The Devil's Trap

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Chapter 9: Closed doors

I walked inside, catching my breath. I was about to tell Angelo everything I saw.; A murder committed by my husband.

How disgusted I felt; What the hell situation I got trapped in.

What if Decker saw us? What if he knows I was about to tell everything.

With all these considerations, I entered the wrong wing of the mansion. I was walking without a conscious mind.

The west wing seems silent, maybe nobody used to come here. It appears to be an abandoned section of this mansion.

I thought about turning back, but I wanted to see why this part is closed for all of us.

I looked around as the wall still displayed expensive paintings.

“Decker really is a classy man who loves to collect unique things.”

While I appreciated my unknown husband, I came across a closed door.

I stood there before giving a shot to open it.

My curious mind wanted to see what’s behind this door?

I looked back before pushing it hard for someone who could catch me, but luckily I was alone in that wing.

I turned the doorknob, pushed it inside.

The door made a creek sound that made me realize it was closed for a very long period,

I dusted my hand and covered my nose before entering the room. I thought it would be a small room, but it turns out to be an enormous room filled with old antiques and furniture.

There were so many beautiful things dumped it felt like someone wanted to get rid of these things instantly.

A cupboard, furniture, and a dressing table with some old paintings.

The room was closed for so long as I could see the layers of dust on everything.

“Wow, ” the word came out of my mouth when I saw a colossal chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

Although It was covered in spider webs, it made me realize it was hanging there for a long time.

I looked around and saw an old rocking chair.

This part of the mansion had shrunk admittance to light, which gave you a feel of a haunted house. The sound of air from the broken window gave more complexity to the sight in front of me.

With a fearful heart, I took a few more steps and turned left.

I jumped to my place, watching my illusion in a gigantic mirror standing in front of me.

“Shit,” I cupped my mouth.

I looked closely in the mirror, where I saw something behind me.

“What’s that?”

I turned, walked towards an old wooden trunk locked with an iron padlock.

I trailed my finger pads to get the feel of it; it’s dusty,

I looked around but didn’t find the key.

There must be something hidden in there, something that could show me about Decker’s image.

My eyes landed on the left window where the cupboard half-opened, welcoming my curious mind to go through it.

I took two steps and looked inside.

Two suit protectors, hanging inside. I slid them towards me and zipped down the first one.

“A Tux?” It could be Decker’s, I thought.

I pulled the second one, opened it.

“A bridal gown.”

I took it out as it looked similar to mine. Is this mine?

No, it can’t be. Mine was in my closet.

Then whose gown is this? I wanted to know the answer, but no one was there to tell me the truth.

My eyes landed on the cupboard floor where I saw bridal shoes.

I took them out as I tried to wear them.

“Same shoe number,”

Something was bothering me, and I didn’t know what it was.

I was scared to discover these things which I didn’t know belonged to whom.

“Does that belong to Decker’s first wife? Or he had a girlfriend?” Thousands of questions boomed in my mind.

I immediately stuffed the dress in that plastic protector when something fell on the floor.

I picked it as it caught my attention immediately.

It was a beautiful hairpin made of amethyst stone. It was a unique piece of art; when I looked closely, I saw a design of tulip flowers made by this beautiful stone.

It’s bad to take stuff, but my heart skipped a beat when I looked at this beautiful, alluring thing. I couldn’t control my greedy soul.

No doubt it would look good on my chocolate brown hair.

I grabbed it in my hand and stuffed the dress back to its protector cover.

My heart was racing like a cannon because I knew I stole something that doesn’t belong to me.

I tried to justify my action by saying, this is my house, and everything belongs to me.

How stupid these words sounded in my mind.

Is this really your house, where you didn’t know who your husband is?

But I became greedy for it and stuffed the hairpin into my pocket.

I tried to look around where I could see more of this stuff.

My eyes landed on the frame behind the cupboard.

I looked closely and felt it could be another piece of painting.

However, that could be the biggest painting I saw in this mansion, but why did he keep it here in the store?

Strangely, it was covered with a white sheet.

“What are you hiding from me?” I muttered as I tried to pull the sheets.

But before I could pull it, Maria grabbed my hand.

“What are you doing here, Mam?”

I bounced to my place when I heard her nose.

I was scared as hell.

“Nothing, I am trying to see what behind this white sheet, ” I answered

She pulled the sheet from my hand.

“You shouldn’t be here. This place doesn’t belong to you,”

I could feel her nervous tone suppressed with fear in it.

“But, whose dress is this?” I pointed towards the cupboard.

She glared at me as she tried her best to hide that particular painting.

“Please, Mam, Senor will punish me. ”

Her statement ignited more curiosity inside me; what he was trying to hide from me?

“Why?” I question, trying to get a peek behind the sheets.

Luckily the drape fell from the left corner revealing a small part of the painting.

It looks like it was some kind of portrait, especially a portrait of a woman.

I could only see her messy bun and her hand trying to fix her hair, but her face was still hidden behind those sheets.

“Mam, please, ”

I could see the panic in Maria’s eyes.

I nodded my head as I looked at her.

“Fine, let’s go,”

" What else did you see in this room?” She whispered as her eyes landed on the trunk behind me.


Luckily for her, the trunk was locked with a padlock, and I didn’t find the key.

There was something in that trunk that I needed to see. After watching Maria’s timid face, I knew something was there for me to discover that could help me to know about Decker’s past.

We walked out as she locked the door with another padlock.

“Why are you locking this door?”

“Because this place is prohibited,” she snarled.

I saw she snuggled the padlock key in her front pocket.

I followed her quietly.

“This place is prohibited for only me, right?”

I wanted to be sure that I had to come back to look for it.

“Yes, I mean no.” She stuttered.

“This place is prohibited to all of us except Senor. This place is haunted.” She tried to scare me.


“Yes, the dress you saw belongs to the girl who haunts that room,” She added.

Now, I gulped a lump in my throat, thinking of the scenario where I bought a thing from the same room.

“Don’t go in the same room,” She tried her best to convince me.


“Because you will see how it will evolve Senor’s nature towards you,” She answered in her pissed-off voice.

What does that mean?

How opening a room would change Decker’s behavior towards me?

I ignored her words and came to the dining table for my dinner.

I pulled out the hairpin as it looks like a treasure I got from that room.

Luckily, Maria didn’t see it in my hand.

I finished my dinner and ran towards my room to try this beautiful piece of my hair.

I changed my clothes as I wore my baby pink nightie.

I started a piece of soothing music and picked a hand mirror to sit at the pool, keeping my legs inside the cold water.

I opened my long hair and kept the hairpin in my hair. It looks pretty on my hair as the shine of the amethyst stone looks elegant in the moonlight.

I was enjoying myself, totally forgetting about Decker.

I didn’t realize the time when suddenly the light went off.

My hands were shaking looking in the mirror.

A shadow stood in my room, looking towards me.

I wanted to see him, but at the same time, his silhouette scared me.

“Keep it down,” he orotund.

I gulped the lump in my throat as my last to see him was drained.

I was shaking badly inside, and I could hear his heavy footsteps coming towards me.

An immediate wave to turn and see his face in the moonlight came to my mind, but before I could act on my feelings, he husked,

“My flower, what are you doing here?”

He kept a blindfold on my eyes as he didn’t want to give me a chance to see his glimpse under this milky night.

“I.. I... I was waiting for you,” I stuttered.

He trailed his hand under the water as he touched my feet and brought them out, and turned my body towards him.

“Today, I want to commit sin with you,”

I could feel his thumb pad on my thighs, slapping every single drop of water from my skin.

“Why did you bring this mirror here?”

I touched my hairpin, and I could feel his breathing change into flared it from his nostrils.

“Where did you get it from?”

I was quiet, trying to figure out a fake reason, but he clutched the back of my neck.

“I asked you something, Adele,”

“From the wend wing storeroom,” I confessed with pain.

I could feel his growling voice inside my ears.

“I... I.. am sorry,” I tried to fix the damage, but I was late.

“You shouldn’t have done that,”

The next moment, I know He was dragging me on the floor holding my hand.

“I thought to be gentle with you, but you... you,”

He threw me on the bed making a thud sound.

“Decker, Please, I didn’t know that,” I cried.

He hovered over me, making my hands in the east-west direction.

“I wanted to redeem myself by loving you so much, but there you reminded me of something and opened my wound.” He bit me hard on my lips.

Tears fell from my eyes,

“Decker, I.. I...” I couldn’t say another word as he ripped my clothes from my body.

The thrusting of his body against mine, and I could feel his anger through every action he performed over my body.

Not just that; my heart sank when I felt his tears on my chest.

He rested his exhausted body over me.

“I know you are going to hate me as she did, but I wanted you to love me, please,” he uttered something I didn’t expect.

I was crying with the soreness I felt down in my body, but I didn’t know to whom I should react.

He cupped my face and kissed my forehead.

With all the energy, I pushed him aside as I tried to walk towards the bathroom.

“I don’t know what kind of monster you are. How could you expect me to love you when one time you said me as your flower, and the very next moment you crushed me under your body,” I blasted.

He stood and walked out of the room, leaving me in pain.


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