The Devil's Trap

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Chapter 2: No Way Out

Adele walked towards them.

“Hello, I am Adele,” She extended her hand.

Mr. Vincent’s eyes widened, looking at her.

“Sorry, come again.”

“I am Adele, from Flower Fetish,” Adele smiled as she extended her confirmation mail.

“Oh, yes, I am sorry. I zoned out,” Mr. Vincent replied.

He asked them to take house servants’ help and tell them to decorate the whole mansion.

“Excuse me, Mr. Vincent, please give us two minutes,” Blaise smiled.

She took Adele a few steps away from him.

“But, we are here to deliver the flowers, not to decorate,” Blaise clutched Adele’s hand as she whispered.

“It’s ok; They need our help. And you can see this mansion too,” Adele convinced Blaise to help this old man.

“We will help you, Mr. Vincent,”

Adele smiled and accepted his request.

They started decorating the hall filled with white flowers.

“This is beautiful,” Adele thought, looking at the light coming from a humongous chandelier on these white Tulips.

After a few hours of hard work, the mansion was decorated with flowers.

“Perfect,” She murmured.

Blaise patted her back as she looked around.

“We really did a great job. It looks perfect. I am sure Mr. Vincet will be happy,” Blaise added.

“I hope so. I am sure whatever the celebration is. It will look fresh.”

Adele smiled.

“Miss Adele, Miss Blaise,” Mr. Vincent called.


“Here is your cheque for your flowers,”

Adele looked at the figure as she tried to understand the figures written on it.

“I think there are some mistakes. You paid us $10,000 extra,”

She extended the cheque towards Mr. Vincent.

“No, my boss is happy with your work. You delivered fresh flowers and helped us to decorate this house,” Mr. Vincent nodded.


Blaise clutched Adele’s hand, stopping her.

“Thank you, sir; we really appreciate your gesture,” she took the cheque in her hand.

Adele, confusingly looking at her as she was not ready to accept this charity.

“Can I meet your boss?” Adele requested.

“No, he doesn’t meet anybody without an appointment.”

Mr. Vincent’s answer was firm and straight.

“Sir, what time does the party start?” Blaise tried to divert Mr. Vincent’s focus on her.

“What party?”

Both the girls looked at each other.

“This mansion is decorated with expensive flowers; we are talking about it,” Adele added.

Mr. Vincent gave a thin smile.

“There is no party. My boss lost someone important in his life, and today these flowers were dedicated to that poor soul,”

Adele’s smile faded. After all this hard work, she got to know it was a sort of memorial.

“Ok, we are sorry,”

They started walking outside as it’s evening outside.

“I am feeling sorry for his boss,” Adele speculated.

“Yes, she must be so special for him, could be his wife,” Blaise asserted.

“Could be,” Adele blew her cheeks out.

“Well, I am hungry,” Blaise tried to cheer Adele, who looked upset with the fact of delivering the flowers in someone’s low moments.

“Me too, but I have to go and cook,” Adele blurted.

Adele unintentionally walked towards the fountain, which looked more beautiful with the twilight.

“Give me five minutes,” she excused herself to adore this beautiful statue one last time.

“No wonder you are trying to hide your face. I wanted to hide too..., I wanted to hide myself from this world,” Adele talked to herself as she lost in her thoughts.

“I wanted to spread love, but all I have is sorrow in my hand,” tears filled up her eyes.

She turned and bumped into someone.

“I.. I... I am sorry. I didn’t see....,” she hesitated.

They settled down as she helped him to pick the roses.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you,”

She looked up and found the same Gardner.

“You again,” she smiled.

“I can tell you the same; did you finish your job?” He questioned.

While picking the roses, a thorn pricked on the first layer of Adele’s finger.

“Ouch..” she gasped.

He tried to help, but she pulled her finger in her mouth.

“I am sorry, I should have cut these thorns,” he affirmed.

“It’s ok. It’s not your mistake. Sometimes the purpose of these thorns was to draw our attention towards the rose,” Adele smiled and picked the last rose carefully from the ground.

“What do you mean by their purpose?” He wanted to know,

She smiled and sniffed this fresh flower.

“It means if you want to hold something precious, you have to face the consequences.”

Her words puzzled him more, and with a smile, he extended a rose towards her.

“What’s that for?”

“Nothing, just like that. You are a florist, and I am a gardener; isn’t that enough for me to give you a rose,” he chuckled.

She accepted the rose and passed her goodbyes.

She came to her truck, where Blaise was busy talking to someone on her phone.

“What were you talking to him about? He looks handsome,” Blaise clicked her tongue.

“Nothing, he is Gardner here,” Adele smiled.

“Shit, the Gardner? And I thought Mr. Vincent was the owner of this mansion, but he was not,” Blaise rolled her eyes.

Adele chuckled.

“Not now, I have to go and cook for my extended family,” Adele affirmed.

“Not today; we already worked hard today. And you need some rest too. You are coming to my house,” Blaise declared.

“But, you know... your brother... I can’t,”

Adele tried to resist the situation where she could face Blaise’s brother.

He is her elder brother who likes Adele.

“He likes you, and I don’t see any problem in that. I would be happy if you accept him as your boyfriend.” Blaise winked.

“Shut up,”

“Well, you are coming home, as mom and dad are at grandma’s house, and Elijah is not home,” Blaise assured Adele.

“Fine, we will order pizza.”

“With extra toppings,” Blaise excitedly jumped.

They reached home, where Adele opened the door and found a beautiful candlelight dinner was waiting for her.

She glared at Blaise for lying to her.

“I am sorry, he insisted.” Blaise creased her nose.

Adele walked inside as Elijah gave him a beautiful smile.

He is six feet tall, dark brown curly hair and a perfect lean, sculpted body. He is a financer from the profession, likes Adele for her hard work and honesty.

“Hello, Adele,” she shyly smiled, looking at her.

Adele liked him, but not as boyfriend material.

“Hello Elijah,” she returned a smile.

“How was your work?

“Ummm, it was good,” Adele answered.

“Well, go fresh-n-up, and we will enjoy our dinner,”

he stood in his apron, clutching the spatula in his hand.

“Sure, brother,” Blaise giggled.

They enjoyed their dinner quietly. Adele is not a talkative person; she likes to stay quiet.

They finished their dinner.

“Babe, here is your cheque. I hope it works..” Blaise asserted.

The burden of paying the debt of her father’s farm crawled under head

“Yeah, I hope it could give us time to think about how to get more money,” Adele sighed.

“Everything will be ok.” Blaise hugged her.

She took the cheque with the thought of depositing the next day in the bank.


“What the fuck? Where is the cheque?” Adele’s voice started to stutter when she didn’t find the only hope to spare her a few days from the bankers.

She ran downstairs and tried to talk to Mike.

“Miiikkkkkeeeeeeeeee,” she screamed.

“Why the hell are you screaming at my son,” mother snarled.

“Mom, yesterday I got a cheque, and I needed to submit it to the bank. Mom, it’s important to save the farm, please ask him,” Adele’s eyes filled with tears.

Mom turned her face towards Mike.

Mike tossed the bowl of cereal on the table.

“You bitch, are you blaming you for stealing your money?” He squawked.

Adele walked behind him as she begged him.

“Brother, I want to save the last thing of our father; our farm. Please, understand, I am not blaming you, but if you know, please give it to me,” she lowered her head.

Mike growled at her as he pushed her aside.


With a heavy heart, she came to her shop, sitting in her truck,

“I am sorry, daddy.” She burst into tears.

She lost the cheque; she knew it was Mike who stole the cheque.

And there was no way she could prove it to their mother.

She flung the truck door as she slapped her last drop of tears from her cheeks.

“Hey,” she muttered, trying to avoid eye contact with Blaise.

“Is everything alright, Adele?” Blaise knew something was not right.

She looked pale as her cheeks were red with a blue mark under her eye.

Mike slapped her again without mercy.

Adele shook her head as she closed her eyes.

“I lost the cheque.”


“It’s Mike... I..., I don’t know what to do,”

“He showed me the cheque, and...”

Adele hugged Blaise as the pain inside her grumbled out in tears.

“How am I going to save my farm and this shop?”

Before Blaise said something, somebody entered the shop.

“Are you Miss Adele Romero?”


“We are from Golden bank; we came here to discuss with you something regarding your farm and this shop,” the man declared with confidence.

Adele understood there was no way she could save the farm and this shop.

“How much time do I have?”

They extended the paper.

“One week,”

A fresh batch of tears filled her eyes; she had no hope.


She signed and extended the papers to the bank person.


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