The Devil's Trap

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Chapter 6: Devil's and Demons


I found myself sleeping like a baby. I must say, I never slept like this, not for the last few years,

It could be the change of room or my situation.

I was not annoyed by Mike, but I am about to face a new challenge

I flapped my eyes and looked around. It feels like the room got bigger the last time I saw it.

The morning lights sprinkled every part of this room gave it an energetic look.

“Good morning to me,” I sighed.

Thinking of last night, I was about to lose my virginity to my unknown husband.

I touched my lips where I felt his presence the most. He felt like a hungry lion who wanted to eat me roughly.

I gulped at the thought of his presence with me.

I’m kinda scared of him, not the way he is going to kill me. But I needed to discover a lot about him.

I got up from my huge bed as my feet landed on the fluffy white rug underneath my feet.

I enjoyed a moment to rub my feet against this fluffy thing. Isn’t it strange we all do some childish thing in the middle of a stressful situation to relax our mind?

I stood and did my morning business.

Well, if my husband didn’t want to show himself to me, I was sure he would not come to me, not in the daylight.

Maybe he doesn’t care about me.

But why did he tell me; I am his redemption?

Coming to my closet, I dropped my bathrobe on the floor and wore a fresh pair of undergarments.

I didn’t know who selected these clothes, but I must say he knew every inch of my curves.

I wore a simple yet elegant dress, which comes as my second skin.

The short sleeves were comfortable in this hot weather.

A tomato red dress complimented my flawless skin.

I made a one-sided braid of my long chocolate brown hair and applied light makeup.

“Let’s explore the place, Adele,” I said to myself trying to forget last night.

I wanted to call Blaise first, but the rumbling in my stomach reminded me I haven’t had a bite since yesterday.

I opened the door and walked alone in the hallway.

Once I reached the living room, I saw Maria giving instructions to others.

“Mam,” she bowed her head towards me.

“Good morning,” I looked around.

“Would you like to eat something? We were waiting for you, Mam,” Maria greeted me on this big table filled with hundreds of breakfast options.

Maria started to fill my portion, and I was stunned looking at the table.

“No, no, I can’t eat that much,” I resisted.

Maria smiled.

“Mam, Senor told us to take care of your health. Your iron is low, and he wanted you to stay healthy,”

The information she gave startled me for a minute.

I tested my blood a few months ago. Does that mean he dug out all the information about me?

“How in the world your Senor know about my blood count,”

She smiled and pushed the spoon in my mouth.

“He knows everything about you.” She answered.

“Yeah,” I whispered.

Why shouldn’t I be surprised about this?

He paid the debt, and now he is officially my husband, and the most surprising thing, I didn’t know his name, but he knows everything about me.

After finishing my breakfast alone in that big dining room, I thought to roam around.

“Are you Senor at home?” I asked my last question.

Maria smiled and shrugged.

“Well, no worries,” I knew she was not supposed to talk about him.

I stood near the main door about to go out in the garden when I saw Mr. Vincent talking to some people.

I stood quietly looking at them; I realized the men to whom he was talking were the same.

I furrowed my brows on them. They threatened me in my house. What the heck are they doing here?

And, why is Mr. Vincent giving them money?

I was lost looking and observing their action when somebody called me.


I jumped to my place.

“What the hell, Angelo? You scared the life out of me.” I grabbed my beating heart at my chest.

He was shirtless, holding something in his hand laughing at me.

“Are you ok? I didn’t mean to scare you, but..., look at your face,” he laughed.

“Shut up; you scared me badly,” I answered.

“What are you doing here? Detective,”

“Nothing, just trying to get adjusted to this new place. I am getting bored.” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, you should be with the Senor. Newly married couple,” he wiggled his brow at me.

With his invisible Senor? Seriously?”

“Ok, come with me. I will show you our nursery and greenhouse.”

“Wow, that sounds interesting. I am eager to see it,′ I jumped with excitement.

He extended his hand towards me.

“I knew it, you are a florist, and I am a gardener. We make a good team,” he winked at me.

I replied with a smile.

We went through the garden, where he showed me all the beautiful flower beds he used to maintain.

“Wow, this is beautiful. Angelo,”

“You liked it? Then I must show you Senor’s favorite place,”

He took me near a still water body under a gigantic tree spreading its shadow,”

“Wow, it’s calm.. peaceful,”

The environment was so calm and soothing. You could feel the birds chirping and the comforting water sound.

I closed my eyes as I was ready to take everything in.

“You have a beautiful smile, mam,” He whispered, looking at me.

“Thank you, and it’s not mam; It’s Adele,” I replied, making my eyes big.

“You know I can’t,” he raised a brow.

“You can; we are alone here. And I am not habitual of that much respect, Angelo,” I mustered a smile.

He smiled towards me.

The morning sun and the lights on his silhouette shifted my eyes from his face towards his body.

“You know, Senor loves to come here alone. He likes to sit here alone, talking to...”

He caught me looking at this chest as my eyes traveled from chest to his packed body.

I have never touched a man.


“Sorry,” I looked away.

“You should wear some clothes,” I turned to the other side.

“Sure,” I could feel he was giggling behind my back.

He took off the hanging t-shirt from his waistband.

We walked towards the greenhouse.

“It’s huge,” I said without looking at the muddy puddle in front of me.

“Watch out,” Angelo tried to grab me, but we fell in that puddle making my ankle twisted.

“Ahhhhhh,” I screamed.

“Are you ok, Adele,” He pulled me out from the mud.

He made me sit at the bench, washed my feet.

“Let me check,”

He grabbed my feet and kept them on his lap.

Softly, rubbing it to make me feel comfortable, looking towards me.

“I am sorry, Adele,” I could see the fear in his eyes.

“It’s ok, I am fine. It’s just a sprain, Angelo,” I tried to compose him.

But he was rubbing my feet.

“I should inform Mr. Vincent,” he said.

“It’s ok; I think I can walk back to the mansion,” I replied.

We were talking when Mr. Vincent coughed, looking at our improper posture where his hand was on my feet and my hand on his shoulder.

“What the hell are you doing?” He rasped on Angelo.

He lowered his gaze.

“Mr. Vincent, it’s my mistake. I didn’t see the puddle in front of me.” I tried to interrupt.

“Let’s go,” he growled, looking at Angelo.

I tried to stand up but fell on Angelo’s chest.

“I am sorry,” I said.

His eyes were upset, looking at me like this.

“I am sorry, it’s all my fault,” he whispered, helping me to stand.

I wanted to stay next to him, but I know I couldn’t.

“You must go, mam; Senor is watching us,” he looked towards the window.

“What?” I turned and tried to figure out where I could see his face.

Alas! he was not there.

I walked back to my room and cleaned myself.

I was lost thinking about Angelo. His eyes carried some pain. I was sure he was stuck here like me.

Suddenly, my phone buzzed.

“Adele, your brother,” Blaise cried.

Without wasting any time, I ran down with my limping leg.

I thought to ask Mr. Vincent, but he was not there.

I took the car keys and drove towards my shop.

“Blaise, what happened?” I jumped inside the shop, looking at her.

She was crying in Elijah’s arms.

“Adele, your brother came here. He wanted money...” Blaise informed.

Tears filled my eyes.

Mr. Vincent promised me about the money, and I saw him giving the money to those goons this morning.

“Adele, are you ok?” Elijah came to me.

I was not well, not now at least.

“I am, thank you,”

We hugged each other. I felt a relief in protective arms.

Suddenly the door busted open when Mr. Vincent entered the room.

“Mr. Vincent,” I wanted to ask him about the money he promised, but he didn’t stop.

His man literally pulled me in their arms and dragged me out of the shop.

“Leave me,” I screamed.

“You were told...,” he replied, looking at me with red eyes.

Elijah tried to fight with him, but he took off his gun and rested it on his forehead.

“I am here to take what belongs to my Senor. You better stay away from me, boy. Otherwise, I will have to kill you and your sister,”

Mr. Vincent shrieked in his confident voice.

Elijah backed off looking at my fearful face.

They brought me back to the mansion.

“I asked you to help my brother,” I screamed, coming out of the car.

“And I did,” Mr. Vincent barked at me.

“Now, go to your room. You broke his rule, and I don’t want you to face his punishment.”

He whispered near my ears.

I jerked back.

I didn’t think before leaving this place.

It was mentioned in the contract that I had to take Mr. Vincent or any bodyguard with me. But I ran alone.

I went to my room, and settled quietly, waiting for him to come.

It’s midnight, and I intentionally kept the lights on.

I changed my clothes to my silk nighty as I was sleepy.

“I think he will not come. Or maybe he is not in the mansion. Mr. Vincent was scaring me.” I talked to myself.

I got up to grab my phone, then suddenly the lights went off.

I started to take deep breaths as I knew he was there in the room.

My hands were shaking when I felt his warm breath on my neck.

“Where have you been? MY FLOWER,” he husked in my ears.

I closed my eyes as I was scared as hell.

“I.. I...”

“I went to see Blaise. My brother tried to rob my shop for money.” I answered him.

He pushed his broad chest at my back, making my body sandwich in between the wall and him.

“Didn’t you know I will take care of everything?” He smoked in my ears, pressing me harder.

He was grinding my earlobe in between his teeth, giving me enough pain to realize I made a mistake.

“I am sorry. I will not do it again; I was worried about her,” I gasped.

“When your husband is the devil, do you need to worry about the demons?”

“No,” I speculated

“Good, my flower,”

“Now tell me, What about you and Angelo?”

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