Mary Christof, Queen of Hearts

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Mrs. Robinson

It tasted like--well, I can't remember. It did taste curious. Like the kind of milk--I wouldn't say it was a bad taste, no. More like a mixture of regular milk and that weird vegan milk someone would buy at a small grocery store. Soy? Soy milk mixed in a blender like a smoothie and then thrust into my lips.

"Is this--what are you doing? I like it, but how does this help get rid of that guy and his delinquent friend, or for that matter, find my heart?" I asked, proceeding to raise my eyebrow inquisitively before slowly putting it down. "I mean, great and mighty Waylon Smithers, my heart is yours, but at least give me a hint of what you did/are doing with it."

A tiny laugh erupted from her solicitous mouth before she bid me rise, her body hovering in the air for a minute, her tanned cheeks blushing as I had let go of it, floating alongside her.

"Come now, darling. I'll give you a hint before the announcement--I can't hide it forever, can I?"

"Uh, no...but..." "Follow me." "Uh, okay..."

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