The Devil's Trap

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Chapter 3: The Contract

“How the hell do you think I am going to expect this proposal from you people?” Adele thundered on the men sitting in front of her.

“There is no need to shout, Miss Adele. We are giving you an option. In this way, your farm and shop would be free from debt, and we will never bother you,” The manager of the bank drawled.

Adele took a sharp breath. The options given by the manager were not official but it could help her to save the only thing that belongs to her father.

After a long silence, she looked at them.

“Fine, I want to meet that person.” She sighed as she rubbed her red eyes.

They left the room in silence.

For the last eight sleepless nights, she was unable to figure out how to pay the debt.

The money she got, stolen by her step-brother.

But here, sitting in this air-conditioned office, the bank manager came up with an alternative.

He informed her to meet with a businessman who’s ready to help her, but she has to accept his few conditions.

Adele didn’t understand this shallow situation.

But at last, she had to give it a chance.

She picked a piece of lint from her sleeve, thinking of what’s going to show up through that entrance.

The door made a creek sound; her eyes landed on the entrance when she saw Mr. Vincent enters the room.

She furrowed her brows as she tried to recognize this face.

“Mr. Vincent,” she whispered.

The bank manager smiled towards them.

“You guys can talk. I hope you agree with Mr. Vincent’s conditions, Miss Adele,” He smirked, looking towards her.

Mr. Vincent settled himself across this long table.

“There is a red file.” he asserted

“I know you need money. And I could help you,” Mr. Vincent came straight to the point.

She listened to him keenly.

“The only thing you need to do is to sign those papers,” he pointed towards the red file.

“What’s that?” She opened the file.

“It’s a marriage contract. I am going to save your farm and shop, all you need to marry my boss in return,”

He boasted.

Adele furrowed her brows, looking at him.


“Yes, you have to marry him. And all the details are given in the file. I want you to read it and we will settle our deal,” he plucked at the cuff of his shirt.


She gulped the lump in her dry throat.

She opened the file and started reading it.

Some claws are not acceptable on the human ground.

“I am not allowed to keep any relationship from my past life?”

Does that mean she was not allowed to meet her friends and family?

“What do you mean I have to present myself in front of him every night? It’s insane,” She argued.

“And what is this; he could have my body anytime he wants, and I am not allowed to oppose? Is this humanity or what? Am I selling my body to a brothel?” She added.

Mr. Vincent jerked his old body against the rolling chair.

“Miss Adele, I have been told to give you these papers, and I am not authorized to tell you anything else. I don’t think it’s a good idea for another man to speak in between husband and wife, besides after you sign those papers, you could save your home and family,” he arched his brow.

Adele slammed her palm on the table and pushed the file away.

This man is insane. He wanted her to sign these papers and about the terms.

“I am not his wife YET. And if he wants these conditions to be fulfilled, he has to come by himself; I am not going to sign these papers,”

Adele picked up her bag as she walked towards the exit.

“Miss Adele, my boss works differently from others. I would suggest you sign those papers if you want to save your father’s last memories. It’s a good deal,” Mr. Vincent speculated.

Adele turned towards him as her nose flared with anger.

“Other than that, my boss will take care of your family too.”

“Mr. Vincent, It’s not a deal. It’s called maneuvering your power and money; besides, I don’t understand what’s in this for you and your boss.” Adele gruffed

She moved out, staring at the bank manager.

“Miss Adele, before you leave, I would like to remind you. The bank will seal your shop, farm tomorrow evening. And after that, we have to sell your house. I am sure you know what I am trying to tell you,” The manager smirked.

Adele’s eyes filled with tears.

“It means you are going to put my home up for auction to recover your debt money,” she cleared his sentence.

He nodded and extended a napkin towards her.

“I am sorry, but that is how the bank works. I tried to help you, but you kicked my offer,” the cunning manager looked towards the board room from where she came out.

Without any words, she left the bank and came to her truck.

Sitting in her truck, looking at her father’s picture, she burst into tears.

“Daddy, tell me what should I do?”

While she was busy crying, she saw her brother running through the streets while goons tried to catch him.

She lost every hope in her life.

She went to the shop where Blaise was eagerly waiting for her.

“Did they spare us some time?” She asked.

Adele burst into tears and told her Mr. Vincent’s proposal.


“I don’t know what to do?” Adele flattered as she wiped her tears.

“This is impossible.”

“The banker told me he would come for my home after this,” Adele purred.

“I don’t know what to do?”


Adele came home after an exhausting day.

As she entered the house, she saw goons pressing a knife on her mother’s neck while Mike was bleeding from his head.

Before she could react, somebody pulled her inside and slammed her on the floor.

He slapped her hard.

“Here is the bitch,” the man hovered himself on her small frame.

She tried to drag herself away, but he pulled her up.

“Listen to me, you little cunt. Your brother stole my money, and I need it back.” He licked her neck.

She hissed in pain as the blood came from her lips.

“I want my money back. Otherwise, I will serve you to my clients to recover my money. I am sure you will make good money with your tight pussy,”

he smirked, looking at her with his one stone eye.

She nodded her head.

“Ok, I will return your money,” She muttered.

He threw her on the floor.

“I will come back tomorrow. Get ready with my money either I will take money, or I will take you,”

he sniffed skin, making her feel vulnerable against him.

He left the house with his sycophant friends.

She came running towards Mike, looking at his unconscious body; she burst into tears.

“Adele, please save my son. Please, he is my only hope.”

Her mother begged her to take Mike’s head in her lap.

Adele thought her mom would cuddle her, but all she wanted was her help to save his son’s life.

Adele nodded her head as she pressed her lips together.

“I will, mom,”

The words escaped from her mouth.

“Please, save my son.”



Call me unfortunate or a jinx.

My father left me because he loved my sister; he didn’t think about me before leaving me alone here.

My mom wanted to save her only child.

She doesn’t care about me. If tomorrow I don’t pay the money, the monster will take me.

I came to my room and threw the bag on the bed.

Something fell on the ground, and there, my eyes landed on the red file.

The only solution for all of my problems was enveloped in that red file.

I opened it and read all the papers.

Even though I was reading the thing inside it

But my mind was unable to process anything. I didn’t understand anything.

All I could see was I could save everything from it.

“But, I have to give myself up,” I asked myself.

Nobody wants you; an immediate answer came to my mind.

I closed my eyes as the last tear fell on my hand.


At least through giving up myself, I could save my dad’s property.

I signed the contract.

The next moment I called Mr. Vincent.

“Mr. Vincent, I signed the contract. Tell me what I need to do next?”

“Tomorrow is your wedding.” He replied.

“But what about my farm and house?”

“Don’t worry; you will get your papers tomorrow.”

“I have one more favor. Could you please pay the money that my brother stole from one of the drug dealers?”

Mr. Vincent was silent for a moment.


“See you tomorrow, in the court,”

He hung up the phone.

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