The Devil's Trap

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Chapter 7: Rose Petals


The next morning I woke up finding myself under the silk sheets.

I could feel the path of the dry tear on my face. I must have been crying for a long time at night.

I stood and walked towards the bathroom, where I saw bite marks on my collar bone and neck. He was not a human.

How long am I going to protect myself from him?

I jumped into the water and cursed him a lot.

After wrapping my little frame in the bathrobe, I checked those marks, which turned blue.

I didn’t know when he sucked my skin that made these marks.

I didn’t have a choice to hide them. I wore a high neck and jeans to cover my body.

Stood on the patio alone; I was trying to remember what he did last night. It felt like the night was blurry in my mind.

I was lost in my thoughts when my eyes caught a waving hand from the garden.

I waved back towards Angelo with a thin smile.

He signaled me to come down and meet him.

But I turned and went into my room.

I wanted to meet him, but the devil’s words echoed in my head.

Last night, my eyes were wide open when I heard Angelo’s name.

Is he even there? How did he know about Angelo and me?

“There is nothing between him and me. He was the first person I met in this mansion.” I begged while he was pressing me harder against the wall.

He released my earlobe.

Tears kept coming into my eyes.

He turned me towards him.

“I want to punish you for what you did today,” he uttered in his thick voice.

“Are you going to hurt me?” I sobbed.

I knew I broke a rule, and there is no way he would forgive me.

I am sure that was the reason Mr. Vincent warned me.

“Yes,” He hoarse in his unique voice.

With a single pull on my wrist, he dragged me towards the canopy frame.

I couldn’t match his strength; my wrists cuffed on either side of the canopy bed.

“Please, what are you doing?”

I was hanging in between the frames, I didn’t know how he was going to punish me. I could only hear the metallic cuffs making noise against the rods as the room was dark, and I could only hear his breath.

He took off every belonging from my body.

“Please, I am begging you. I wanted to save my friend.” I cried.

I could feel his wet lips over my body. He was exploring, tasting every inch of my body without my permission.

He pleased himself for what he was touching, and he didn’t bother to hear my sobs.

“Have you ever touched a rose?” He questioned.

“Yes,” I answered as he pinched my erection.

“Every petal is unique. Every petal has different shades in it, and when you rub on your lips, it feels magnificent,” He husked.

He rubbed his lips over my neck, sucking it deeply.

“You are like a rose, Adele. and every inch of your body is like a petal that tastes differently, and today I am going to taste the juice of this rose,”

“I want this rose to crush under my body,” he trailed his fingers to the sensitive part, making me moan harder.

“How long are you going to beg me? One or another day, you have to submit yourself.” He pulled my hair as he licked my neck.

I was hypnotized by his voice before, and again I was feeling the same. Unintentionally, I gave myself to him because I didn’t have the energy to sustain in front of his words.

But still, I wanted to fight with my leftover vehemence.

“I am scared of you.”

“Why? Am I going to kill you?”

“I am not here to scare you, my flower. I am here to taste every petal of yours.” He bit me on my collar bone.

He kissed me and, this time, it was rougher than before.

“Please, Mr. Costello,” I wagged as the metal made a heavy sound.

He stopped for a second.

“So, she knows her husband’s name?”

“No, I don’t know your name. But..., if you want to take away my virginity, I have the right to ask your name.” I wailed.

He caressed my tears with his lips and rubbed my lips with his thumb pad.

“You wanted to know my name.”


“What will you give me in return?”

I could feel his hardness over my body.

“There is nothing I can give you. You already have everything.” I blurted out.

He smiled.

“I want your submission to me.”

“Whether I willingly give it or not, you will take it from me. So take it, but just one request, I have never been touched by any other man, so if you want to make your mark on my body, be gentle,” I hissed as I gave up myself.

I rested my head over his chest as I submitted myself.

“Decker,” he whispered, grabbing my neck and rubbing his chin over my head.

His warm air entered my ears, and it ignited something inside me.

I will be lying if I say I was not attracted to his way.

He unbuckled my hand and threw me on the bed.

“I wanted your submission with all your heart. I am dominant, but not a rapist.”

“But that doesn’t mean I will not touch you again. You belong to me, remember that.” He smoked as he hovered himself over my body.

“I want you, Adele. I want you to make me free from my mistakes.”

He tried to get up, but I grabbed his hand.

“I don’t know why you don’t want me to see you. But how can I submit myself when I don’t know you?” I answered him slowly.

There was an awkward silence in the room waiting for me to make another move.

“Decker Costello, my name is enough for you to know. Other than that my touch will make you feel whatever you want to know.”

He smirked over my face.

He tried to get away from me, but I grabbed his hand.

“Let me touch you,”

I raised my hand but he held it firmly.

“Please, Decker, let me know who my husband is,” I uttered.

He gently rested my finger pads on his eyes.

I trailed my shivering fingers on his eyes, his perfect jaw, and then his lips. He planted a kiss on my fingers which gave me another shiver.

I trailed my finger on his chest as I closed my eyes.

I must say every muscle of his body was sculpted by the gods,

As we know, the devil was one of the beautiful angels created by the creator,

I didn’t need to see it because I could feel every curve of his chest and broad shoulder.

“How do you feel about me?” He asked a difficult question.

I stopped for a second and shifted near him.

Holding my silk sheet to cover my body, I muttered.

“Like a thorn with the rose,”

I knew he felt surprised by my answer.

“You know how to play with words,” he smoked near me.

I raised my hand to touch his hair; they are long thick curls.

But he grabbed my hand firmly.


“Don’t touch me like this; you don’t know to whom you are dealing.”

“I know I am dealing with the devil who is looking for his redemption,” I answered.

He pushed me on the bed.

“You are going to hate me for what I did. There is no way you could redeem me.” He turned and walked towards the door.

“Let me decide if I could redeem you or not? I wanted to know the devil who wanted me to love him, but at the same time, he wanted to scare me.” I answered as he stopped.

“You will never love me once you know the fact.” He answered.

“Or, I could love you, looking beyond your sins,” I replied.

“Sleep, my flower. Tomorrow I am going to sin with you, and there is no way I would be gentle with you,”

His words were more like a threat to me.

Suddenly, his voice changed as he left the room.

I thought about running after him, but it could be dangerous for me.

As he left, I came to my senses. It felt like I was saying whatever he wanted me to tell him.

I heard a knock at my door.

“Come in,”

It’s Maria.

“Mam, are you ok? You didn’t come for breakfast. Senor was stressed about you,” She added.

“Decker, right?”

I answered as she gave me a startled look.

“Yes, mam. Sorry, but Senor told us not to tell you anything.” She pressed her lips as she tried to avoid my stare.

“It’s ok.”

I finished my breakfast and went down.

I thought about going out, but Decke’s words came to mind.

He was not happy with me talking to Angelo.

How he knew I was feeling attracted towards him. He is a genuine guy, and he had all the things which a girl needed.

I composed my feelings and walked out in the front yard to look for the fountain.

I didn’t know why I felt so connected with this statue.


I turned and saw Angelo.

I shifted my eyes back to the mansion, looking for the clue. There might be chances, Decker, looking for me.

“I called you. How’s your leg?” He smiled and extended a flower towards me.

“Thanks, but I don’t need it,” I claimed without looking at him.

“Ok, is everything alright, Adele? Did Senor tell you something?”

He questioned.

I wanted to talk to him, but I couldn’t.

I knew, If I am going to talk to him, Decker might punish him.

I turned towards him, and without answering him, I came inside.

He stood there waiting for me to explain my strange behavior.


It’s evening Mr. Vincent told me about my shop and farm. He gave Blaise full rights to handle it after I requested him.

“It’s done. As you said she will handle all the things,”

“And what about my brother?” I asked.

“We hired him as our driver in one of our transportation center,”

I thanked him. At least now he could fix his life, not running after drugs and all.

Mr. Vincent walked inside, and I was standing alone near the fountain, appreciating its beauty with the evening bliss.

Suddenly somebody grabbed my hand and pulled me near the walls.

“What the heck?” I tried to scream, but looking at Angelo’s face, I was shocked.

“Why are you ignoring me? He gruffed.

I jerked my body away from him.

Without uttering a word I ran inside.

“Adele, why?”

I could hear his voice, but I ignored it because of Decker’s fear.


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