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Sequel to Little Secrets and lies. Sam who is only 18 fell in love with Chloe (34) he held back his feelings for her, but one heated moment together and a kiss turned into much more between them and their secret was exposed. Now Chloe and Sam Continue their journey after their whirlwind marriage to create their own family. With their age gap a big problem for some people, Sam's mother especially, who will go to all lengths to destroy the love they hold for each other. (This story has not been edited an is only only a rough draft.)

Arri Stone
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Chapter 1

Sequel to Little Secrets and lies.

Chloe P.O.V

After many years of being unhappily married I finally got a divorce from my cheating ex husband who is in jail for assaulting me. I'm now happily married to Sam. He is my son's best friend. I know there is a large age gap between us and the looks we get when we're out doesn't help, but when you fall in love, does age really matter?

Sam and I set up a design business together. After discovering his talent in art and design and my business knowledge and networking, it became the ideal business and challenge. Thorn designs was born. Sam does all the online design stuff and I do all the personal designing and meetings, we sometimes go to meetings together. Unfortunately we've found from previous clients, that telling them we are a married couple, they look at us funny. So we tend not to say too much.

I hate the fact that sometimes Sam and I have to be discreet about our relationship together. But we are getting sick of it, Sam is extremely loving and has recently told me to fuck what others think, its what we think that matters. You would never guess that he was only 18 years old.

Zander has been going to university during the week and back home at the weekends, Sam's dad is coming over this weekend to visit. He has had a hard time dealing with his divorce after he found out his wife Melanie had been cheating on him.
“Honey, have you got the design finished for that company?” I ask him as I smooth down the outfit I put on.
“Yeah baby it's all here. Are we going together to show them?” He was going to come no matter what.
I smiled at my husband, he has been my rock through all of this and took no nonsense from anyone.

We pack up everything and Sam gets the car ready so we can head into the city to give the company all the design work we have done. When we arrived we headed into the building and the receptionist directed us to the lift. We get in the lift and press the correct floor, as the doors shut Sam kisses the back of my neck.

“I've always dreamed of taking you in a lift.” His soft lips trace over my skin.

“Oh god Sam.” I turn around to face him, he brings his hands to cup my face bringing his lips down onto mine making me moan.

“I love you, I still can't believe that you're my wife you know.”

“And I love you too, my gorgeous husband.” Once his lips are on mine our kiss deepens and my hands find their way to his ass, his hands threaded through my hair, god he turns me on with just his kiss.

“Mmmmm, I'm getting very naughty thoughts here.” Sam pulls me closer to him.

“You know how much you turn me on.” I moan as his hot breath blows across my skin.

“I'm tempted to feel how turned on you are.”

“We have to do this job first.”

“As much as I hate it, I know you’re right.” He groans and drops his head on my shoulder.

We straighten ourselves out just as the lift stops and we get out. We went along to the office of Hall and French industries. We showed them the designs on paper and the online sites.They were extremely happy and we did all the finalizing there.

We leave the office together and Sam puts his arm around my waist pulling me in close to him. As we get to the lift there are a couple of other people waiting for it. We stand next to them, Sam still has his arm around me, I can see the other people watching us, probably trying to work out what we are to each other. The lift doors open and they step inside, we follow in after. Sam's hands slide around me hugging me from behind. The two people look at him in disgust.

“So my beautiful, what would you like to do tonight?” He trailed kisses down my neck.

“How about we go for a swim in the pool?”

“Mmmm... well you know what happened the last time in the pool.”

“Disgusting.” The lady who stood next to us muttered.

“I'm sorry, did you say something?” I glance at the older woman, what is everyone’s problem?

“How could you? You’re disgusting taking advantage of a boy.” She screwed up her face at me.

“I believe I'm the one taking advantage of her.” Sam stood tall and frowned at the couple.

“It's ok honey I'm used to people making horrible comments.” In fact it hurts me every single time and Sam knows it.

“He's like half your age, you should be ashamed of yourself.” She starts pointing her finger at us, trying to make me feel worse.

“I've nothing to be ashamed of, I love my husband.” I can feel the anger and tears which form every single time this happens.

“And I love you too, my beautiful wife.” Sam takes my hand in his and kisses me.

“You should be sent to jail for... ewww... I just ... it makes me feel sick.”

“Well go be sick over there and stop being horrible to my wife.” Sam gritted his teeth with anger.

“You're married... oh my god, George did you hear that... the poor boy has been forced into marriage.”

“I asked my wife to marry me because I love her, I fucking love her to bits, she is my life.” Sam started to get angry now. People seem to think because he is young that he doesn’t know what he is thinking or he has been forced into it.

“Sam, god I love you.” My heart explodes with love for him every time he stands up for us.

“I bet you wouldn't even bat an eyelid if it was an older man with a younger woman?” Sam crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“He's right Joan.” The man answered and nodded his head.

“Thank you.” I give him a genuine smile.

“It's just wrong.” She mutters and curls her lip in disgust.

Thankfully the lift doors open and Sam pulls me out, there are several people about in the reception area. I can still hear the woman behind us tutting away clearly offended by Sam and I being together. By now I've got used to the odd remarks and looks that some people give us. Sam obviously noticed the effect that had on me, I don’t get a chance to answer him as he's quick to pull me in for a kiss.

“I love you, let's get out of here baby.”

“I love you too Sam.”

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