Chapter 1

While keeping his head down and minding his own business, he walked over to his normal seat in the front of the class, pulling out his homework that was due that day. He was early, as normal, so only a couple other students were in the room along with him, he was very anti-social so he didn’t really bother them which also made it so he didn’t draw much attention to himself.

“Did you hear!?”

Yoshiya jumps slightly, the silent atmosphere broken as a boy around his age runs into the room, making the other students who where talking within their small group, turn their heads to see what the commotion was about.

“Shimamiya Toyohiko is about to fight Fukumori!”

Yoshiyas’ eyes widen slightly, his mind began to race. He hasn’t heard that name in years.

I wonder if it’s actually him..

Along with the other students that heard the news, he left to go see, not the fight but to see if one of the fighters was actually his childhood friend and crush that he hasn’t seen since he was little.

Yoshiya nervously walks towards the large crowd that is taking up the entire hall. He covers his ears as he gets closer due to the loud echoes of the already loud cheering. Once he gets to the edge of the crowd, he stops, not being able to see the fight over the other students due to his small height.

“I hate being short”

He mumbled angrily as he decided to give up and to wait for the crowd to disband. He leaned on a nearby door of an empty classroom to wait.
After what seemed to be like ages of loud screams, cheers and Yoshiya waiting anxiously , the fight was finally over. He knew this as he saw the crowd start to break off and grow smaller as people started to leave, whispering and mumbling about how cool it was, leaving only a small group of people left, the small group being mostly girls. Yoshiya takes this opportunity to get closer, walking around a couple of girls who were fangirling. Once he gets closer he scans the hall, stopping in his tracks once he sees ‘him’, his eyes gluing to the taller male.

Fukumori lets go of the knocked out males shirt that he was holding onto, he sighs, the exhaustion being visible in his eyes. He turned around to see a small crowd still forming in the hall, a disappointed look forming on his face once he saw that they were just girls trying to get his attention. He sighed once again, annoyed as he ran his hand through his black hair, earning quiet squeals from the crowd of girls, but Yoshiya just blushes realizing his feelings for Fukumori where still there.

I wonder if he remembers me..

He thinks for a second, the thought bringing a small smile to his face.

“I should say hi!”

He says to himself before bringing himself to try to walk over to him, but is stopped as the group of girls closes in around Fukumori making it so he is cut off from view. Yoshiya tries his best to get through only to be disappointed that Fukumori already left once he gets through.

“Dang it...”

he frowns, folding his arms, deciding to just head back to class thinking that he might just run into him later.

Fukumori has his head resting on his desk, his eyes closed as he tries his best to get some sort of rest before his classes start, but fails due to the group of girls that are around him, gossiping. He wasn’t into any of them, but he had to admit that they were cute and he did fuck with a few of them. He liked their reactions when he teased them, he found it funny and entertaining.


One of the girls pleaded, trying to get him to notice her. As she shook his arm gently. He mumbled angrily to himself before sitting up, causing the group of girls around him to back up slightly to give him room. He yawns and looks towards the girl who was talking to him. Her face reddens as she smiles shyly, causing him to smirk.

“What is it, princess?”

His words laced with lust as he spoke. She blushes more biting her lower lip. He noticed this and reached over and ran his thumb over her lower lip making her release it from in between her teeth. The girls around them glare at her, angry that he was giving her the attention they wanted from him, she doesn’t notice though as she is just focused on him. He smirks once more loving her reaction.

Hmmm, she’s cute but not my type, let’s just have a bit of fun.

He leans in a slight bit and notices that she copies his movement, her eyes fluttering closed.

Awe. She thinks she’s getting something, too bad she isn’t

He brushes his lips against hers gently, feeling her body tense up from anticipation.

“You’re just another slut”

He whispers against her lips before pulling away and standing up, looking at her to only see her reaction. She looks surprised and stands up suddenly, getting angry

“What the fuck!? Don’t be such an asshole!”

He chuckles under his breath.

“I’m just telling the truth Princess”

She scoffs at his comment and stomps out the room, the group of girls laughing as she dose.

“Good job Senpai”

One of the girls comments.

“Oh shut up, you guys are the same thing”

he says blatantly, feeling bored and annoyed that he wasn’t able to sleep.
They look at him surprised
“Leave” He demands.



Before he yelled again they ran out of the room, not wanting to get on his bad side. The other people that were in the room with them just look at him surprised or with fear.

Soon after that, It was lunch and Yoshiya was sitting at a table in the back of the room with his only friend. He didn’t like getting in anyone’s way so he always showed up early to get his lunch.
Keeping his head down while he ate to only lift it up to talk to his friend was normally what he did but today he was also looking at the people who were just showing up in hope that he will spot Fukumori, but nothing yet.
After a while of waiting, he hears the sound of squealing coming from the girls and some whispering from the guys. He looks up to see Fukumori walking towards one of the bigger tables , his two friends walking beside him to make sure he doesn’t get tackled or bombarded by the girls.

“Wow, how is he so tall?”

Yoshiyas’ friend says in awe while watching Fukumori as well.

“He’d probably be really good at basketball, don’t cha think.”

Yoshiya stays silent, not able to take his eyes off Fukumori, his mind racing.


His friend yells, making Yoshiya jump, looking at his friend, surprised by the sudden yell.


He stutters, his face turning a shade of red.

“You weren’t listening to me, where you.”

“Oh, s-sorry Yutaka”

“You ok? You’ve been really quiet lately”

“Yeah, I’m just distracted”

“Oh, well if you need someone to be an ear, I’m here to listen”

“Thank you”

He smiles and goes back to eating his plain rice. Every now and then he would take a peak at Fukumori , blushing everytime he did.
Fukumori sat at his usual table, a couple of girls sitting next to him, talking to him even though it was obvious he didn’t care.

“Fukumori!! Remember me?”

He looks at her with an annoyed look.

“No and if I did I wouldn’t want too, screw off”

The girl scoffs but doesn’t move, wanting to talk to him more.

“You seriously don’t remember me? That surprising, me and you used to have a lot of fun”

She winked, making Fukumori roll his eyes.
Yoshiya looks up to look at Fukumori again only to see a blond chick talking to him. He stands up, getting a weird look from Yutaka.

“Where are you going?”

“Um...Over there?”

He points to Fukumori.
Yutaka just nods, even more confused than before and watches as Yoshiya jogs over to where the commotion was coming from.

“Can you just leave him alone!? Can’t you tell he doesn’t want to talk to you?”

He yells at the girl as best as he could. His voice shaking. She turns to glare at him.

“Well isn’t it the nerd? Why aren’t you on the floor? That’s where I normally see you”

she smirks, placing her hand on her hip.
He flinches knowing that he’s on the floor only because of the beatings he gets from his bullies. He looks down, trying to hold back tears.

“That doesn’t matter, just leave the guy alone....”

Fukumori just looks at Yoshiya confused, not sure why he’s doing what he is.
The girl scoffs and walks off. Yoshiya goes to walk off, as well but before he can, Fukumori stands up and grabs his wrist gently, stopping him.

“Hey, do I know you?”

Yoshiya blushes deeply and keeps facing away.

“You used too, but you might not remember me.....”

Fukumori just narrowed his eyes.

“Hmm seem familiar...”

Yoshiya shakes his head and twists his hand free before running off, tearing up.

Of course he doesn’t remember me...why would he ....

The last thing Yoshiya hears before running out of the double doors of the cafeteria was Yutaka yelling his name.
Fukumori just watches as he runs off, feeling bad and having an empty feeling in his heart, confused on why he felt that way.

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