The Devil's Trap

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Chapter 8: Justified Criminal


I ran to my room as my heart was pounding heavily with an unexpected encounter with Angelo.

Why did he behave like that? Doesn’t he know about his master?

I was trying to ignore him, but it’s for his own good.

How could I tell him his master is a devil who knew every breath I used to take. He knew every feeling deep buried in my heart.

How does he know about Angelo and me?

I change my clothes and snuggled myself under the cozy blanket

For the whole day, I was thinking about Decker. His touch was fresh on my fingertips, I closed my eyes as I tried to remember his sculpted body, but at the same time, his words were buzzing in my ears.

His touch, his warmth alerted me, he would come soon.

My heart started to beat fast again as I could feel strange knots in my stomach.

These knots were not the excitement; it was the fear he created in my mind.

It felt like you were trying hard to see in the darkroom, but you could only feel his presence, not able to figure out who he was.

I was not tired, but I wanted to push this sinful night where he could push himself on me.

I remembered the trick my sister once told me.

“Think of something you think is undesirable, like a sin you wanted to commit badly, and try to live that moment. That will make you fall immediately,”

I never understood these words of hers, but it was time to follow it.

I closed my eyes as my mind took me to my farm and my shop.

“Shut your mind, think of something you wanted to have badly, which seems impossible,” the devil in my mind snuggles the thought of thinking something sinister.

“What should I think that I shouldn’t ask for?” I tried to think.

Suddenly the image of Angelo came to my mind.

“Seriously?” I thought.

The devil inside me smirked, ” Something sinister, huh?”

I started to flutter my eyes to make them heavy as I converged to think about him.

His sculpted body as my eyes trailing through every part of his body.

I wanted to touch him badly; I saw he clutched my neck as he kissed me. I didn’t know if the next thing happened between us or not, but I didn’t feel Decker’s presence beside me.


The next morning, I woke up with a smile. The first thought that came to my mind was my sinister thought about Angelo.

I knew it’s not good to think about another man, but it helped me sleep instantly.

I looked around as I didn’t find anything that shows Decker’s presence last night in this room.

Didn’t he come last night?

It could be possible he came, but I fell asleep.

At least he didn’t wake me up.

I was about to jump from my bed, but I felt sudden chills on my body. I looked down and saw I was not wearing any clothes.

“What the heck?” I stuttered, looking at myself.

I knew I wore a nightie last night. I didn’t need to think twice when I saw red marks on my cleavage.

“He was here,”

I pressed my lips together, with an awkward feeling crawling under my body.

I ran towards the bathroom to finish my morning business and came down for breakfast.

After finishing my breakfast, I informed Maria I wanted to roam around the mansion.

I was roaming around when I saw a huge stable.

Excitedly I walked towards it. I wanted to see inside. There were lots of horses, but no men.

Now that was strange for me. Why was nobody there to take care of these beautiful animals? I looked around as I patted a few horses.

Suddenly I heard someone screaming. It caught my attention as I walked towards the source.

Why would anybody scream like this?

With a caring walk, I tried to see through the cracks of the window.

“Boss, give me one more chance,” the man chained from the ceiling screamed.

I could see Mr. Vincent’s face, but there was one more image facing his back towards me.

“You cheated on me. And you know that I would never tolerate that,”

as the sound came from his mouth, my ears got alerted to his heavy voice.

Decker, the first thought pumped from my mind.

Is he Decker? My mind started to gather all the information I had about him. He was tall, with a broad shoulder. I could only process that when I heard a gunshot.

He shot him on his forehead in between his eyes.

I didn’t know when the scream of fear came out of my mouth.

I was shaking badly, looking through the crack as the man hanging from the shackles was alive a few moments ago, but now his mind spilled on the back wall.

I vomited the next moment when I saw the lump of his brain stuck on the wall.

I knew I made enough noise to grab their attention. But still, I wanted to see the man who shot him. I knew he was Decker.

He was wearing a tux as he was going for a meeting or so. But why did he kill me? Is killing a person so easy for him?

“What are you doing here?”

I heard Mr. Vincent’s voice over my head.

Before he could do so, I opened the wooden window and immediately tried my last chance to see his face. But the only thing I saw was the dead body hanging from the wall.

Mr. Vinced smirked at me.

“Let’s go,” he added.

I could feel my body shivering, and he was calm as the sea.

“What about him?” I pointed towards the dead body.

“We will dump it, and you know you have to keep your mouth shut. After all, it’s your husband who killed him,” he lifted his one brow.

I would be lying if I say I was not scared of him. How in the world a man could kill another man and behave as nothing happened.

“I asked you, what were you doing here?” Mr. Vincent in his smooth voice asked me.

“I was roaming around when I saw this stable. I just came to check, but..” I tried to find any sign of guilt, but as we said, the devil comes the demons. He is the king of the dark world, and the man who stood in front of me was one of his demons.

“Ahhh... that’s good, let me show you around our property.” He smiled.

I followed him quietly.

“So this is our stable. Senor likes horses and nature.” He added, looking in front of us.

Well, that was a strange choice for a murderer.


“Yes, he thinks animals are more loyal than humans.” He patted the horse’s back.

“And nature?” I wanted to know his critical choice, which doesn’t suit his nature.

“He thinks nature’s sound is the best remedy for sauntering soul,”

It feels like Mr. Vincent was behaving like a guru who tried to teach me the art of living.

“What is your business?” My mind was still stuck with his ignorance.

“I saw a man with you. Is he Decker?”

Mr. Vincent turned towards me as he smiled.

We reached the mansion where he entered the office.

“Mr. Vincent, since how long have you guys been killing innocent people like this?” Finally, I mustered the courage to confront him.

“Ask Senor, I am sure he will tell you everything you need to know.” He added.

I was looking at him with more explanation.

“And for the record, the man whom you saw hanging in the outhouse committed a crime against Senor,”

I furrowed my brows, looking at him.

“What crime allows you to take his life?”

“He raped a teenage girl, and he cheated with Sensor with his weapons,” Mr. Vincent added as he frowned towards me.

Raping a girl was definitely a crime. I didn’t know why my husband’s action suddenly felt justified to me.

“Weapons?” My mind and my mouth never know how to coordinate.

Mr. Vincent smiled and went inside, leaving me in the front yard.

I looked around when I saw Angelo working in the greenhouse.

Should I go and tell him? Or should I keep quiet?

That was a big piece of news for me, and I can’t just sit around like this. I had to vent out.

I called Blaise, asking her about the business. She seems happy as the business was going great, and my brother got a good job.

After talking to her I settled myself near the fountain, closing my eyes as I tried to listen to the water sound.

My mind was still casting the dead body images in my thoughts. I opened my eyes immediately where I saw Angelo throwing something on the floor.

He glanced at me with anger and ignored me.

What happened to him?

“Are you ok?” I asked.

He stared at me and left his work in between, moving towards the greenhouse.

I followed him as I wanted to know what happened to him.

“Angelo, I am asking you something?”

Again no answer.

I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at him.

“Please stand out of my way,” he answered without looking at me.

“Angelo, why are you ignoring me? Did I do something wrong?”

He threw the shovel on the floor, making a thud sound.

“What happened to you when I came to talk to you? You were ignoring me.” He Ranted.

“I... I... I am sorry... it’s just Decker knew about us,” I stuttered.

He furrowed his brow over me.

“About us? What does that mean?”

“I mean, he knew I fell in the puddle, and you were the first person I met in this mansion.” I tried to justify.


“Nothing, he knows you are the only person I like to talk to,” I confessed.

He came closer to me.

“Do you really like to talk to me?”

“Yeah, as a friend.” I backed myself.

“Yeah, as a friend. That’s why you were ignoring me?” He took off his shirt making me remind myself of my sinister dream.

“I didn’t want you to get into trouble because of me. I didn’t want him to punish you for something you didn’t do. Just now I saw him killing...” I shut my mouth immediately.


“Nothing, I should go,” I turned as I tried to walk away.

He clutched my hand.


“Are you sure you are fine? Because you are sweating and shivering,” he observed.

I jerked my hand.

“Angelo, please don’t touch me. You didn’t know...” I was about to tell him everything.


I ran towards the mansion with a confused mind. Why is his presence affecting me?

Why I had to be quiet after seeing a murder?

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