The Billionaire’s Dirty Laundry

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Chapter 18


I dropped light kisses along Kinley’s bare shoulder, my hand seeking out her breast under the horse blanket. We were snuggled together on a bale of hay, resting for a bit before we had to head up to the house.

“Are you sleeping?” I whispered, rubbing my thumb over her nipple.

“No. Just resting.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m more than okay,” she sighed. “That was amazing. Beyond anything I could’ve imagined. The sex I’ve had before today doesn’t even come close.”

“I’m so glad you were able to experience sex the way it should be.”

She rolled over, her radiant smile warming my heart. The smile I put on her beautiful face. I wanted to be the guy responsible for all her smiles. My feelings for my stepsister went way beyond that of a casual sexual partner. I just had unprotected sex with a woman who wasn’t on birth control. And I wasn’t the least bit concerned. I was getting in over my head. Kinley didn’t feel the same way. If she did, she wouldn’t be going out on dates with other guys.

“You have no idea what you’ve done for me, Harland,” she continued. “I’ve had this cloud hanging over me for sixteen years. This traumatic event that I couldn’t shake. It was impacting every aspect of my life. Not just my sexual relationships. I was starting to withdraw from my friends because they were all in relationships. I stopped socializing with my coworkers. The weddings and the babies, it was too much for me. It made me sad. Because I’d given up all hope of ever having those things for myself.”

“I’m glad I was able to help.”

“Why do you look so sad?”

“I’m not sad, sweetheart.”

“Can I ask you something?”


“Why were you so angry that I went out for lunch with Robert?”

I reached up, caressing her jaw with my thumb while we gazed at each other, our eyes communicating a lot more than our mouths. “What are we doing, Kinley?”

“I’m not sure,” she whispered.

“Me either,” I murmured, closing my mouth over hers for a slow gentle kiss. “But what I do know, is that I don’t want it to end.”

“I don’t want that either, Harland.”

“Is that so?” I teased, attempting to lighten the mood. “You liked what I gave you, and you wanna come back for seconds?”

“Seconds,” she whispered, reaching under the blanket, her fingers closing around my semi erect cock. “Thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths.”

“I get the idea,” I chuckled before silencing her with my mouth.

“How was camp, kiddo?”


“Sorry,” I said, raising my palms. “I forgot.”

“Camp was okay.”

“Just okay?” Kinley asked, joining us in the great room.

“You tell them, Joanne.”

“We talked about this in the car, Ellie,” Joanne said. “Harland and Kinley are responsible for you now. I can’t be your parent.”

“You’ve always been like a mother to me, Joanne,” she said. “Why does that have to change?”

“Because you’re going to go live with them once your custody is finalized. And I’m going to retire.”

“Can I still call you sometimes?”

“Of course you can, honey,” she said, pulling Ellie into her arms. “But I think you should let Kinley and Harland have this problem.” She chuckled to herself as she disappeared down the hallway toward the kitchen.

“What happened, Ellie?” I asked.

“I recommend you sit down.”

I sat on the sofa next to Kinley. Ellie took the armchair, tapping her fingers on her knee while she stared at us like we were misbehaved kids and she was the parent.

“There’s a rumour circulating around the club,” she began.

“That’s pretty common,” I said. “Rich women have nothing better to do.”

“The rumour pertains to the two of you.”


“Yes. Someone overheard you engaging in coitus in the storage room during the funeral reception.”


“Does it really matter, Harland?” she sighed.


“Did someone say something to you about it, Ellie?” Kinley asked.

“Yes. They harassed me all day.”

“What did they say to you?” I barked.

“They called you incestuous freaks. And they said that the two of you would produce offspring with two heads, three eyes, and both male and female sex organs.”

I threw my head back, a powerful roar erupting from my chest.

“Harland,” Kinley hissed. “Stop laughing. Ellie is upset.”

“It is quite amusing,” she agreed.

“What did you tell them?”

“I educated them.”

“I bet that went over well,” I mumbled.

“They’re an incredibly stupid group of kids. They thought step-siblings shared a biological parent.”

“What else did you tell them?” I asked.

“I advised them that the rumour was false. I weaved a lengthy, detailed tale about how the two of you hate each other. They bought it. As I mentioned previously, they’re incredibly stupid.”

“And you told Joanne?”

“I share everything with Joanne.”

“Everything?” I repeated.


“You told her about me and Kinley?”

“Oh, she was already apprised of your newfound fondness for each other prior to my revelation.”

“And how did she find out?”

“Because you guys are so obvious,” she chuckled, rolling her eyes. “Give her some credit.”

“How are we so obvious?” Kinley asked.

“I do believe we’ve already had this conversation. The giraffes?”

“Right,” she sighed. “How could I forget about the giraffes?”

“Well, my pseudo parents slash siblings, if we’re finished with this riveting meeting, I’d like to go upstairs and take a shower before dinner. We’re having liver and onions tonight. It’s my absolute favourite.”

“Did she say liver?” Kinley asked, wrinkling her nose.

“She did.”

“I’m not eating that.”

“She’ll make us something else. Joanne knows I hate liver. Dad loved it. He probably brainwashed Ellie into thinking she likes it.”


“We’ve got some time before dinner,” I whispered, running my hand up her thigh. “We christened the tack room. What room is next?”

“Hm. Let’s see. We fooled around in the office earlier today. We’ve done stuff in the gym and the theatre. How about the library?”

“Ellie’s room is right above it. We’ll have to save that for when she’s not here.” I lowered my mouth to hers, her lips moving beneath mine, open and eager for my tongue as I nudged her onto her back.

“No mating in the great room.”

“Fucking kid,” I muttered under my breath as I sat up.

“I thought you were going to take a shower?” Kinley asked, smoothing her skirt.

“I forgot my backpack.” She collected the bag from the floor, grinning to herself.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.


“You’re amused by something.”

“You two are so cute.”

“How so?”

“You’re so affectionate with each other,” she said, staring pointedly at my hand on Kinley’s knee. “It’s nice.”

“Your parents weren’t into PDAs, I take it?” I asked.

“Seriously, Harland?”

“What? They made you. They must have got busy at least once during their marriage.”


“I’ll give you that. Most people are grossed out by the thought of their parents doing it.”

“Um, yeah. And when your dad is almost twice as old as your mom, the gross factor is elevated beyond the local maximum.”

“I think I’m going to go take a shower,” Kinley declared. “Let you guys continue this cringe conversation without me.”

“I think it would be in everyone’s best interests if we never discuss their sex life again,” I said.

“Agreed,” Ellie stated. “And I would appreciate it if my brother and sister kept their PDAs PG rated.”

“Oh, now you want to be treated like a kid?” I teased.

“No. But I would prefer it if you kept your fornication behind closed doors. While I support your relationship, there is some degree of ick for two reasons. Firstly, there’s the familial connection. The fact that my brother and sister are doing it has Jerry Springer episode written all over it. Secondly, the two of you are assuming the role of my parents. And, as we’ve already established, nobody wants to see their parents getting all up in each other’s business.”

“Bye,” Kinley laughed, her heels clicking across the marble floor in the foyer.

I scowled at the little cockblocker. “I thought you were going to take a shower.”

“I am,” she said with a smug smirk.

“Then get going.”

“You could surprise her in the shower,” she suggested before turning to leave.

“You’re twelve! You aren’t supposed to think like that!”

“I didn’t until two horny giraffes moved into my house.”

I shook my head as her laughter echoed through the old house. My little sister was one of a kind. It was nice to see her smiling and joking. She was so serious when we first arrived. I couldn’t imagine what her life was like, spending everyday with our father.

I glanced up at the ceiling. Ellie’s shower idea was tempting. I headed up the stairs, stopping in front of Kinley’s bedroom door. I turned the handle, surprised to find it unlocked.

What if I scared her? She was still a rape survivor. That didn’t change just because we had hot sex in the stables. I had to be cautious. I’d been doing a lot of reading on the subject. It was really important to avoid triggers. And consent was critical.

She didn’t invite you into her shower.

Where was the line between initiating sexual encounters and consent? At what point in our relationship was it acceptable to enter her shower uninvited?

What relationship? She agreed to be your fuck buddy. That’s it. She went out on a date with another man. You never called her out on it. Instead, you pinned her against the wall and fucked her. And you were so keyed up, you forgot to wear a condom. And you never told her, you coward. She’s walking around with a womb full of your semen and you didn’t think it was important enough to mention?

Couldn’t a woman tell the difference between a bare cock and a condom covered one? How could she not know I dumped a load of jizz inside her? Couldn’t she feel it seeping out of her?

The bathroom door wasn’t closed all the way. I could hear the water running. If I didn’t make a decision soon, I would miss my chance. I stripped down, leaving my clothes in the bedroom.

The bathrooms weren’t immune to the never-ending list of renovations that were way overdue in this time capsule of a house. There was no separate shower stall. The shower and clawfoot tub were one in the same.

I pulled back the plain white shower curtain and lifted one leg gingerly over the side. Shower sex was definitely off the table, unless we were looking to break a hip. Kinley had her back to me. She spun around, presumably when the cool air hit her ass. And what a sexy ass it was.

I froze, one leg inside and one leg still braced on the chipped tile, my dick and balls suspended over the edge of the porcelain tub. “Hi,” I offered meekly. “Want some company?”

“That depends,” she said, grinning mischievously as she eyed my growing erection. “Will you wash my back?”

“Baby, I will wash every inch of that sexy body. Only if that’s what you want though. If you want me to leave, just say the word.”

“I don’t want you to leave, Harland.”

I finished climbing into the tub and gazed down at her wet naked body. “You’re beautiful, Kinley.”

She blushed, bringing her hands up to cover her breasts.

“Hey,” I whispered, gently prying her hands away and placing them at her side. “Don’t be shy.”

I reached for her poofy pink sponge thing, squirting some body wash from the bottle in the shower caddy. “So this is why you always smell like peaches,” I said, bringing the sponge up to my nose. “Turn around. I’ll do your back first.”

She obliged, presenting me with that ass that wouldn’t quit. I soaped up her shoulders before washing her back. She giggled when I dropped to my knees and pressed sloppy kisses all over her delicious cheeks.

I finished washing her backside before turning her around. She moaned softly while I washed her breasts and belly. I reached between her legs, gazing into her eyes while I cleaned the most private part of her body. I’d never experienced that level of intimacy with a woman before. I didn’t make a habit of showering with my casual hook-ups.

You’ve never came inside a woman before either. You’re in unchartered waters, dude. Tread carefully.

She took the sponge from my hand and started washing my chest. I closed my eyes, relishing in the feel of her gentle touch as she washed my chest and abdomen. My cock was pointing at the ceiling, precum already oozing from the tip when she dropped to her knees to wash my legs. When I felt her tongue lapping at my slit, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was like a horny, teenage boy, ready to blow my load the second a girl’s mouth made contact with my dick.

She licked my cock like it was a lollipop, teasing me with that talented tongue before she took the entire engorged head in her mouth. I swear I saw stars. My stepsister could suck cock pretty good for a girl who I assumed had very little experience in that department.

As much as I wanted to stay there and enjoy the feel of her warm mouth on me, I wanted to be inside her more. I reached behind me and turned the shower off. She glanced up at me, her beautiful green eyes flooded with uncertainty.

“Let’s continue this in the bedroom,” I suggested.

We dried off before heading out of the steamy bathroom. She pointed to the bed. “On your back. I need to finish what I was doing.”

“Nope,” I said, throwing her over my shoulder. “I’ve got other plans.” I carried her to the bed, placing her in the middle before I settled on top of her.

“Don’t you want me to finish your blow job?”

“Later,” I whispered. “Right now, I want to make love to you properly.”

“What do you by properly?” she laughed.

“In a bed. Not a quick fuck against the wall in a stable. You deserve better, Kinley. I’m quite disgusted with my behaviour this afternoon.”

“I’m not. I liked it. I’ve never had sex like that before. All the guys I’ve been with were really boring. But I guess that’s probably because I’m such a loser in bed.”

“Hey,” I said. “I don’t wanna hear that talk.”

“Make love to me, Harland,” she whispered, spreading her thighs wider, my cock pressing right against her slick entrance.

“I need a condom, hon,” I said.

“They’re in the nightstand.”

I leaned over and pulled open the drawer, sheathing myself before I resumed my position between her legs. She wrapped her legs around my hips, crying out when I pushed inside her, her tight walls making way for my cock.

I kissed her like there was no tomorrow, devouring her mouth with hungry strokes of my tongue while I moved in and out of her body with gentle thrusts, wanting this to last as long as possible.

The taste of her plump lips, the feel of her warm body spread out beneath me, the sensation of being inside her. It felt so good. So right.

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