The Devil's Trap

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Chapter 5: He is here


For my whole life, I waited for that moment where I could find myself in the arms of a loving man. I still remember I used to tell my sister Amber. I would marry a person who would love me more than myself.

And she used to laugh at me.

“Adele, it’s bullshit. Love is conditional.”

We always argued on this topic. Her thoughts were different from mine.

“How could you be so sure about another man that he will love you unconditionally?”

“It’s a fact; we fall in love with that person only who treats you nicely, but what if he treats you like you don’t exist. Would you be able to love him?” She added.

“I believe true love exists,” I declare against my sister.

She laughed and looked at my dad.

Our dad used to see how her girls turned from his little princess to rebellious teenagers.

We used to fight, love, but we were different from each other.

My dad was worried about his elder child rather than me. He always thought she had the capability to change the world, while on the other hand, I am just a homesick puppy who needed help in everything.

She liked to live her life on her terms. She believed love is conditional.

She was bold and rigorous when it came to choosing things. She never likes to compromise.

I was lost in my thoughts looking at the last guest leaving the party.

“Mam,” a maid came to me.

“Sorry, yes,” I came out from my memory lane.

“I am Maria; I can help you to your room,” she smiled as she picked up my veil and helped me to stand on my high heels.

“Thank you,”

We went through a big hallway; it was beautifully decorated, with expensive paintings.

Most of them are girls, seductively exposing themselves.

Pervert, the first word that came to my mind.

“Who chose these paintings?” I asked casually.

The maid smiled.

“Senor Costello,” she answered.

Woah, that means he exists in human form. I was wondering if I had married a ghost or what?

“Have you seen him at the party?” I asked because I saw her working at the party.

She smiled and opened the door for me.

I stood there waiting for her answer, but it looks like every member in this house was instructed not to answer me.

I entered as she opened the light for me.

My jaw dropped when I saw the sight in front of my eyes.

A bedroom which is more like a living room,

A gigantic television mounted across the wall.

When my eyes landed on the bed, it took my breath away.

It looks like a king-size bed covered in the white net canopy.

A dim light chandelier ready to welcome you in a relaxing way

While the floor had a fluffy white carpet. I was scared to keep my sandal on it; what if it gets dirty?

Everything white in this room. But soothing, in a unique way.

I took a few steps inside and saw a mini bar at the corner of the room.

Is this guy insane? He made a whole world in the bedroom, itself.

I turned and saw Maria.

“This is your bedroom, Mam. Senor wants you to change your clothes,” she smiled, and I looked at her confusingly.

“But, I don’t have clothes?” I asked, still standing in my bridal gown.

She pointed towards the bed.

A fresh pair of lingerie was waiting for me to wear them.

What? Is he going to show himself just to ruin my body?

“Maria, I am asking about my stuff. I need to get my stuff, my clothes,” I tried to talk.

“Mam, all your stuff is in the closet. Your clothes, shoes, handbags, everything,” She added.

I sighed; how could I forget? He mentioned I was not allowed to bring anything from my home.

She walked with me to show me my closet, which is bigger than my living room.

“Here, you can find everything.” She added.

I nodded my head, looking at this expensive stuff.

“Make sure you get ready for him,” Maria purred as she closed the door behind my back.

I walked towards the bed and threw that exquisite lingerie on the floor.

“Getting ready for him, my foot,”

I opened the door, which I thought would open in the patio or open space, but I got another shock when I saw a pool in front of me.

The water was clear and calm.

A small personal pool in this bedroom, no wonder this place was beautiful.

I closed the door and plumped myself on a chair, thinking of what would happen next.

Maybe he wanted to impress with his rich status, but I was not ready to accept him over my body.

I mean, how could you do this to me? You wanted to marry me, and you don’t dare to show yourself.

I pulled my veil from my head and opened my bun. I never like to tie my hair for so long.

This dress was itching me, but I was not ready to change, not until that bastard showed up.

I closed my eyes and tried to guzzle every moment of my present life.

Suddenly the lights went off.

Scared, I looked around, tried to find the light switch, but nothing worked.

The room was dark, and as always, I was scared of the dark.

With less sense of direction, I tried to walk towards the door.

Where I could call Maria, but there I hit something hard, maybe a wall.


He smoked in his husky voice, and a zap of electricity went through my body.

I started taking deep breaths.

“Who are you?” I took a few steps away from him, tried to see something to hit him.

I could feel his silhouette walking towards me.

“I am the man you were searching for.”

I could only feel the voice dropping in my ears. I didn’t know what he looked like, but I was sure as hell he was taller than me.

“Look....” I didn’t know what to say; I was just trying to figure out where he was standing.

“YOU ARE NOT READY YET?” He spoke from the right side.

I shifted to the left to maintain a secure distance between us.

“Listen, I didn’t even know your name. I never saw you, how..., how.., could you expect me to give myself to you like that?” I tried my best to convince him not to rape me, at least not now.

I was scared as hell.

He came from the back, pulled me on his bare chest. I could feel his warm breath in my earlobes.

He grabbed my waist with one hand while shifting my dress off my shoulder.

He bit softly on my shoulder and made me jump at my place.

“I can expect anything I want from you, Adele. I paid the price to own you. Now let me explore what’s underneath this dress,” he husked.

I turned and pushed him. I tried to escape, but he clutched my neck.

Now I could feel his warm minty breath fanning my face.

He dashed me against the wall where I was not allowed to escape.

“I was craving something that I had. But when I saw you...” He smoked in his dark voice.

“I want to consume you, defile you, corrupt you in the most immoral way. I will break you and give you everything until you call yourself mine.” He said and leaned over me.

“And then?” I said.

“And then you will know how a devil loves.” My senses stopped working.

Hypnotized with his voice, I didn’t know when his lips crashed on mine.

He sucked my lips so passionately; they started to burn. The blood starts to flow rapidly towards my mouth to sustain the action he was creating inside me.

My hands pushed him away, but he didn’t budge from his place.

The tears kept coming from my eyes as I didn’t know how to tell him to stop.

I tried to punch him, but his grip on my neck was getting firm seconds by seconds.

I was like a lump of dead meat underneath him who doesn’t know how to tell my pain.

Luckily, he was a human who needed to breathe. He gasped for the oxygen before landing again on me.

I jerked my neck and tried to speak.

“You want me to love you, but how could I if you will eat me like this. You are hurting me,” I touched my lips.

He blew a sharp breath over my forehead.

“Let’s change your clothes,” he husked as he gave me something in my hand.

It’s dark, and I thought about changing my clothes in my closet.

“Here,” he added.

I hummed as I tried to grab the clothes from his hand.

“I said, let’s change your clothes,” He smirked,

I stood there like a mannequin, watching his hands traveling over my body.

He came behind me and pulled my hair to one side, opened every hook of my dress; it’s hard to resist when his cold fingertips touched my bare skin.

I never took more than three minutes to change my clothes, but I stood there for more than fifteen minutes as he was exploring every bit of mine.

Finally, he kept a piece of cloth over my body.

“Come to the bed,”

I could only feel the warm water coming from my eyes, which gave me a sense I was still alive.

I thought he would not stop, but he made me lie down on the bed and covered my body with a silk sheet.

I didn’t know what to expect next.

“Can I ask you something? Why did you marry me when you don’t want to show yourself to me?” Finally, I mustered a sign of courage inside.

“You are my redemption of what I did in my past life.” He husked sitting next to me.

I thought he would lie on the bed, but he was sitting next to me.

I was quietly looking at this dark silhouette who must be staring back at me.

I didn’t know when I went into a deep slumber while he was sitting next to me, watching me like a protector of the night.

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